Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lulu's Sheer Disaster ... With Screen Shots of Recalled Products

It's been a while since my last post.  Between family and a new business, it takes something pretty big to pull me away from the iPad and actually sit down and type anymore.

My most recent shopping-obsession, Lululemon, as quite the debacle on their hands.  (CNN reports; LLL FAQ Page and LLL Blog Entry)  A recall of many 'luon' products due to 'sheerness' - which is interesting because even as a relatively new LLL buyer, it was pretty well known that the lighter colors had sheerness issues .... LLL even had a disclaimer on the products pages to that affect.  Interestingly enough, the lighter colors weren't pulled, but just black for the most part. 

These items were taken off the shelves this past weekend, as well as removed from online.  LLL is offering refunds or exchanges on (I suppose just these specific recalled items) if they were purchased after March 1st.  Who knows what will end up being the final call as far as what can be returned, when, etc...  but at the very least this has prompted me to do a down dog in front of a mirror in every pair of LLL pants, crops, and shorts I've purchased!

I'm certainly no expert in LLL, so I'm just doing my best to ID these styles, but from this picture and my online searching, it would appear the pictures would indicate an issue with some or all of the following styles:
Wunder Under Pant or WUP in black with colored waistbands and Bleached Coral (no shock there), some Wunder Under Crops or WU Crops in the Bleached Coral and some black styles, the Heat It Up Crop in all colors, some Gather and Crow crops including the Frond color, Boogie shorts, Run:Inspire II crops in black/frond, the Groove short in the Dune color, Invert crops, and the Presence Pant in black.

**Reality check: Before you start perusing the internet for these lewd, media-labled 'see thru pants' images, allow me to convey my personal understanding of the issue:  That the pants were not 'see thru' or sheer in such an obscene way that everything could be seen ... I mean, most of us look in the mirror at least once before leaving the house! (maybe not bending over in a mirror, but something!)   BUT, these are supposed to be premium quality, workout, yoga, and lounge pants.  This means there is a fair amount of bending, sweating, etc.... going on in them!  So, I suppose this 'bad batch' of Luon pants showed a little more than the to-be-expected panty line, dimple, etc...   I'm not saying that's ok, I just think there might be some people out there (not pointing fingers but ... men) who are thinking there are women literally running around on the street with everything visible....  sorry to disappoint you guys!  Again, that's my understanding, I could be wrong!

Thus far, I've found no sheerness in the products I have in my closet  I generally check that situation out before taking the tags off anyway.  HOWEVER, as a consumer I feel a bit uneasy.  I want to know if the products I've purchased in the past month (or even longer) should be expected to look, feel, operate as well as they should .... especially for nearly $100 a pop!  LLL says yes.  It seems almost impossible that ONLY the sheerness of the fabric would be affected.  Again, I think it will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the coming days / weeks!

Well, I just found this so interesting that I had to share!  Anyone having a problems with their LLL products?  Own their stock?