Monday, August 6, 2012

Designer Looks for Le$$... Part 2

Ok - continuing on from the previous post {here} ... a few of my favorite stores and recent finds.... for less!

Target - These booties are leather and comfortable!  The heel is decent enough to provide a lift but low enough to shop till you drop in the city streets! (or a shopping mall ... whatever!)

Women's Mossimo® Kaelyn Boot - Assorted Colors
Merona Kaelyn Bootie - in black and taupe - $29.99 and Outlet - Before I order ANYTHING online in the fashion world - clothing or shoes or jewlery - I ALWAYS check out Zappo's sister (and discount) site,  I have found amazing deals on pieces that were still considered 'New Arrivals' and in current fashion mags.  While the shipping isn't overnight as with Zappos, it's still very fast!
Among others, I have found GREAT deals on Paige Premium Denim jeans, which are my favorite!!  These are some of the more unique finds right now...

AND, if you are in the Louisville area (or anywhere else that's lucky enough to have a Zappos/6PM outlet near them) check out the B&M stores for GREAT deals on UGGS, Frye boots, Kate Spade and more!

Here's another little money-saving trick for us Kentuckians, you'll pay no tax on a lot of major brands if you buy online because the company doesn't have a store in our state!  UGG, Kate Spade, Tory Burch and more all fall into this category ... and if you really want to save, wait for Friends and Family sales that roll around once or twice per year!  This is also true for stores like Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc... Nordstrom is very much a favorite of mine because of the free shipping both ways!

Honorable mentions certainly go out to ShopBop and South Moon Under .  These retailer will run an extra percent off sale merchandise every so often and you can get some great deals on designer labels such as Hunter, MARC by Marc Jacobs, Michael Stars, Splendid and more!  These are my favorites that I've actually ordered and enjoy a lot!

Splendid Petal Hem Tank Dress

Velvet Dress - ShopBop

Thanks for stopping by, all!  And for participating in my shopping obsession!  :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

J.Crew Collection: Gondola Jacket (Stripes + Polka Dots!)

This is a collection piece I had been eyeing since it was released .... however the original price of about $400 wasn't quite as appealing, especially since I have a closet dedicated to winter coats (which, by the way, I barely even made a dent in last winter because it never really got that cold in our area ...)

At the sale price + an additional 30% off at the time, the price ended up coming within the acceptable 'range' I had set for myself and my VPS (very personal shopper) was able to get her hands on it for me!

Any-hoo, here are just some random shots I took using the J.Crew Polka Dot Tunic from the spring and white matchsticks from '11.  Trying to create several outfits that I can use for cooler summer nights (yeah right).  I'll be featuring this piece a few more times as we move toward fall.  This was introduced in the Spring, but is more suitable (both color and weight wise) for Fall, IMO.

Gondola Stripe Coat Size: 2 ... sizing is pretty much right-on with my other collection jackets... shoulders fit much like the Icon Trench ... snug but the right fit.  Sleeves are a bracelet length, allowing for some arm candy to be seen.  The weight of the coat is very interesting ... not a thick wool like a winter coat, but more wearable and comfortable... this will be a staple Fall jacket as the weather cools down.

Closer picture - this is with it buttoned.  That top button is for show and not to actually be buttoned.

More to come this weekend, including my Part 2 of Looks for Le$$ ... thanks for stopping by!