Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forever21 Skinny Cords = LOVE

Ever since I fell in love with my vibrant flame Minnie Pants, I have been on a mission to find even more brightly-colored skinny pants.  I scanned through multiple department store websites, considering J.Brand, etc.... but then I ran across these beauties....

Forever 21 - $19
I'm wearing a 26.

In the teal color.  Notice how they are tight all the way to the bottom.... lovely!

Here's the best part... the waist is nice and stretchy and doesn't give a spare-tire effect, yet the leg is perfectly skinny!  I don't know how they'll hold up, but for a 1-season purchase, I'm thrilled with these!

I couldn't find the *exact* ones online, but they are definitely in-store right now!  Run! ;)

**UPDATE**  I did find these on the F21 website that have the same item#, but different colors!  BTW, ordered all three colors available online!  I love that you can return online F21 purchases!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

J.Crew New Fall Arrivals In Store

Sorry, I don't have any details ... I had too much "help" from my two boys!  But, I LOVE this ivory 100% sill button-down top and pleated sweater-like skirt!  Now, if I only I had a place to wear them....

I am wearing a 4 in the top - probably could have used a 2.  The skirt is a small and I definitely would have wanted an XS.  Anyone else tried these?

I also tried on the High-waisted skinny cords and really liked the way my undies didn't hang out when I bent over!  The leg was almost as skinny as the toothpick, skinnier than the matchstick - so I guess kind of between the two!   Definitely something I will be looking for on promo this fall! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

J.Crew Minnie Pant in Vibrant Flame - Plus OOTD

As soon as I saw these bad boys in the catalog, I immediately logged on to my favorite website and scooped them up!  I had tried them on in the store, but they didn't have this orange color - but at least I knew the size to purchase online.

This is the vibrant flame color.... love!  I am wearing a Petite 2 here.  The regular 2 was a little to big, plus they were too long for my liking. 

Although you can't see in the picture, these come about 2 inches above my ankle... the regular ones came to my ankle bone, which is great in super-skinny pants and denim, but I didn't love it in these. (my older ones are regulars and I wish I had gotten a petite! )

Pants- J.Crew
Cardi- J.Crew
Bracelet - Lia Sophia
Watch - Fossil
Cami - Victoria's Secret
Here they are with an older floral cardigan from J.Crew - I love how the orange in the pants pulls the color from the cardigan!  I wore this to our preschool teacher conference.

Sometimes it's hard for me to decide what to keep when a new roll-out is amazing and I want too much!  However, with these it was a no-brainer!  I've already worn them twice!

Bottom Line: If for nothing else, buy them for the color!  These pretty much only work with heels or flats (ie: can't tuck into boots!) so rock these during the fall as much as possible!  If anything, these run a bit large because I was able to stick with my regular size in the petite instead of sizing up!