Wednesday, July 29, 2009

J. Crew Oxford Tunic: Outfit Help!

Ok, so I ordered this tunic after seeing an excellent review on Gigi's Blog. However, after receiving it, I'm kind of running into an issue of actually completing an outfit using it! Please help! I'd love some suggestions! After much rummaging through my closet, I came up with the following outfit ...

Top: Oxford Tunic, J.Crew, XS, shell
Bottoms: Paige Premium, straight leg, white
Belt: J. Crew skinny silver leather belt

I then proceeded to take this entire outfit off and put on something different because I just didn't feel like it looked great. HELP!
Any suggestions on what to pair this tunic with? Do you have it or something like it? How to you wear it? I'd love to hear it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Juicy Track Suit - Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I finally pulled the trigger on what I consider to be one of the most pointless and overpriced little luxuries out there ... and I LOVE it!

When Nordy's has it's Anniversary Sale, I always look for deals on items that almost never go on sale. Generally this includes brands like Juicy, UGG, Paige and 7 For All Mankind Denim, etc...

This year, I saw some Juicy Couture track jackets and velour pockets pants in a "normal" color in my size for 50% off the original price .... how could I resist? I love the "pocket pants"! They are so so so comfy! I'm pretty sure they are not $120 comfy ... but definitely $49 comfy! The color is called "carbooter", but it's basically a nice royal / navy blue.

The pants are a size small and fit perfectly ... very low-rise, but a perfect fit! I'm going to get them hemmed about an inch while we're on vacation in California for the next 2 weeks! (yeah, we don't a have a Nordy's here, so I'm bringing them to Cali to get them hemmed for free!! ;)
Here's the deal: I ordered a small in the top, too and it's a bit small. I'm sure it actually fits the way Juicy wants it to fit me, but it's definitely more snug than I would normally purchase (see pic where it's zipped). It looks and feels great when it's unzipped, but zipped is very form-fitting. I can't imagine ordering a Medium, which is a size 6-8.
Bottom Line: I'm glad I bought this. It doesn't have the crazy "Juicy" crap written all across the butt or anything, and it is so soft and comfy! I haven't removed the tags on the jacket in hopes that I might locate a medium while we're out of town, but if not, I'll keep it as-is! Pants run TTS, jackets runs small.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Almost Forgot! Great Deals RIGHT NOW!

A few sales I wanted to mention in addition to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that is going on now!

Martin and Osa - extra 30% off sale items (NOT final sale!), free shipping on all denim orders, free shipping on all orders over $100!! - extra 25% off select sale items, free shipping on all orders over $250, $5 flat rate shipping {woot!} (This is an AWESOME site to get some back-to-school clothes for the kiddos.... or stuff for yourself!)

Also, one of my favorite associates at our local J. Crew said they will be having a "preview" of the new fall roll-out on Monday night ... which probably means they will be putting the items on the shelf that night! So, if you're itchin' to see the new stuff, or to make sure they have your size in a new items, try your store Friday night!

OOTD: Nautical for the Riverfront & Free Shipping on Etsy Shop Items!

First off, this is the last day of FREE SHIPPING on flower pins in my Etsy Shop! I'm leaving on vaca on Tuesday, so today is the last day I can take orders and ship out tomorrow!

This is the outfit I wore a couple of days ago to eat and hang out by the river.

Tee: J. Crew
Jeans: Paige Premium
Belt: J. Crew
Necklace: F21
Bracelet: J. Crew
Blazer: Banana

I was giving this "blazer look a try. I still feel a little manly in a blazer. I think I pulled this off pretty well, but I still feel more feminine and comfy in a nice cardigan! But that's just me!
HUGE shout out to Paige Premium Denim jeans. I going to be doing some denim reviews in the coming week, as well as some AWESOME baby product reviews ... so watch for that!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

OOTD for Shopping: M+O Day

Connor and I dashed to the mall this morning to pick up a couple of things and swing through F21 (posts later about finds there!). I am really taking advantage of this cooler (and crappier!) weather by wearing jeans that are usually long-lost friends by mid-July. Not this year! It has been unseasonably cool here lately, meaning I've been able to not only sport denim, but also my JC Travel Trench and some cardigans! Love it! Today's outfit:
Top: Martin + Osa
Jeans: Martin + Osa Slim Jean in a resin rinse
Necklace: F21
Bracelet: J. Crew
(I tried a new photography angle today in hopes of actually being able to capture my feet sometimes!)

I generally buy jeans that have more of a design on the back pockets (I think it's more flattering on me that way) but these just have a little bit of blue stitching through the pockets and I really love them! I think I've worn these three days in a row now! ;)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shopping Day! Martin + Osa and Trench Coats!

I had a wonderful day at one of our local malls today, shopping with my sister and with Connor in tow. We hit up the Martin + Osa (which just opened up around last Christmas) and found that they were having 30% off sale items ... and it's not final sale! (are you listening J. Crew?)

I wasn't sure how long we would be able to shop around since Connor was with us, but here is how wonderful our M+O staff is: they have little apple juice boxes and little Fuji water for shoppers! So I was able to keep refilling Connor's sippy. Plus, there are a few little toys in the waiting area in front of the fitting rooms! Sweet! That was just enough to allow my sister and I to try on a few items. All stores should be this "kid" friendly ... especially when they aren't busy... they would sell a lot more stuff!

I ended up getting a skinny leather belt and a navy jacket... shown below! I already had the leather belt in the wider version from a few months ago... I included a picture of that, as well! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that belt! I can't wait to wear the skinnier version!

(A little warning: I was SO lazy in taking pics today, so I'm wearing basically the same thing in every pic .... sorry!)

You can "reverse button" the jacket so that it will stay open and show what you have on underneath .... of course I forgot to take a picture of it that way!

New skinny belt

Have had this one for a while .... love it!

On our way out of the store, I noticed a khaki trench coat that was really simple and cute. I tried it on in a Small and I think that is the size I would get. The price was $170 and I received a 20% off your entire order coupon recently in the mail ... sooooo, I'm keeping this one on the back burner.

Afterwards, we took a stroll through Gap and they ALSO have a new khaki trench that is very cute and lightweight! The price point on this one was even better at $88, but definitely lacked the details of the pricier coats... especially in the back. But, if you NEED a trench coat, or don't already have one, this is a great looking option at a great price!

The reason I'm always on the lookout for trench coats is that I've been waiting on the the dang J. Crew Icon Trench to go on sale FOR E VER... and I'm not sure it ever will as it's still on back order in my size right now! I ordered it a while back but had to return it because I just couldn't justify $300. However, there really is no other coat I've found that I like as much as the JC one!

When I got home, I found my J. Crew Cotton Poplin Sydney dress that I bought from a private seller had arrived! Yippee!! It fit perfectly and it in Like-New condition! You might remember a post from about a month ago {here} when I reviewed the same dress in light pewter, but I am much happier with the pink version I received today (and the price I paid!)

My favorite part of the dress is the detail at the bust!

And, the slightly exposed silver zipper at the back (which you can't really see here!)

There's pockets! Yea!

That's it for now .... more on my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items I received today in tomorrow's post! Nighty night!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hoopnotica Giveaway!! Enter Now! And, J. Crew Pixie Pants

Don't forget to visit my other blog ... my 'family' blog at to enter for a chance to win your very own Hoopnotica travel hoop and Intro DVD straight from the company! You can read my initial review here.

Also, I received the J. Crew Pixie pants in black in the same box as the Sparkling Rose Tee I reviewed yesterday and .... well, I'm not even showing pictures. I ordered my standard size 2 and couldn't even get them zipped. Bummer. Also, they really weren't anything special or better than my INC ones I bought last year at Macys on sale, so I'm happy with NOT having these pants.

Bottom Line: IF they go on super sale, I would try a size 4 ... but I really didn't like the waist band and there pretty much no details on the pants besides the exposed zipper on the back (which I loved!) They are going back! Runs small, size up!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tissue Sparkling Rose Tee - J. Crew

Make getting dressed a bed of roses with this pretty tee. Made in lightweight, bias-cut cotton with a very soft wash, it features a printed flower graphic with sequin beading for a special touch. Open crewneck. Short sleeves. Each color has a slightly different flower layout. Import. Machine wash. $42.50 item 18079 Colors: Light Pewter, Champagne

I'm just doing a quick review of this tee, mostly to share some IRL pics with you guys!

The tee is THIN! Check out the bra and white shorts in the pics ... eew. The "sparkley" aspect of the shirt is cute, but I'm just not sure about how this sucker would hold up. I do like that the fabric is not very clingy, which is a plus. I could pop a cami under the shirt and it would solve the thiness problem.

My first reaction to the colors was: meh. Maybe it's because they are moving more toward fall colors and I'm just not ready yet. I didn't even take pics of it paired with cardis or anything because it might have made me like it more and not want to return it. As of right now, this is going back because I don't LOVE it... not for the price. Plus, I know there will be other tees I love later this season. (there always is!! ;)

Bottom Line: I bought the Champage tee in a size small. But, if it ever goes on sale for $19.99 or less, I'd get the same size and color again. Runs TTS.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Nordstom Anniversary Sale: My Faves

Let me start by bitching about how we do not have a Nordy's anywhere near my house. Indianapolis is the closest one, I believe, but the merch at that store apparently doesn't even compare to the stores we frequent in New York and Los Angeles when we're visiting family. Needless to say, it would probably not be worth my time to haul ass up to the Nordy's in Indy when I could just shop online. I'm sure the online selection is limited compared to what is available in stores, but at this point, it must suffice!

There is nothing I really NEED, and I found that there wasn't much of specific brands I was seeking out in the sale (aka: The North Face short rain jacket, Paige Premium Denim, Michael by Michael Kors handbags) However, these are a few of the items that I am lusting after and will most likely pull the trigger on at some point in the next day or two! The best part is, you get free shipping automatically (NO CODE!! uhh emm .... J. Crew.... ummm??) and my sister and I leave for LA in about 10 days, so anything I order I'll be able to return to the store for free instead of paying for return shipping!

(on a side note, I've decided to take 2 suitcases on our upcoming trip to Cali and have my wallet be royally screwed by the airlines because it just stresses me out too much to pack ONE suitcase for Connor and I for a 2 week trip!!! Impossible!!! It will cost me an extra $50 -- well worth it IMO! So, I should have a bit of extra room in my checked baggage, if needed! :)

Moving on...

Juicy Couture Velour Pocket Pants in Carbooter (blue):
Regular: $120 Sale: $49.90

Juicy Couture Velour Zip Hoodie in Carbooter (blue):
Regular: $98 Sale: $49.99

Ugg Australia Class 'Cardy' Knit Boots in Grey:
Regular: $139.95 Sale: $99.90

New Balance '993' Sneaker in Grey (for Connor):
Regular: $39.95 Sale: $25.90

I will, of course, continue to look through the sale online and probably pick more stuff out, but for now, I think these are the things I'll for-sure get! Weeeee!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Outift of the Day

Put this together to go to a casual family dinner tonight. Loves it. These J. Crew short-sleeved cardis are some of my favorite things from this Spring/ Summer line! I also have this one in pale pink. I would recommend going up a size if you plan on wearing it completely buttoned! I have it paired with a JC cotton cami (TTS) in white and JC denim cruise shorts (TTS)! See you tomorrow!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Danielle Flat Sandal (J. Crew) Look-Alike

J. Crew's Danielle Sandal in Tawny Brown

This is another super find from TJ. I find they look similar to JC's Danielle sandal, just on a smaller scale, which I actually like better. I really like the 'O' Ring details on the Danielle sandal, so that's what drew me to this look-alike. The Danielle Sandal is sold out in my size online and I couldn't find anywhere in stores around me! Sooo, for $16, I think these are a cute alternative ... especially since I might not even like this style next year!

Brand: Soda

Material: Man-Made

Price: $16.99

Sunday, July 12, 2009

J. Crew Spotted at T.J. Maxx ... Again!

This is just a quick update on my trip to TJ last night.... to my surprise, there was one lonley little pair of J. Crew shoes (in my size .... woot!) sitting on the shoe rack!?! I searched and searched for other pairs in any size, but found nothing else. Interestingly, the price on them was $39.99, instead of the $19.99 they were selling at a few months ago. That higher price point certainly makes more sense considering the original retail price of JC shoes, although I'm still not convinced for the comfort (or lack there of) and quality that they are worth much more than $40 to begin with.

I'm not sure if these were just lost in a box the warehouse from the first big influx of JC shoes a few months ago, or maybe TJ is getting more shipments of JC stuff in (fingers crossed for the latter!) but I was pretty pumped to snag them! I thought I remembered reading an article about how JC wasn't going to sell any more of their merch to discount retailers ... so who knows.

Keep your eye out and please let us know if you see any JC at discount retailers like TJ in your area! I also found a couple other cute JC-look-alike shoes last night, so watch for those reviews to come soon!
**Update: I've checked other stores and haven't found any more JC shoes. Have you?**

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Resin-Links Bracelet - J. Crew {WTF?}

A nautical favorite gets a modern update. Hand-assembled 14K gold-plated brass with interlocking resin links. Toggle bar closure. Import. Length: 9 1/8". Color: Mineral Grey
was $38.00 select colors $19.99 item 17698

You know how sometimes there is an item online that goes way down in price very quickly and you think "SWEET! What a deal!" Until your boyfriend (UPS man-in-brown) brings your lovely box to the front door... you cut the tape, pull back the box flaps and reach in hoping to pull out the amazing item you've been waiting on for 4-7 days...

and THIS is what you find...

Seriously.... what is this thing?

I had actually been stalking this item for quite a while on JC's website because it looked like a generic colored, go-with-anything type of bracelet. When the price dropped to $19.99, I pulled the trigger. Whoa was I surprised when I popped the lid off the jewelry box and this puppy reared it's ugly head!

Size comparison to the Gold Chain Bracelet (JC)

I LOVE my gold chain link bracelet, so I was really hoping for something more the size of that ... but as you can see, there is a big size difference! AND, there isn't even the cute JC signature clasp. The quality of the resin isn't very nice (does resin even have a quality scale? anyway...) as it seems cloudy and already scratched up. PA-LEASE!

**Bottom Line: Blah. Not even for $19.99. The good news: my receipt isn't marked "final sale" next to this item, so I lucked out .... it's going back!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ombre Beach Hat - J. Crew

To keep or not to keep... that is the question! I need a beach hat for our upcoming trip to Huntington Beach for two weeks! I'm not a big fan of covering up in the sun (I know I know .... spare me the lecture regarding skin cancer pa-lease!), but a hat is a must when you are going to be in the sun and on the beach that much! (I'm not ready to stop being carded at bars yet... must protect the face!)
Anyway .... I snagged this puppy at my B&M for $12, but it looks kind of droopy to me... so I'm thinking of returning it and looking for something else... probably at Target!
What do you think? Keep? Return? Where do I get a cute, functional hat that travels well for under $30??? Help! Thanks!

Silk Elizabeth Halter in Flame - J. Crew

So, I realize this is NOT a new item, but I really wanted to post some pics of the top under the navy waterfall cardigan and BR blazer. I wore this outfit out last night for dinner and drinks with the fam! I have it paired with J. Crew chinos in sea salt (I can't remember the exact name of these ... maybe luxe or something ... but they are SUPER soft and a great wider waist band! Love these!) and gold leather skinny belt from last fall. I really loved the outfit paired with my Penelope pumps in navy, blue, and platinum gold, but the heels were too high for an outdoor event, so I wore my strappy gold leather sandals (from Target - Merona Collection- LOVE these, too!!) with kitten keels.

As per J.Crew's recent size crisis, the bodice of this top is HUGE, even in the extra small. So, I kind of pulled the extra material to the front and tucked it in. It worked out nicer than tucking the entire thing in (which always makes me feel so masculine!) and it made the back and sides appear a bit more tailored!

I was once again reminded of why I do not buy anything silk anymore! As soon as we got in the car, I reached in the diaper bag to get out Connor's sippy and the lid had some moisture on it... of course it got on my top and I had a huge blotchy spot down the front of me all night! I already removed the spot with Dryel... but still. My white pants were also victimized by Connor's grimy hands all night long! Oh well! That's why I took pictures before even opening my bedroom door! hehe ;)

With Navy Cotton-Cashmere Waterfall Cardigan and Gold Chain Links bracelet

With Navy BR blazer ... I didn't wear this out.... just wanted to see what it looked like!

Do you own the Elizabeth Halter? How do you wear it? What do you pair it with?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Corsage Cotton Tank - Mossimo (Target)

This was previously reviewed on the fabulous fashion blog by Gigi here and I just couldn't resist taking a look!

I had to go to 2 different Targets to find these (which actually isn't out of the ordinary for me anyway) because all of the XS and most of the Smalls were already sold out. The purple shown in the picture is an XS and the 'mushroom' color is a small. I wasn't planning on keeping both, but for the price, I might. They don't seem to fit that much differently.

I really really like the ruching on the sides (which hides the postpartum evidence) and there is a built-in shelf bra! i just can't believe this top was only $14.99!! I actually like this more than my JC Corsage Tee in Lavender (or whatever the light purple color is called) because it is more flattering and it's sleeveless, which I like better for the summer!

** Bottom Line: This is a super buy at $14.99!! A must have for those JC fashionistas who love the corsage tee from this summer. The corsage is GORGEOUS! LOVE LOVE LOVE! TTS for Target .... I'm really between an XS and Small.

What do you think? Shall I keep both? Which do you like better?