Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More J.Crew New Holiday Arrivals

Some additional new purchases since the most recent roll-out... part of the 20% off cardholder deal...

I am wearing a size small in the heirloom pink color.  The sleeves are looser on this cardigan than others recently, which is a welcomed change. 

A little much with this cami underneath, but it's what I had on at the time and the colors do mesh well!  I'm wearing my new favorite Trouper skinny pants in Titanium here.

I just had to get it in another color... this is the olive moss in a size small.  I think the small fits better and gives more of a "drapey" feel than the extra small I had on in the past post, so I'm keeping both colors in the small.   I'm also wearing the Modern Slim Cords and a V-Neck cardigan in Vanilla from LOFT .

Ultra-skinny and ultra-stretchy.  LOVE these pants!  They do run a bit roomy in the waist area, so I sized-down to a size 0 here.  The legs are pretty tight, but I'm hoping after the baby-weight is completely gone, they will still fit and I may even need to get the waist nipped in at the back a bit.

I am wearing an XS here.  This evergreen color appears to be an in-store only color as I do not see it online.  I have the toothpick ankle cords on here in Dusty Cedar.  I had to go up a size for them to button, but now I'm thinking they might stretch out and be too big everywhere else - so not sure I'm keeping these.

I will totally be wearing this outfit to a holiday party.
Dream Zip Henley Sweater, size Small - J.Crew

I had to get a Medium just to make it comfy to wear high on the waist.  A small fit, but on the largest setting.  The medium is on the smallest setting. Annoying.  Anyway, I think I'll keep the medium.  I don't love it with this dress, but I was just trying to figure out sizing.

Unbuttoned w/ buttons showing.  This is a cool look.  I love love love the layered look.  The color is nice and deep - and the feel of this fabric is like cashmere... I was, in fact, surprised to see that this is a 100% wool coat - no cashmere.  This is a really cool and different coat for someone who has way too many coats already!  I was ready for something different!

Buttoned here.  Yummy.  There are pockets, which is great.  They aren't awesomely deep pockets, but good enough.  The fabric is thick and sturdy and feels like it will be warm... but who knows.

I am wearing a size 0 here.  The 2 was enormous on - even big throughout the shoulders, so simply too big, not just roomy.   The zero fits perfectly throughout the shoulders and still leaves plenty of room through the body for sweaters, etc...  The belt gives a nice cinched look.

Back view.  The length is just long enough to cover the butt and be warm on cold days, but not too long to be cumbersome when running errands, etc...

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  1. Lindsey you are looking fantastic! Hope the kiddies are well :-)

  2. Aahhh...the sequined cardi and multi buckled belt...sigh...
    Kristina J.

  3. Love Dream Zip sweater too! I have a pic of the pink one on my blog somewhere.

  4. I'm really liking the Trouper pants. I'll have to try them out. I also LOVE your boots! Can you please tell me their brand/name? They're exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

  5. Joselle: Those boots are brown leather boots from last year - but a pretty standard style that I know you can still find this year!! The brand is Franco Sarto, which is great for my narrow feet as they tend to run a bit narrow. Good luck! Thanks for reading!


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