Friday, March 26, 2010

J.Crew Pretty Ruffles Jersey Dress

This is the Paris Pink color .... it also comes in Dark Pewter.  I'm wearing a size small.  Could have worn an XS.

There is something I don't like about the arm holes and I usually hate dresses that have a little string belt unless I'm pregnant.   Notice you can kind of see underwear lines a little bit already. :/

Umm, everything looks amazing with this cardigan!

I gave this dress a shot when it was 20% off.  Love the color and the weight of the fabric, which is much heavier and more substancial than I was expecting.  However, as is typical with this 'jersey' fabric, it's still revealing and not very flattering in any place where it fits too close to the body.  I felt like once my belly started pulling more forward, thus pulling the dress fabric tigher against my butt, it would not be a pretty sight.  Plus, it didn't matter anyway because once I looked at this pics of this dress next to my other new dresses, it was a no brainer not to keep this one!  Part of me still loves it, but it's not a keeper for me when there are better things out there for me right now!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

J.Crew Collection Cape May Stripe Lucca Dress

Cape May Stripe Lucca Dress - $95
(appears to be retail only right now)

Dress comes in a pink and white stripe or blue and white stripe.  This is the pink striped version.  It has kind-of a peachy tone to it... and almost looks seersucker.  Shown with Colored Pearl-and-Ribbon Necklace in Coral which is now on sale for $29.

No jewelry.

With off-white cardigan...

and a white cardigan (my fave)

The back .... oh yes, the ruffles never stop!  You can see the back is smocked and very stretchy at the top.

Obligatory side-view.

As girly and off-putting as this dress might be to a lot of people, this dress screams 'me'!  Pink, ruffles, strapless, forgiving, and to the knees (no shorter, no longer!)  I put it on hold a couple of times and finally broke down when I realized I might be able to wear it to the Kentucky Oaks in a month.... which I need a pink dress for because they are doing a "Pink Out" again this year to support the breast cancer cause.

I thought the dress would be shorter than it ended up being.  I'm happy with this length, even if it ends up hiking up a bit as my belly grows.  At this point, it definitely seems stretchy enough to accomodate a 26 week belly without looking crazy or getting stetched out, but we'll have to see.  I'm keeping the tags on until  May 1st!

Why is this dress part of the J.Crew Collection?  You got me.  I seriously have no idea.  For those of you who are over the whole ruffle thing, or aren't into girly dresses, this dress is certainly not for you!  But if you want to stand out a bit this spring and summer, you might want to pop into your local J.Crew and try this puppy on.  The blue stripe is also very nice!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

J.Crew Jessie Cotton Dress *Updated*

Here it is in Muted Grape in an extra small.

Rockin' the baby bump

Slub cotton on top, cotton lawn on the bottom, with a little ruffle in the middle!

Not too puffy, even prego!

For some reason, I feel cute in this dress.  It does come in an XXS, which to me means it runs big..... which, it probably does because I'm 5 months pregnant and the XS fits just fine with some extra room.  I didn't really need this, but the color sold me on it, plus like I said, something about it just makes me feel cute!

UPDATE:  After reading some iffy reviews about the possibly see-thruness of this dress, I've ordered this LOFT dress to see if it might be a better alternative.  I ordered it in a maternity XS and regular Small.  I'll come back and update when it arrives!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Liberty of London for Target: I Said I Wasn't, But You Knew I Would

So, my inital take on the Libert stuff wasn't great, but after picking up a couple of the wallets because they were so cute, and then loving them A LOT when I got home, I decided to head back up to the local Target and give it another go.  Here is what I came home with:

Pleated Dress in Jumper print - I felt like the XS was tight and restricting in the neck and armhole area, so I ended up getting a Small.  I feel like I'll be able to wear this for a couple more months.
With dark blue LOFT cardigan

Halter Dress - Obviously, this can also be worn strapless.  This is a size XS and is totally going back.  Yes, there is room for the belly to grow, but my goodness!  This dress makes me look 8 months prego already .... no.

Ruffle Neck Top - This is a Small.  I thought about getting a Medium, but this one will still fit for a little while!  What a nice neckline and flowy shape!  The turquoise is also great, but totally not my coloring.

Sateen Trench in Dunclare Yellow  - I am such a coat-whore.... seriously, I do not need this.  This is an XS.  I didn't like this or it's crazy black ball buttons on the front when I first saw it, but the back totally sold me on it!  The pics just don't do it justice.  The only thing it's missing is pockets.... but hey, when you have WAY TOO MANY coats as it is, I can just wear this one on days I don't need pockets! ;)

Coated Shopper in Pink Garla print - This will be my "carrying magazines to the pool" tote this summer!  Cute!

Swim Coverup - This is a Small so I can wear it a little longer this summer.  Can't wait to take this puppy to Huntington Beach in a couple of weeks!  (sweet tag shot, too!)

I also got a couple of the cute, floral mugs (because they make me happy in the morning) and the cotton duffle for a gym bag!  It blows my current Vera Bradley out of the water with it's extra zipper, external, and internal cell pockets!   I picked up the 2-piece swimsuit and the tankini set, but I'm not sure I'll keep them.  Have you felt the swim fabric?  OMG, it's the softest!!  Really incredible for the price!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

J.Crew Tunique Dress in Jaipure Paisley or "Bazaar Tunic Dress" *Updated*

"Tunique Dress" in Jaipure Paisley (per receipt)
Update! Now online: Bazaar Tunic Dress
$148 - Item# WA7780

This dress is apparently a retail-only item, which I found out trying to get the store to match the online-only 20% off dresses deal.  So, I couldn't get the 20% off price match, but I had to get it anyway!  The pattern is just so striking!

The neckline is pretty deep, which is a nice change of pace for me and J.Crew.  It might not be great for those who are well-endowed, but you could always throw a thin cami on under it.

They had it belted on the model in the store.  This is a tan leather belt, they showed it with a thicker gold belt.  I don't feel like this dress is 'so roomy' that it would 'have' to be belted to look good, but it definitely changes the look of it.

I prefer it belted at this point because it makes it more clear that I'm prego and not just thick through the middle.

The back... obviously.

This is definitely going to be a big-seller as my store just put their new stuff out last night and the only sizes left in this dress were one 10 and one 12 .... and then the size 2 on the model that I had them take off so I could try on! (and buy ;)

Some might find the length of this dress a bit short.  Remember I am 5'5" and prego, to get an idea of the length on me.  I's fully lined and did pass the "sunlight" test in my closet .... aka: not see-thru.  The linen material definitely wrinkles badly, so have your steamer on deck!

I'm considering this dress for a evening wedding this weekend.  It's a little 'springy', but since it has 3/4 length sleeves I feel like I can get away with it.  Not sure how I'm going to accessorize it yet.  The pictures above reflect some of the ideas I had while playing around with it, but I haven't found the perfect match yet.  I feel like I really need a necklace with it, but I don't like the necklace AND belt AND earring look on me.... just too much!  Any ideas appreciated!  Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Banana Republic: Boyfriend Military Jacket + 25% off Online!

First off, Banana Republic is offering 25% off all full-priced orders onilne only today with code: *BRSAVE25*

So, what should you get?  Well, I got this jacket last week and LOVE it!

Available online in Smoking Gray and also in a light khaki in stores.

IMO, they did not do a very good job styling this jacket online.  It's much more striking in person and the color is much darker than what it looks like in the online pic.  The light khaki is very nice and cute if you need it, but seeing as I have about 100 jackets (you think I'm kidding) the gray seemed like something I at least had LESS of at the moment!  It also looked awesome over the JC coral tunic top I had on that day (see it in this post)... but I forgot to snap a pic of that!

It was finally warm enough last week that I was able to wear this out to dinner one night!
Scarf: ON last year
Pants: Maternal America Black Denim Leggings
Bracelet: F21

Closer up of the front.  I have the sleeves rolled up, but you don't have to.  Also, I could unsnap the buttons on the pockets to make it look more 'crumpled' I guess.

Another outfit shot with my new Dooney handbag (see it here) ... LOVE the nylon, brown on black accents, and hot pink interior lining!  I found this style to be MUCH more practical than what I actually went to buy, the Longchamp bag, which is basically just a big duffle-like bag.  This bag has dividers, cell pockets, zip pockets, etc...

Left open...

Pulled open a little more .... it will actually stay this way if you want to show more of your underneath shirt

There is a little bit of elastic, plus a internal string belt, that helps really cinch the waist in on this coat.  Now, remember, I don't really have a waist right now, but this is pretty flattering in both the front and back.  If nothing else, Banana creates the hands-down most flattering-fromt-the-back coats and jackets over everyone else!

Are you planning on buying anything with the 25% off promo today?


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Talbots Accessories: Necklaces, Earrings, and Scarves

I have been surprisingly interested and impressed with Talbots merchandise lately.  Not only the clothing, but also many of their accessories.  Recently {here} I reviewed the Twill Trench in Gypsy Rose which I wore out in the rainy weather today and got tons of compliments!  I love it!

Here are items I've recently purchased (or are lusting over!) that I think you'll love, too!  I've recently started focusing on finding shorter length necklaces as I already have way too many long ones from last year!

First off, check out the Pave Necklace which is on super sale for $23.39!  The picture just doesn't do it justice, but this will be PERFECT for dressy black outfits ... especially at holiday time!! I would snatch this beauty up ASAP if I were you!

These gorgeous necklaces also now have a place on my dresser:


This is way pretty in preson and really compliments all the new spring colors!

On my wishlist:
(which, but the way, I love that Talbots lets you keep a wishlist!)

And,  a couple of gorgeous scarves:

also available in blue!

There is also a Tulip Print scarf that is my favorite ... but it keeps becoming sold out online!

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Liberty of London For Target: Finally Here!

I made a last-minute stop at Target tonight hoping some Liberty stuff might already be out on the racks!  Sure enough, it was!  A girl working the floor told me they got it all in and out on the floor last night. 

Here is my personal take on this gorgeous, exciting line.... and remember, this is from a pregnant girl's point of view! ;)

First off, I was really excited about the trench coat and that was specifically what I was looking for.  Unfortunately, when I saw it IRL, I was like.... uhhh.  In fact, I kept looking around the the jacket I swear I saw in the commercials and previews of the line, only to finally figure out that this was in fact that same trench.  Bummer.  It's yellow patterned and has big black shiny buttons.  Although it was very nicely made, even at $45, it was certianly not what I was hoping for and definitely passed.
(I LOVE my coat from the 2006 Tara Jarmon for Target collection!  I've lost a couple buttons, though which sucks because they are so unique!  I still love pulling it out every spring!  The picture below was taken from
Tara Jarmon for Target ala 2006

My absolute favorite items were the swimsuits.  They feel lucsious.... like the softest swim suit material I've even felt!  I purchased a tankini and 2-piece bikini - all in size smalls - to wear next year.  They were $19.99 per piece.  The cups are lightly padded, which are hard to find!  Love it!  Cute cover-ups are well, but I don't need any.

The dresses and tops are gorgeous, but I found the patterns to be quite overwhelming.  I brought one dress home to try, but it's going back.  Some of them actually would have worked through my second trimester because of the cut, but I just can't do it.  Too much.  I'll look again tomorrow to see if there is a smaller pattern or different style I might like better.  The price of the dress I bought is $29.99.

Love the accessories!  Rain boots are cute, but I have no need for a third pair of rain boots.  The umbrella was already sold out at the store I went to, but it looks super-cute on the TV commercial (and matches the rain boots!)  There are 2 styles of medium/large sized wallets that could also be used alone as a small clutch, cute bucket hats that will be great by the pool, and a couple different bags ... including one that is laminated and would be great to tote magazines to the beach or pool .... and one fabric small duffle with a removable shoulder strap that makes a great gym bag!

The home stuff is cute, but again, a little much for our house I'm afraid!  If I had (or was having) a little girl, I' be all over the toddler stuff!  If you are a mom of a little girl you HAVE to check it out!!

Sorry I don't have any pics (believe me, I am sparing you by not showing swimsuit pics at this point!) but I'm anticipating everything being available online later tonight (like after midnight or 1 am) so don't forget to check it out!  Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Talbots Twill Trench: Perfect in Pink!

What would spring be without the perfect, classic trench? In vibrant hues that lend a cheery feel to the grayest of days. Back length: M36"; P34"; W38". Cotton/ polyester. Dry clean. Imported. #H67013 (Available in many colors!)

I bought this coat ASAP after seeing a younger associate in Talbots wearing it over leggings and a tank top.  She was wearing it more as an outfit, not an overcoat.  Several of the smaller sizes were already gone and they had just put them out that day!
(FYI: These are very casual pics!  I'll show more soon with actual outfits!)
With hands in pockets... which are easy to get hands in and out of, BTW.  An excellent bonus.  Also, the buttons are 'internal' so as not to be seen.... which I think makes for a cleaner and dressier look.

Uhh, definitely looking prego here ... And, YES, I have on JC leopard print PJ pants on.... it was a lazy day!   Notice there is just enough details - like adjustable buckles on the sleeves and self-covered buttons on the pockets - to give it a nice and tailored look, without being too overboard trench-y ... does that even make sense?

I think this pic captures the nice sheen of the fabric.  There is a back slit that isn't really visible and the belt is thick enough so that you don't have to worry about it twisting up and looking bad in the back!


Size: I have to get either a Petite Petite (PP) or a Petite 2 (P2) in everything Talbots in order for it to work!  This is no different.  The 4P fit OK but the sleeves were a bit long.   This coat fits like a JC regular size 2 IMO.

Fabric:  The weight is excellent .... not too stiff, but certainly not flimsy or cheap at all!  The color I bought is called Gypsy Rose.... perfection!  I mean perfect!  I would describe it as raspberry sherbet.  Just gorgeous!  You have to see it in person!  As far as functionality, I think this will repel water and stains quite nicely and the length is great because it's not too long and constricting, but just long enough to be flattering.

Price: I found a 20% code online and got free shipping, so I'm OK with that!  I am a coat person AND a pink person, so this was pretty much a must-buy for me!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

J.Crew Metallic Beach: Tons of IRL Pics

item# 23159 - $128 
available in Camel and Silver
*Gold on Backorder until 5/17 and Silver XL on Backorder until July!

I was lucky enough to snag the gold color on the 20% off promo before they went on backorder.  I also ordered the silver so I could try it on with different things, although it will have to go on sale quite a bit before I'll buy it for keeps! 

Below is just a TON of pics of each cardi with different color combos, etc... I didn't dress any of the outfits up cute with jewelry or anything, I just wanted to get an idea of how much I liked each color and how 'metallic-ish' they would look.  Too much metallic really leaves me feeling more "holiday" time than "beach" time!
Most of the items I have on with the cardigans I've already reviewed... or they are in line to be reviewed on this blog in the next week or two.  I finish up with a short review of this sweater.

I wore this outfit into my B&M the other day and got several compliments .... I love the gold with this shirt!

*Bottom Line*
SIZE: I purchased the XS and it fits TTS to a little large for JC.  A Small would definitely be too big, as I'm still able to button the XS 19 weeks pregnant!

MATERIAL: It's not super itchy and it's not the most comfy either.  It might have been in my head, but the gold seemed a bit less itchy and rough than the silver. Who knows.  The metallic is definitely more comfortable to me than some winter sweaters with odd animal hair in them!  Jewelry is this sweater's enemy!  Seriously!  I'm not talking gaping holes or anything, but I've already cut 2 or 3 loose golden strands off the sleeves ... it's doesn't affect the look though.  Just beware.

LOOK: I loved each color equally, but seemed to be able to create more outfits with the gold, so that's the one I'm keeping for now.  I can see throwing this on with anything just about all year long.  I completely plan on bringing it with my on our trip to LA later this month... it goes with everything, so it's a good piece to bring!

PRICE: $128 is a bit steep in my opinion considering it's not cashmere or something.  You're paying for the uniqueness of the product here.  I got mine for $102 and I am OKAY with that ..... $80 would make me happier!  I will buy the silver if it goes $80 or below.