Friday, October 28, 2011

J.Crew Wintress Puffer Coat Review

I think I have just about wool-coated myself to death these past few years and it's time to update the seriously-cold-coat department in my closet!  I've resisted the J.Crew puffers these past few years, but I really liked the idea of the belt to give a little shape to such a puffy coat... so I bit on the 25% off discount....

This is the Shadow color in an XS.
Bonus: also comes in Petite and Tall

I typically wear a 2 in Crew coats, and I feel this runs about TTS with most J.Crew things.  I know a down coat isn't very exciting for most people, but for some reason I'm really LOVING this coat!  I LOVE the tie belt, I LOVE the length (just right for running errands, etc...but still covers the bum!) I LOVE the hood, the color, the feel, the thumb holes.... pretty much everything!

Maybe it will go on sale eventually, but I feel good about getting the 25% off since I think I'll be wearing this a TON this year!

Bottom Line: Need a really warm coat that still has a bit of style!  Check this one out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

J.Crew Gimlet Skirt in Harvest Tweed Review

Gimlet skirt in harvest tweed

Item# 55820

I'm wearing a size 2 here.  I've been sizing down to a zero in most bottoms this year, but the 2 fits well in this skirt and I would not want a 0. 

While this isn't the most flattering, slimming style, considering the thickness of the fabric, I'm happy with the look. The length is perfect for me... not too frumpy, but definitely conservative enough for me to wear this for any occasion... or any occasion that occurs in my life!

From the back.... what can you say?

I did get the Silk Blythe blouse in the neon azalea, which looks amazing with this.... why no pictures?  I have no idea... it's happening soon!

I went with the Gimlet skirt instead of the pencil because I thought it would be more fun, there are pockets!, and it's just different in general.  This is still a 50/50 keeper for me - I got it for about $100 with the 25% off promo.... maybe I'll see if it goes on sale for cheaper in the next month or so!?

Bottom Line:  Cute and different and you'll be able to wear just about ANY color on top with it!  Runs TTS (a little smaller maybe than other skirts/pants this year?!  Could just be me....)  Pricey, but cheaper than than the pencil version.  I LOVE this pink and browns! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

J.Crew Wool Cafe Capri in Blackwatch Plaid: Review

Café capri in plaid wool
As I am writing this, it is only available in a size 4 online and it's backordered.
This is a 0.  I picked it up in the store just to try on, but ended up walking out with it because it's a little outside of my normal 'range' of clothing and I thought if I didn't go ahead and grab it, I would regret it.

My thoughts are definitely of 'Christmas' and wintertime with this pattern. Which is great, but I tend to go with full-length pants in the winter because it's freezing! So...

That's a sexy shot with all the tags hanging out!  Sorry!
As with almost every pant or skirt this year, I really feel like I am between sizes on these.  In fact, I would want to have the waist button and hooks moved about a half-inch to give more room if I kept these.  Also, unlike the houndstooth wool version, these are not nearly as thick OR lined.
Bottom Line:  Run TTS. Cute novelty pant.  BUT, the fact that they are full price, don't fit perfect, and not full-length lends me to think I will probably return these... but I wanted to share since they went like hotcakes online!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

J.Crew Wool Cafe Capri Review: Houndstooth Wool

Café capri in houndstooth wool
Item# 49396
**I snagged these in-store for $99 on sale, plus an extra 30% off .... so about $70.

I did try a light brown belt with mine, as pictured online, and it does look really good!

This is a size 0.  I feel like I am full-on between sizes (0 and 2) in Capfe Capri's AND Minnies this year, but these look truly frumpy if they are a little to big.  After a little time on, they did loosen up a bit.  There is a touch of blue and mustard running through this pattern and it's fun to draw it out with an accessory... ie: the bright blue belt!

This is how my PS styled them in the store and I went ahead and bit on the Fisherman sweater and blue belt because I loved them outside of this outfit, as well.  Sweater is a Small - sized up for a bit of extra length.  Belt is a small and runs large.  The pants are thick AND fully lined.... so they are quite warm and can even be tucked into some boots during the winter, FYI.

One of the male PS suggested the belt on the outside, which I actually think looks pretty cool, but I ended up just putting it through the belt loops when I actually wore the outfit.  You can't see it here because my camera angle sucks, but I have on the Penelope heels in blue/platinum gold from several years ago and it looks pretty cool!

And look where else these puppies showed up....

This is a Sole Society email I got a few days ago.... I'm pretty certain those are the same pants on the left!  And, notice how they paired them with a bright blue coat!  Sweet!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

J.Crew Hacking Jacket Review: Grass

I've already admitted to keeping 2 schoolboy blazers this year (red and caramel) and this was the third blazer I took home and 'tried' out in my closet. This is the grass color - I purchased it in the store at FP which I *never* do because I loved it so much in the dressing room... just not so much at home....

J. Crew Hacking Jacket - Size 2 - $198
The leather buttons are a little 'granola' for me, and the length just makes me feel frumpy.

Not bad from the back.... probably my favorite view of the jacket, actually.

Not great un-buttoned.... I just feel sloppy like this.

In the end, I felt like this jacket overwhelmed me a bit.  Life is too short (and my wallet is too thin) to keep something I don't feel attractive in.... is it the color, the length, the fabric, the cut?  I can't put my finger on it...

I couldn't help feeling a bit masculine and the wool was a bit itchy.  That said, I will stalk this jacket once it goes on sale (and you KNOW if will before the Holidays) if I can get the blue one close to $100, I'll do it!

Bottom Line: For me, the schoolboy blazer just worked better. It's thinner and not as long, ie. not as warm as the hacking, but once it gets *cold* outside, I will be wearing a REAL winter coat, not a hacking jacket.... so the thinner blazer/jacket will suit my needs better, anyway.... plus you could put a winter coat on over it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Lucky" Skinnies.... I'm Lucky-In-Love

Checked out Lucky jeans lately?  I hadn't since high school and boy am I glad I did!  I KNEW you could find great jeans under $200 .... but I was having trouble finding them!  But I did at the Lucky store in our local mall!

Charlie Skinny Jeans - Lucky Brand
(some washes are under $100!)
I have these and they are amazing!  NO spare-tire effect, no baggy knees by noon!  LOVE them!

Charlie Baby Boot Jeans - Lucky Brand
(some washes are under $100!)
Don't have these yet, but I'm getting them soon!  Just have to decide on the wash!

I haven't taken any good pics yet of me actually IN mine yet, but let me highly recommend the Charlie Skinny and Charlie Baby-Boot if you are looking for some good-fitting, ultra-stretchy, and super-flattering jeans this season!

Anyone else have good luck with Lucky's lately!?

(Pics to come soon.... :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer: Caramel

 Ok, round 2 of the schoolboy.... now with the caramel color... which is GORGEOUS by the way...

 Size 2
Shown with:
Tipi Sweater in Leopard print: XS
Saturday Pants w/ ankle zip: XS

Whoa!  I'm whipping out the Candy Tee again!
Shown with:
Ivory Matchstick cords: 27 (I always size up in the matchsticks, FYI)

Shown with:
Old LOFT sweater in Orange
Teal F21 Skinny Stretch Cords: 26

This is a lot of color.... but I wanted to try it!

Really love the ivory / caramel color combo!

Super-love the ivory / caramel / leopard print combo!  This is my favorite combo!

So, after reviewing the pictures I do think I'm going to keep both the red and camel colors of the wool schoolboy.  This is the first year I've bitten on the schoolboys, so I don't have any other blazers needing to be worn in my closet.... that's how I'm going to defend my choice to keep both!  ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer: Decisions

Love love love the schoolboy blazer this year.  Yes, the front gold button is crappy (at least it feels that way) but I don't mind the look of it and I love the color options in the blazer so much this year I'm willing to look past the crappy buttons.  (but yeah, J.Crew, we noticed the crappy buttons and thinner fabric!  Come ON!)

I purchased the Decadent Red (the 1st red color that they introduced that sold out) and the Caramel colors.... both during the cardholder 20% promo.  The red I'm definitely keeping and that's the one I'm reveiwing in this post.  It's one of those things I've found myself throwing on to run out the door already, and it's not even fall yet!

Size: 2
Merino Pleated Skirt: XS (returned)

I *might* have been able to do a 0, but it would not be comfortable or allow for layering underneath. Length is perfect on me and I'm long waisted and generally find jackets to be at annoying, unflattering hip/waist length - but this one is fine in the regular length.

Shown here with:
Matchstick cords: 27
Perfect Shirt: 2

I love the red with the leopard print.  I ended up returning this shirt because I don't think I would have worn it very often (opted for the Leopard Tipi sweater instead) but I really do love it in this outfit!

With Jeans - of course it looks good with jeans ....

And I don't normally share 'real-life' pics, but I loved the couple of outfits I came up with on our recent vacay to Cali...

Celebrating our anniversary in Laguna Beach
(yeah... it was freezing!)

In Solvang, CA. 
Shown here with:
Husband ;)
J.Crew Matchstick ankle jeans: 27
J.Crew beach sweater (can't remember the name!) XS
J.Crew Animal Print Patent Pumps: ala a few years ago!

So, clearly I'm keeping the red one, but now I have to decide on the camel colored one.... those pics tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forever21 Skinny Cords = LOVE

Ever since I fell in love with my vibrant flame Minnie Pants, I have been on a mission to find even more brightly-colored skinny pants.  I scanned through multiple department store websites, considering J.Brand, etc.... but then I ran across these beauties....

Forever 21 - $19
I'm wearing a 26.

In the teal color.  Notice how they are tight all the way to the bottom.... lovely!

Here's the best part... the waist is nice and stretchy and doesn't give a spare-tire effect, yet the leg is perfectly skinny!  I don't know how they'll hold up, but for a 1-season purchase, I'm thrilled with these!

I couldn't find the *exact* ones online, but they are definitely in-store right now!  Run! ;)

**UPDATE**  I did find these on the F21 website that have the same item#, but different colors!  BTW, ordered all three colors available online!  I love that you can return online F21 purchases!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

J.Crew New Fall Arrivals In Store

Sorry, I don't have any details ... I had too much "help" from my two boys!  But, I LOVE this ivory 100% sill button-down top and pleated sweater-like skirt!  Now, if I only I had a place to wear them....

I am wearing a 4 in the top - probably could have used a 2.  The skirt is a small and I definitely would have wanted an XS.  Anyone else tried these?

I also tried on the High-waisted skinny cords and really liked the way my undies didn't hang out when I bent over!  The leg was almost as skinny as the toothpick, skinnier than the matchstick - so I guess kind of between the two!   Definitely something I will be looking for on promo this fall! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

J.Crew Minnie Pant in Vibrant Flame - Plus OOTD

As soon as I saw these bad boys in the catalog, I immediately logged on to my favorite website and scooped them up!  I had tried them on in the store, but they didn't have this orange color - but at least I knew the size to purchase online.

This is the vibrant flame color.... love!  I am wearing a Petite 2 here.  The regular 2 was a little to big, plus they were too long for my liking. 

Although you can't see in the picture, these come about 2 inches above my ankle... the regular ones came to my ankle bone, which is great in super-skinny pants and denim, but I didn't love it in these. (my older ones are regulars and I wish I had gotten a petite! )

Pants- J.Crew
Cardi- J.Crew
Bracelet - Lia Sophia
Watch - Fossil
Cami - Victoria's Secret
Here they are with an older floral cardigan from J.Crew - I love how the orange in the pants pulls the color from the cardigan!  I wore this to our preschool teacher conference.

Sometimes it's hard for me to decide what to keep when a new roll-out is amazing and I want too much!  However, with these it was a no-brainer!  I've already worn them twice!

Bottom Line: If for nothing else, buy them for the color!  These pretty much only work with heels or flats (ie: can't tuck into boots!) so rock these during the fall as much as possible!  If anything, these run a bit large because I was able to stick with my regular size in the petite instead of sizing up!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Target... Plus a Soma maxi

As many of you may know already, I'm a big fan of the Target/Designer collaborations. So in case you didn't know, the Calypso stuff will be in stores on Sunday, May 1st!  Go check it out at  I can't wait!

On a similar topic, I have been noticing a TON of look-alike clothing at Target in the last few months - like more than usual.  Which is great! 

Do you like CAbi?  This is just like the green tissue tee they are selling right now!  I don't know what it is about this tee, but I freakin' love it!  Size Small here.  Around $10.

Faded red sweatshirt with J.Crew's Haya-like softness.  FABULOUS!  Wish is came in a nice blue, too ... but I'll take it!  Size XS here.  About $16.

Love me a plaid shirt - especially with pinks.  Size XS. About $20 I think.

A short-sleeved, striped, open knit cardigan?  Yes please!  Love this - and it sold out quickly in the stores.  Came in some other colored stripes, as well!  Size Small.  About $24.

Hot pink, faux-leather belt. About $10.  Size S/M.

Knotted silver multi-strand necklace. About $16.

Mixed metal (silver and gold) feather necklace.  This is awesome!  My sister is so jealous I scored this! :) About $16.

This is from SOMA.  I didn't give the brand much thought until recently, but they have very comfy bras and some comfy and unique clothing and sleepwear that goes on sale often!  This is a maxi my mom got me for my birthday!  I love that the neckline isn't too plunging an I don't need to have it hemmed.  And the quality is such that it isn't see-thru! 

And a loser in the maxi-dress arena...

J.Crew's Siren Dress - I really wanted to love this, but I just really don't get it.. BAD fit!

I did, however, love the Amie maxi dress and will post pics soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recent J.Crew purchases...

Ahhh- I've been so far behind! I'm just gonna post what I have from the last month!

Sailor Stripe Sweater - XS
Matchstick Ankle White Denim - 27

Madras Popover - XS
Matchstick Denim - 26S (runs big)

Swiss Dot Dress - XS (runs big, especially in bust)
Pink Merona Belt - Target

Desert Fine Cotton Shirt - 2

Vintage V-neck tee - XS
3" Chino Short - Size 2

Shown with shrug sweater from Forever 21 - lovey!

Some great Target finds coming next...

Thanks for stopping by - even through my slow patch!  :)