Monday, May 31, 2010

LOFT: 40% Finds *Last Day*

Ann Taylor LOFT continues their "40% off all orders" offer through today online and in stores.  Use code SAVE40 online. Free shipping over $150!

Printed Canvas Tote - I don't see these online ... maybe they are sold out or were in-store only.  There are other cute patterns and styles, including a natural color with gold accents and a zebra print.  The handles are probably not real leather, but they're super soft.  The bottom is also 'leather'.

V-Neck Cardigan - I initially bought this cardigan in the color shown above... which is like a "coastal gray" or something like that.  LOVE the color, but as you can see from the second picture, I actually have a very similar cardigan from J.Crew last season.  I really liked the LOFT one better, but it went back and I exchanged it for the white instead.  I'm wearing a Small here.  The cardigan feels 'linen' like and it great for the warmer 3 seasons.  Buttons aren't great, but good enough to not bring down the cardigan's cuteness. (sometimes a problem at LOFT)

Boyfriend Jacket - Only available in Petite online right now.  I'm wearing a size 2 here.  What sold me on this?  Back vent, cute striped lining, long length, and MACHINE washable!  Woot!

Here shown with new crystal bow necklace from JC.  LOVE the brown with the white!

Roll Tab Sleeve Slip Neck Pullover - OK, so I probably don't need this at all, but it fits me right now if I need it and I think I'm just addicted to white right now.  This is a size Small.  Sleeves roll down for more coverage on the arms.  Slub enough to be summery, but thick enough that you wouldn't HAVE to wear a cami.  Also comes in a pretty coral color.   Roll Hem Terry Shorts - This is the mulch brown color in a size small. They fit now and will be a bit big later, but I love sleep shorts!  These are short, so definitely for the pool or home!  Four cute colors to choose from!

I have a few more items to review ... more to come this afternoon .... it's pool time now!  Check back!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

J.Crew Crystal Cobblestone Bracelet: Don't Miss This! *Updated with IRL Pics 6/24/10*

Comes in black, brown, citrus and maybe some in-store only colors

Quick post today.... and no IRL pic because my wrist always looks boney and weird! 

Anyway, I was at JC last night and picked this bracelet up in the brown color.  Don't miss this piece!!  You know I hardly ever pay FP for anything, but this I had to have right away!!  Why?

One, this color will go with everything!  I can use it to go with gold jewelry, as a brown, or just a neutral.  Also, stretch bracelets are the bomb ... easy to put on and take off without assistance! (because, honestly, no matter how advanced he is, a 2-year-old is no help with a jewelry clasp!)  Plus, the bracelet fits relatively snug on my tiny wrist, which is hard to find!

Bottom Line:  Great for all year ... and super easy to throw on!  Pick this up ASAP... maybe in two colors?!?  Love it! 

Thanks for stopping by!

IRL Pics per reader request...

See how it barely hangs off?  Great for little wrists!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

J.Crew Torque Moto Cardigan Review

Torque Moto Cardigan - $118.00  Item# 27520

Comes in Pearl and Dark Indigo and XS - XL

This was going to be my big new-arrival, full-price splurge using my rewards card.  I really loved the similar style JC offered over the winter, but the sale price never got low enough for me to bite.  So this, I had to try.

This is a size Small in the Pearl color.  Yes, it still zips (although a bit weird looking) without stretching much at all, meaning I would want an XS.  I also think it's a bit short for my long torso (again, I know, the tummy is making it hard to tell) but not so short that it would prevent me from wearing it.

Here's the problem with these type sweaters .... what the heck do I do with it if I DON'T want it zipped? It's a hot mess. So I guess with these sorts of sweaters, you only wear them zipped, without the option of wearing open like you would a cardigan.

Bottom Line: Runs TTS to a little big.  I'm sending this back for now for a couple of reasons: 1.) although this is a cotton sweater, this is so not a Spring/Summer sweater... I can wait until fall for this, 2.) I don't fit into it right now, and 3.) this should go on sale at some point.  Love the Pearl color... haven't seen the navy IRL.  I really want SOMETHING with the 'moto' diagonal zip look... whether it be this or something else down the line!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hello Closet, Meet Kate ... Kate, Meet Closet...

**UPDATE: is having an extra 25% of sale right now for the next week!!  No code needed and Free Shipping, too!  Happy Shopping!**

A few weeks ago during Kate Spade's Friends and Family event, even though I said I wasn't going to (HA!) I ordered a few bags that were already on sale, plus got the extra 30% off, to try out.  I ended up keeping all but one (DOH!) and these are the ones I kept...

Yardley Brenda - $149

I got this one in gold leather and it also comes in black.  I like the size of this bag for when I don't have a toddler in tow.  The shoulder strap is just long enough to make it easy to carry.  LOVE this bag and get tons of compliments!  The gold isn't too glitzy or shiny for daytime use.

I really wanted a pink bag, and fabric and style seemed a little nicer and special than just the regular smooth nylon bags.  The magenta color is good for all year around and because this only has limited leather accents, it's lighter weight than most of my Michael Kors bags of the same size.

Hanover Nylon Karolina - $161 (similar here)

When I saw this color online, I wasn't so sure.  but in person, it's an amazing orange that will take me from Spring through Fall!  This has been so useful already.  I carried this for the KY Derby, plus I use it all the time when I need to transport my laptop + other stuff, and when I'm heading to room-mom meetings for my son's school which involve me bringing a binder along with a bunch of other things with me!  The pink printed lining is a really great, fun touch!  This is the best deal I got by far, as the original price was over $300 on this and I got it for $121!

So I am now obsessed with looking at the sale section as the prices are WAY better than the sales you find in department stores (at least what I've seen) and there are plenty of cute styles to choose from!  Like I needed another store to get me in shopping trouble!

That's it for now!  Coming soon, a little-less-exciting Vera Bradley diaper bag review!

Monday, May 17, 2010

J.Crew: Beach chambray front-tie tunic

Beach Chambray Front-Tie Tunic - select colors $19.99
An easy, breezy cotton tunic, perfect thrown on over a swimsuit or belted over leggings—the perfect two-in-one piece for the light packer. Blouson silhouette with deep V-neck and tie closure at chest. Long sleeves. Import. Machine wash.  item 24306

This is a size XS in pearl.  Fits good at 7 months prego, which means it runs large. 
I love that it has pockets!!

Long enough to cover the booty!

This is the small.  I like the color better than the pearl, but this is way too big. 
Ok, so I'm being a little dramatic here... but the arms are huge!

The pearl in XS is definitely a keeper, especially for the price plus 20% off.  I really like the sepia color, but the small is HUGE and they are now sold out online in this color.  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings, Whatever!

So, as much as I have (had and will) raved about my fave maternity denim picks: Paige Premium, Chip and Pepper, True Religion, and most recently my Momzee skinnies... I'll let you in on a little secret:

I don't care how much you are willing to spend on cute maternity denim, or how much you loved it the first 7 months of being pregnant, EVERYTHING CHANGES in your third trimester.  Suddenly, pants that worked before, cause un-due pain and discomfort.... no thanks!  Even going up a size doesn't work because jeans still tend to pinch right where the actual denim meets the comfy elastic waistline... plus your pants will fall down.

(I kind of forgot about this fun little pregnancy fact from my first time around the block, but in the last few weeks, my 'favorite' jeans and pants have been reminding me.  Errr....)

So, I went on a mission to find some comfy and stylish third-trimester jeans, denim leggings, jeggings... whatever you want to call it.... that were stretchy enough to be comfortable, but substantial and concealing enough that I don't have to wear a tunic or long top (like with tights or leggings.... I have TONS of those).  Since 'jeggings' are so popular right now in just about every age group and price spectrum in the fashion world, I was hopeful.

After some major online shopping, I found two pair I thought might work and ordered right away.  One pair from Zappos, one from LOFT.
(FYI - if you've never ordered from Zappos, that company has INCREDIBLY fast shipping ... FREE overnight shipping and the UPS guy came at like 9am to deliver when he normally comes at 5pm ... weird.... anyway....)

While these were cute and comfy, there are no pockets which I especially wanted in the back. The shirring at the ankle is cute. The waistband was just a regular cotton legging type band, just bigger to make it for maternity. For the price, MEH.

Ordered from Ann Taylor LOFT

Funny thing about these, I actually ordered them before (in an XS) and opted to keep the Momzee jeans instead because I liked the style more. These were definitely more comfortable, though.  Even 2 months ago.

Here they are in a size Small.... I probably could still squeeze into an XS, but that would defeat the 'comfort' purpose of buying the jeans in my 28th week!  Plus {sigh} I know I will continue to fill these out more and more over the next 2-3 months.  The length is good and can be cuffed easily, so I'm not going to hem.

With shoes .... because I'm not ALWAYS barefoot and pregnant :)

The back has pockets, which makes them more flattering and wearable than the first pair by M.A.

Honestly, if I were going to name these, I would call them "denim leggings" not jeans.  The denim and the waistband part are all the same soft and stretchy material and is MUCH more comfy than regular jeans.  I like the style of my other jeans better, but those just are not going to work for the third trimester (but will still be great for post-baby for a few months!)  and I think these look pretty darn good considering how much more comfortable they are!

I'm very happy with these!  If you are in the market for some maternity denim, you might just want to skip right to these, even if you aren't very far along.  In the end (or at least about 2/3 of the way to the end), you'll be happy you did! 

PS: There is pretty much always a coupon you can use on, so you won't have to pay full price!! 

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Outfit of the Day: Outlet J.Crew Sweatshirt

I rarely get to visit a J. Crew outlet, but back in January, I was able to find one while we were visiting family in NewYork.  I did a post on these finds back in January, but then sort-of forgot about my purchases (something that happens WAYYYY too often!)  So I pulled this open-neck heather gray thin sweatshirt (that's what I'm calling it .... it looks similar to a popular top in the regular JC stores, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was called .... any help?!)  and it still fit pretty nicely... and is super comfy!

Top: J.Crew Outlet
Jeans: Momzee Maternity Ankle Toothpick
Tank (underneath): A Pea in the Pod
Necklace: Angl Boutique in Huntington Beach Cali

Pretty much think I might live in this top come fall .... just love it!

Happy Mother's Day .... thanks for stopping by!

PS:  I'm officially 28 weeks and into my 7th month and 3rd Trimester now!  Yay!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zac Posen Tank: IRL Outfit of the Day

Let's face it, most of the Zac Posen for Target collection is geared at the high-school and college scene, but I really wanted to make a couple of the pieces work for everyday life.  Here is an outfit from going out to dinner with the girls last week:

Tank: Zac Posen for Target Tiger Print Tank
Cardigan: Talbots
Bag: J.Crew
Necklace: The Limited

There are so many cool colors in the top, it's easy to find a cardigan in a solid color to 'tame' it a bit.  I really like this tank with black leggings or 'jeggings' as we are apparently calling them now.  I ended up being able to find the tank in a small, which fits better in the arm hole area than the medium. 

Happy Saturday!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tory Burch Flats: Final Post and Keepers

This is my final "Reva" post with a ton of pics of the other colors I ordered.  If you look back at previous posts, you'll see wear I also reviewed the Rose Gold Mirror Metallic Revas and the Distressed Python Revas.  I went into this 'picking' process wanting the gold on gold Reva, but see below:

Bronze w/ Bronze Leather Medallion

Bronze w/ Bronze Leather Medallion - Love the color of these ... a nice alternative to the super yellow metallic gold.

Bronze w/ Bronze Leather Medallion - The leather of these actually seems more comfortable than other Reva's ... bonus!  These I am keeping!

Gold w/ Gold

Gold w/ Gold - I don't always love the color, but I keep looking at the pics of these and loving them.  I returned these, but will probably get them again in the fall to keep.

Gold w/ Gold  &  Bronze w/ Leather Medallion color comparison

Gold w/ Gold & Distressed Python w/ Gold color comparison

Gold w/ Gold & Gold w/ Resin Medallion color comparison - I actually preferred the color of the gold leather on the resin version, but I didn't really like the resin medallion as I just kept getting the " I have something on the top of my foot" feeling, which was annoying.

Bottom Line:  I ended up keeping the bronze color and the distressed python in a size 7.5.  I seem to kind of be between sizes in the gold on gold color (between 7.5 and 8), but in the other Reva's, a 7.5 is definitely the right size.  I supposed you could say that's TTS to a little small, but it's hard to say since I wear anything from a 6.5 to an 8 depending on the brand.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Closet-Clean-Out Clothes Sale!! Updated With More and Lower Prices!

Alright guys, I'm sending this all to Goodwill in a week.... make an offer on lots of stuff, we'll make a deal!  Descriptions are below all the pics... scroll down!  Thanks!

$2 Items





$3 Items






$5 Items














a. Red Bead Necklace (EUC)
1. Mossimo Wedge Flip Flop, black, 7
2. Mossimo Wedge Flip Flop, navy, 7
3. Mossimo Sleeveless Shell in tan, S GUC

b. Gap brown cotton 3-tier tank top, Small, can be worn strapless (GUC)
c. Isaac Mizrahi for Target Shoes w/ green bow, 8, a little dirty but cute (UC)
4. Old Navy Cotton Tank, S, EUC
5. Gap Outlet Stretchy Ivory Sweater, S, NWOT
6. Pink Strapless Top with tie back, S, EUC

d. Mossimo white sandals, 7.5 (GUC)
e. Abercrombie pleated denim mini skirt, 6 (EUC)
f. BCBG Maxazria cardigan in lavendar, shows some wear on front, S (UC)
g. Express silk ivory halter, S (EUC)
h. Abercrombie track jacket, Medium - runs small (UC)
i. Chinese Laundry bronze pumps, 7M (GUC)
j.  Abercrombie canvas kelly green mini, 4 (EUC)
k. Abercrombie wool mini, S (EUC)
l. Mossimo black flower sandals, 7.5M (EUC)
m. Abercrombie nylon white beach shorts, S (EUC)
n. Old Navy white cable knit sweater cardigan, XS (NWT)
o. Guess Jeans hot pink tube top, M/L (EUC)
7. Mossimo Black Turtleneck Sweater, XS EUC
8. Merona Cotton Sweater, XS NWOT

Parenthesis following the item is the condition: NWT=New With Tags, EUC= Excellent Used Condition, GUC= Good Used Condition (shows a little wear - not noticed while wearing), UC= Used Condition (shows some wear, but still very wearable)

Ask me for more details or info on items size, condition, etc... if needed!

Here's The Deal:

~I only take PayPal.
~I'll ship USPS Priority Mail only within the lower 48.
~Shipping is $5 (for lower 48 - ask for elsewhere) and I'll combine/discount for multiple items.
~Sales are final.
~~If you are interested in purchasing, or want more info, email me at lindseybs(at)live(dot)com and I'll send you an invoice through PayPal ASAP! You'll generally receive them in 3 days!~~

Thanks for looking!