Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Merona Skirt: J.Crew Deco Shirred Skirt Alternative

Once again, I stumbled across a great little deal at Target. I found a really comfy and flattering skirt in a cute print! I'm going to use it as my way to justify NOT buying the JC Deco Shirred Silk/ Wool skirt!

J. Crew Deco Shirred Skirt $98.00

I really wanted to buy this skirt when it first came out. An associate in JC had it on while I was shopping and it looked so cute! But, I just found it too pricey and short in length for the fall and winter, so I had to pass on it and bought the Perfect Pencil Skirt instead.

Target Skirt: Merona Brand Color: Birds Nest Ebony $16.99

Of course there are major differences here. Obviously, the JC pattern is cooler, that goes without saying. However, this Target version is much more casual in cotton ... which means washable and more appropriate for non-office attire. The length is longer and the fabric is very stretchy, making this a more comfortable and warmer alternative.
At 17 bucks, you can't really beat it! The skirt also comes in solid colors and is sold online and in stores! All of my local Targets were sold out of this print, so I had to order it online in my size!

Had to share! Enjoy!
PS: To find this skirt online, search "B00281BDYG" on the Target site!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ralph Lauren Sale Starts Tomorrow!!!

I received a post card in the mail from Ralph Lauren recently for a wonderful promotion they are offering starting September 29th through October 12th! It is seriously a really great deal!!!

25% off your entire purchase at Ralph Lauren stores and at

{plus, 10% of your purchase goes to one of two participating charities supporting cancer research, prevention, and more!! }

Use the code: PINK at checkout to benefit The Pink Pony Fund of the Polo Ralph Lauren Foundation


Use the code: PLCCP at checkout to benefit The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention

You guys know I'll be taking advantage of this to stock up on Connor's clothing for the next year! {I've blogged several times about the great quality and amazing deals you can find, especially for kiddos, at} I've already got my cart filled and ready!

Happy Shopping... and Cancer Fighting!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ribbon-Front Bow Top - J. Crew {What a Deal!}

While perusing through my local B&M recently, I happened across this top. I really liked it when it first came out, but not enough to pull the trigger ... especially after reading some less-than-fabulous blog reviews about the fit.
However, when I ran across it at $19.99, I felt like it was a "Hell yeah!" no-brainer! I've already worn it twice. I could definitely see how someone who is ample in the "ladies" department would have to size-up in this top, or find it to be a hard fit in general, but for me it works! I LOVE the cotton/ silk blend and the nice sheen!

For 20 bucks, you better head to your local store now and see if you can pick one up!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Donegal Pocket V-Neck Sweater and Ruffle Front Tank: J. Crew

Inspired by the salt-and-pepper flecks of the centuries-old traditional Irish tweed, our designers were delighted when they found a beautiful heathered yarn to recreate this classic piece. We made it modern with a slightly slouchy, longer silhouette and a deep V, then added special details like a pouch pocket. Wool/mohair/angora in a 5-gauge knit. V-neck. Long sleeves. Pouch pocket. Hits at low hip. Import. Dry clean.

Item # 18999 $88.00

I fell in love with the silhouette of this sweater when I first saw it! You can make it sexier by not layering it over a cami or tee, or wear it as the JC model above is, giving it a more sophisticated appearance. Full length sleeves and the kangaroo pockets in the front make it wonderful for winter ... plus it's not too thick to still wear under a coat when it's really cold out!

This sweater fits TTS for most clothing companies, but maybe a little on the smaller size for JC. The cut is supposed to be a little loose, and in order to get that look, I had to get a size small. For a more fitted look, you could definitely go with your regular size.

Something entirely unexpected that I picked up was the Chiffon Ruffle Front Perfect Tank in Ivory. I only took it into the fitting room so I could put outfits together, but I loved it with everything I put it with... so I got it! Just so happens, there are similar tanks in other colors in the Final Sale section online here (falling ruffles tank), so I ordered a couple of the colors, as well!

I purchased a medium in this because I really hate tight and clingy tops, especially in a light color. Otherwise, this tank runs TTS. I don't see this online yet.... but I only did a quick search.

More to come!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

*First Fall Review* Perfect Pencil Skirt and Kelsey Ruffle Top: J. Crew

An utterly fabulous top —we want one in every color. Luxe silk habotai with a bloom of cascading ruffles around the neckline. Perfect alone or underneath a sweater. Button front. Import. Dry clean.

Item# 19064 $88

Our leg-lengthening pencil skirt, now with long darts at the front and back waistband for an even more flattering fit. The lustrous wool—a distinctive twilled weave with a very refined finish—is from a century-old Japanese weaving mill. Sits at waist. Side zip. Back vent. Fully lined. 24" long. Import. Dry clean.
Item# 17444 $118
When I got home from J. Crew a few days ago, this is what my bed looked like. Funny, I didn't really go with a lot of color variation, but I'm really loving the golds and oranges this fall. Moving on...
Today I'm reviewing the Kelsey Top and Perfect Pencil Skirt. I've shown them put together with outfits because I'm planning on wearing the skirt and top to the Parent's Night at Connor's school tonight. For that reason, please chime in on which you like best - or a different combo you'd like to see! Or, are these colors just too "fall" for right now? I never would have put these colors together, but my PS suggested it, and I'm acutally kind of digging it! Anway...
I ended up purchasing the Kelsey top in an in-store only color apparently, as I haven't seen it online yet. The tag says CSP for the color (sleuth JCA's - what do you think that color is?) but to me it looks like an orangey/ mustardy color.
I'm loving that this top is a button front - it's just different from the zippers we usually see from JC. Also, it's not HUGE throughout the body (IMO) so I went ahead and got a 2 not a zero like I would have in last year's styles! Oddly, my tag says to hand wash and hang dry (which is why I purchased it over all the other silk tops) but the online description says dry clean. Go figure.
Pictured with Perfect Skirt and M+O Skinny Leather Belt
JC Perfect Skirt and JC Metallic Gold Belt
I will just go ahead and say it. I DO NOT need this perfect pencil skirt. I do not. BUT, I really fell in love with the cinnamon stick color and just completely lost all self control. Typical. The length of this skirt (in the regular, not petite) is very nice on me for the fall. Not too "Amish" long, but long enough to block cold fall wind. (since you can't see in the pics, it hits right below the knee cap on me) The new darts they added this season are fantastic.
I bought my normal size 2 in the skirt, although the PS wanted me to try the zero. Naaa.... need some room to grow for the fall and winter! (it's not swim season anymore! ha!) This skirt fits me WAY better than the Spring/Summer cotton version AND the watercolor floral skirt (although I still have and love that skirt, as well) I can't wait to pair this with thick brown tights and booties or boots for the winter!
Shown w/ Kelsey and cream Jackie

With chocolate Jackie - even though it looks black!
**Bottom Line: Both seem to run TTS - especially the top which is not as baggy as previous tops. I purchased both of these at FP based solely on the colors - I have a feeling they will go pretty fast (at least, I love them that much!)
What do you think about the outfits? Have better ideas for tonight? TIA for any comments to help!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Obession: Ruffle Front Coat in Camel - J. Crew

Ruffle-Front Coat - J. Crew ($268)

First, I should preface this post with a little warning: I hate a coat/ jacket obsession. And not just little blazers and cute jackets, I mean real, full-on winter coats!! For some ladies it's purses and shoes, for me it's coats and swim suits (weird combo, right!?) although I've noticed myself becoming more obsessed over J. Crew (and other's) handbags, jewelry, and shoes lately (I think I've got to give a little credit to Alexis and her amazing J. Crew blog and all the JCA's over at for that!! ;)

I tried this beauty on in my B&M yesterday in black (they did not have it in the camel, so anyone who has actually seen the camel, please do share!!) and I sat in the dressing room for like ten minutes debating on whether or not to order it on the red phone. Grr! I hate choices! I already had a big pile of pieces I wanted to buy sitting in front of me .... so it was them, or the coat.

Lovey lovey lovey this coat!!

Ultimately, I had to go ahead and buy the other pieces and leave without ordering the coat. I KNOW deep down there will eventually be a 20% private sale or coat promo... but I really wanted the coat NOW! I'm not sure why since it's still in the 80's here, but still.

Initially I was debating on which coat I liked best between the Ruffle Front and the Wool Ribbon Script Coat, but ended up noticing the detail at the back waist on the ruffle front, which I think is so much flattering than nothing at all on the back!

Wool Ribbon Script coat

Back of Script Coat - plain

Back of the Ruffle Front coat w/ cute waist detail

I think both coats are about the same length - which is an ultra-flattering, ultra-useful mid-thigh length. I can see just throwing this coat on as an everyday item. I'm not sure how crazy-warm and toasty it will be in the coldest of winters, though. I don't own any coats in this fabric yet, so I'd love to hear more about the warmth of it!

**Bottom Line: So, I've added it as number 1 on my lust list! LOVE IT!! MUST HAVE IT!! Let's see how long I can hold out! At this point, it's wait listed in size 2 until November (which makes me want to order it now .... kind of like layaway until it ships, right!? ;) The fit is TTS as far as J. Crew coats go. I got a 2 in all my coats last year (Felicia, Madeline, and Tulip) and that is what I'll be ordering in this one!!

What coat are you lusting over? Have you tried anything on that's awesome or just OK? When are we thinking there might be a private sale or promos on fall stuff? I'd love to hear!!

** On a side note, my PS yesterday said the next roll out will be the Christmas roll out! Yea!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How Did I Get on *THIS* List?

As most people know, Tuesday is junk mail day (unless you are expecting a delivery from your UPS or FedEx boyfriend, in which case, it's anything but junk, but anyway...) so when I went to the mailbox today I was expecting just the mundane fliers from landscapers and cereal coupons. To my delight, there was a mysterious and thick white envelope and, alas, it was addressed to me. (In all honestly, had it been addressed to my DH, I would have opened it anyway, so it really didn't matter)

I instantly began hoping it was a fall look-book from JC for being a cardholder, but good thing I wasn't holding my breath because it was no such thing. I was shocked to see that it was from Ralph Lauren... but then I remembered I buy nearly ALL my son's clothing from, so it kind of made sense.

Until I opened it.

This is - by far - the nicest and most impressive mailer I've ever received from a store (I don't shop a lot of upscale stores, though, so what do I know?) I even had to take pictures it was so nice! They are promoting their 2009 Fall Collection Accessories line. Within a fabulous cardboard alligator-skin-looking briefcase thingy, there are about 30 glossy color picture cards featuring accessories, and on the back is a name, description, and price.

Ahh yes, the price. This is why I SERIOUSLY do not understand why I received this bit of loveliness in my mailbox... the first card features a handbag of some sort and the price is $16,000 + (no, I didn't add too many zeros - sixteen thousand dollars!!) ... so I proceeded to put the cards back in the fantastic case they came in and sat it aside! Gosh, I wonder if you get free shipping on that.... well, anyway...

HA! How did I get my name on this list? LOL! But really, way to go Ralph Lauren.... this was a very impressive marketing investment!!!

PS - If anyone would like this, I'll mail it to the first person who responds in the comment section. Leave me your email so I can get your address.

Coming up... I went a little crazy a JC today with the fall stuff, I'm adding a new coat to my must-have wish list, and I got a fabulous North Face rain parka that you should seriously check out (especially if you live on the east coast!) So check back later this week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yummy Target Finds (and one go-back JC cardi)

Sorry I was MIA last week. We went to Ft. Myers and I didn't bring my computer! It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to do any blogging from the beach because I didn't have any of my pictures! Oh well! No more vacations for a while!

Anyway, there are a couple of tops and a dress I found at Target recently that I think are so cute! All are cute enough to be look-alikes for several other designers/ stores I'm sure .... but for now I'm just going to show you the pics because I'm soooooo overwhelmed with trying to clean up from our vacation and need to get off of here!

What a wonderful 3-season cotton dress. The material doesn't have the same nice hand-feel that the JC ones have, but this was about 20 bucks and it's not clingy {Bonus!} and the fabric isn't see-through like a lot of cheap-o versions of these dresses! Love this! It came in other great colors, too!
I thought the contrast piping on this top, combined with the flutter sleeves was too cute to pass up!
I really love this tank. It's 100% cotton. It will go great under solid colored cardis this fall! I'm pretty sure JC had a tank that looked like this recently. I'm really loving this color for fall!

The last I checked, all of these items were available online ... but that was over a week ago! I purchased them all in-store, so I know you can get them there!
Finally, a big letdown. This is the Cashmere Croquet Cardigan from J. Crew I was stalking on JC's website for a long time .... so I finally pulled the trigger and ordered it with my few fall pieces a couple weeks ago. OMG! Every time I see a picture of this IRL, it looks WAY different than online (and what I had in my mind!). In person, the bright pink is even brighter and more silly looking (IMO). This was a definite return, even at around $69.00.

I'm a BIG pink person, but even I couldn't make this work on me! The trim kind-of glows!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Minnie Pants: J. Crew

If you buy one pant this season, make it Minnie. She's chic and slim-fitting (thanks to a flattering two-way stretch fabric) with a vintage-inspired cropped leg that we love. Cotton/elasthane. Side zip. Back welt pockets. Import. Dry clean. $79.50 item 18850

One more of the "must have" items for fall, for me anyway, was the stretch twill Minnie Pant. I couldn't decide which color to get from the three standard colors offered (black, charcoal, khaki) so I went with the charcoal. I think I will be buying these in the khaki color as well - once they go on sale or promotional price, that is! No more full price stuff for me for a while!!

I had an instant love affair with these pants as soon as I saw and felt the rich, thick fabric. My love for these suckers only grew deeper once I put them on! In fact, I wore them around the house for the rest of the night after trying them on! LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

I've already worn them out a couple times (we've had a little cold snap recently) with strappy sandals and flats and they held up to my high expectations! I seriously cannot wait to wear these tucked into boots this fall and winter! So cute (and comfy!!) The only downside I can find is that they are dry clean only. With the darker color, I'm hoping to get away with at least 2 or 3 wears between dry cleaning services!

In contrast with the Pixie pant in the previous roll out, these pants are right on the money. The Pixie pant ran very snug (in my opinion) and the fabric was not nearly as nice. The Minnie doesn't have the exposed zipper (which I'm loving right now) but they fit like a glove.

Bottom Line: I am SO glad I purchased these, even at full price. I will be buying them in at least one additional color. Runs TTS (possibly a tiny bit on the roomier side) for J.Crew - I got my normal size 2 and they fit perfect, certainly not snug at all.