Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New J.Crew Cardi - Stained Glass

I still had a few things to return to the store yesterday, so I stopped in to check out some of the new items that arrived, as well.   Part of me was relieved (the I've-put-way-too-much-on-my-credit-card-this-season part of me) to see that there wasn't anything super spectacular on the floor.  (Certainly some good deals on cords for $29 + 20% off if you need them, but I'm set on cords)

As far as the new stuff I actually remember seeing and noticing....

Dotty Short - $58
Love these, but don't really need them.  Plus, thinking about putting on shorts right now makes me want to puke.

Chambray Popover - $78
These didn't look cute hanging in the store .... I didn't even look at them. However, I might have looked closer had I seen this one in the store:

Love this "Vintage Latticework" pattern, at least online!

Skirt - $39 (NOT the one pictured here, but close)
I don't see it online, but there was a denim-looking very thin skirt in this shape with an elastic waistband hanging in the front of the store.  Didn't try it on, but might have been worth it for the price.  Anyone else know what I'm talking about here?

Skimmer Pant - $69.50
Basically the new Cafe Capri, I guess?  I really liked these... even in this slate color.  Plus, aren't the cafe's usually $79?  These will probably eventually be on promo for $49 and I'll try them on!  Still wish the inseam was more "cropped" on me.... 26" doesn't cut it when my full-length jeans are 29"!!  Maybe I'll try to petite?!

OK, and finally for something I actually purchased...

Stained Glass Cardigan - $88
Really like the colors in this, esp the light pink and gray, and it will look great with my other fave color.... navy!

Excuse the ugly nude-colored cami underneath!  I do think I'll wear them with the navy cafe capris, though!  Loving navy right now!

 And, while we're on the topic of this pattern, me lovey this too...

Buttoned up - which I never do .... plus this is an XS and I think a Small would be better for full-frontal-closure!

The back.  It says this has bracelet sleeves, but they were bascially long-sleeves on me and I have long arms!  FYI.

Something about this pattern in the swimwear looks amazing to me .... too bad I'm long-waisted, this would never work on me!

That's it for me for now .... but I do have a post coming up about 3 pairs of boots I just snagged in a shoe clearance room at Von Maur.... I'm so excited!  Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

J.Crew Sale Stuff

I totally bit when the sale items were an extra 25% (I think) off and they were offering free shipping over $150 a little over a week ago.  There were some items I had been waiting for... Frances cami and Luxe tux tissue tee... and others that were a nice find ... Sherpa puffer coat and the Ultra-knit weekend pant.

I already knew I loved this top, and I really wanted a cami in the Cinnamon Spice color (I tried this color in the Kelsey shown below, but felt too much like a lion  and didn't like the front buttons), so this was a no-brainer.  I paid full-price for the dark rose colored one I already have and felt it was well worth it, so I was super pumped to get this puppy for $69 + 25% off.   I suggest your regular shirt size ... I got a 2... the 0 MIGHT have fit, but there was no need as this shirt isn't tent-like as so many recent camis have been!

Obviously I didn't steam this bad boy - sorry!  Anyway, can't wait to pair this with my Perfect pencil skirt in Cinnamon Stick - a surprising and delightful color combo. 

Frances in the Autumn Sun color - didn't do anything for me and almost see-though .... this went back

Cinnamon Spice color in the Kelsey cami.... I felt like a lion with all the ruffles around my neck... this went back as well.  However, love this color combo!

I became a little obsessed with this top online and couldn't wait to try it.  I love shirts with the ruffles in front because they look so great with cardigans!

Shown with off-white cardi from last year which, as with all my other JC cardis, has like 5 little holes in it.... making a "great deal" not so great when you have to constantly have it mended. Annoying.

For $24 + 25% off, I think this tee is a great deal and I love it!  I got a size Small, could have done a XS, but why?  FYI, I always but my tees a size larger than most people so as to avoid the dreaded muffin tops (as much as possible!)

My other super-amazing and exciting finds I didn't take photos in.... but they're awesome just the same!

First, how can you go wrong with a Sherpa puffer coat for $75?  I'm kind of a coat snob and this one passes the test.  Real down - check.  Hood - check.  Warm lining - check.  Long enough to keep you warm - check.  I have a long Michael Kors down puffer from last year, but this coat might be used more just for the simple fact that it's easier to move around in and less constrictive.  This little jewel will definitely be making the annual trip to New York with us this year!  I ended up getting a Small (kind-of a size-up I guess) and I can't imagine an XS would fit very well over anything other than a tee shirt, so I am happy with the size.  I love love love this cobalt color so several reasons: won't show dirt easily, stands out and isn't boring, and it's the school color of where I went to school (U. of Kentucky)... so I'm very happy with it!

Last but not least, I ordered the Ultra-knit weekend pant.... and as I sit in them now, I can tell you they were a great purchase.  I love that the elastic on the bottom lets me tuck them easily into boots.  I got a size small because they weren't on backorder like the XS.  The Small is fine, but the XS probably would have been better.  However, once washed and dried, I think they'll be great!  Love these too!

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  I got a LOFT and J.Crew gift card from the hubby, so I can't wait to make more fun purchases here soon!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Special Gift From *J.Crew* - Merry Christmas!

I contemplated not getting the mail today due to the 36 degrees and rain (awesome winter weather mix), though it was definitely worth the venture down the driveway to the mailbox this afternoon.

There was a box!  Yea!  A present!  I hadn't ordered anything recently, so I knew it just had to be a present! (OK - that's sort of a lie .... I have ordered A LOT of things recently, but all were being shipped UPS, so I knew that they wouldn't be in the mailbox!  Anyway...)

The return address was J.Crew!  Woo Hoo!

I figured from the size of the box it would probably be stationary, since I know some cardholders received that last year.  However, the gift turned out to be much nicer and more useful!  And, as a bonus, PINK!

Turns out, inside the box was a nicely presented calendar/ planner for 2010.  Not only does it have monthly and weekly calendars, but also a ton of other useful info.... including spaces for addresses, conversion charts, holidays, maps, etc... 

Displayed in the mailing box with a note from Mickey

Pretty inside front and back cover paper

I looked for this puppy online, but the closest thing I could find was the Personal Pocket Calendar (shown here), which appears to be smaller, but just as cute.

What a super exciting surprise before Christmas!  And this is the second one this year... a few months ago I received a pair of gorgeous earrings! 

I must be spending more money with the company than I thought, but that's not their fault, so "Thank you J. Crew!"  I can't wait to start using my new calendar!

Did anyone else recieve a gift?  Are you a cardholder?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two *Really* Great Online Shopping Sites - Just In Time For Christmas!

I've been a little slow on getting things posted recently ... I can't imagine why... haha - Christmas kicks my butt every year!

Anyway, in all the craziness, I just HAD to mention two of my absolute FAVORITE websites to shop these days.  Of course, J.Crew is right up there (BTW - ordered my fave Frances Cami in Cinnamon Spice this morning on sale for $69 - yummy!) 

but these sites are special for unique reasons.

I discovered this website when I was looking for waxing supplies (I do my own legs - yes it hurts, but totally worth it) and have continued to use it for several years now.  Not only do they offered a lot of salon-supply-type products, but they also have OPI nailpolish and treatments (and other great brands such as Orly, China Glaze, etc...) for about HALF (yeah, I said half) of what you will pay at a department store or salon.  One drawback is that they calculate shipping after packing your order, so they can't tell you exactly what shipping is going to be when you check out, but mine has always been reasonable and about $10 or less.  Speaking of shipping, they use USPS Priority Mail, which is great because it's cheap, fast, and delivers on Saturday!

Oh boy, this is my favorite right now!  Get this people, FREE Shipping and FREE Returns!!  No minimums, codes, or any other blah blah blah.... and 2 Day UPS Shipping!  Just plain ole' awesomeness!!  This site has everything running/ workout related you could want!  Fabulous!  Shoes, pants, tops, jackets, accessories and more!  Most things are discounted very nicely, plus if you are part of a running group/club/team, see if you qualify for a team discount!  I have purchased almost my entire running waredrobe on this site, including  a new pair of Brooks running shoes in a 2A (hard to find!) that were only $60!  And, when I had to return something, there was no problem and I quickly received a refund. Love love love this site!  Even if you aren't a runner .... this site might inspire you to become one!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Chambray Shirts: How are we wearing them?

Reading a recent post on Gigi's blog about the J.Crew Selvege Chambray Shirt reminded me of another shirt that I was SO excited about when I purchased it, but rarely makes it out of my closet.  Why?  Because I can't freakin' figure out how to wear it!  It's the J. Crew Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt (I consider this shirt to be chambray... I think it is ... anyway...)

I loved this shirt in the Summer because I could pair it with white cafe capris, jeans, or shorts ... I think it looks great with white.  However, considering the current season, I'm more into jeans... and I just can't seem to make myself love this shirt with jeans.

So... how are you wearing your Contrast Stitch Perfect Shirt (or other chambray shirt?)  Please share!  I'd really love to get more use our of this bad boy!!  Post your favorite way to wear your chambray in the comments section!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Outfits of the Day - Mostly J. Crew

I need to catch-up on posting, so here are a few quick outfits!

I just love this top.  From the exposed zipper in the back to the patter... love love love.  AND, I figured I would go ahead and wear it in the Fall with jeans because ... well, everything goes with jeans! (right Gigi?! I think you mentioned this in a post a while back!)  I always have to put a fitted cami under this top though, because when I raise my arms or bend over, all is exposed!

Love the Copelle Paisley paired with these Penelope's from a couple years back!  I also tried the rolled jean bottom look for the night with my straight leg Citizens jeans  ... not sure I pulled it off, but whatev...

Go-To Cafe Capris paired with ATL Chiffon Rose Tee and JC Always Cardigan in Black (I love how this cardigan could be a PJ cover-up or you could wear it over a dress... love it!)

I didn't take a picture of this outfit, but I recently wore the Ocelot Cardigan with the Victoria Ruffle Tissue Cami together and it looked FAB!!