Sunday, August 29, 2010

J.Crew Saturday Twist Dress: OOTD

I've been waiting a long time to rock the Saturday dress and I've finally been able to since having DS #2.

I'm wearing an XS in Orchid Shadow (I think that was the color). 
Silver/gray cardigan is from Target, Mossimo Black, Small.

You can see more of the dress here.  I love the drape in the front (hiding baby-pooch) and the v-neck is sexy without requiring a cami beneath.

Just for laughs - I'm trying it here at 9 months preggers - notice how much shorter it is! Ha!

Bottom Line: I love love love this dress!  Runs TTS for J.Crew cotton dresses (aka: a bit on the larger side).  It's great to hide a tummy and it's not see-thru or too clingy!  If you can catch this as a pop-back at - go for it!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moto Sweatshirt Jacket: Madewell vs Gap

I reviewed the Madewell Moto jacket a while ago, but I thought I would re-visit it in order to compare it to the Gap Knit Moto Jacket version (which is 30% off right now with the Gap Give and Get promo through Sunday I think).

The Madewell jacket is on the left and the Gap one is on the right.

Wearing open... the collar on the Gap one is a little bigger.

And zipped up.... see the cute zipper on the sleeve of the Gap one? So cute.... the Madewell one doesn't have it.

And some alternate views (the one on the left is my sister in Madewell)   Madewell added bronze-toned zippers and the Gap ones are silver.  I really like the bronze with the black better.  The Gap one is cumbersome when zipped to the top.

Also, check out the Old Navy version {here} - such cute colors!

You can see my initial review of the Madewell Jacket {here}.  I'm keeping it, after much brooding, and I'm happy I did.

Gap:  You can also check this style out on Gigi {here}.  This is such a cute design, especially compared to a lot of Gap's less-than-exciting offerings, and it also comes in a slate gray color. I personally think this runs a bit on the Small side, especially in the waist area (then again, that could be my baby-pooch talking).  I'm wearing an XS here but it is WAY too small and I would need a Small.  I tried a Small on in the store and that would be the correct size for me. 

The fabric is really thick and stiff compared to the Madewell jacket, making it less of a take-with-me-and-throw-on jacket option.  Because the material is thicker it for some reason looks more casual and is less fitted than the Madewell one, which has more stretch to it.

They are both pretty short, but that's the moto look - which is amplified by the fact that I'm long waisted and wearing long layering shirts in some of the pictures.

Bottom Line:   Go for the Gap one if you haven't nabbed the moto look yet, especially for the price right now.  The Madewell one is sold out from what I can see.  I would size up in the Gap one unless you have a tiny waist or want it very tight - keep in mind it doesn't really stretch, though.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gap: Give and Get 30% Off Event

FYI - Starts today (August 26th)  - **Gap Give and Get**  YAY!!

I got these items last Saturday when Gap had the infamous "40% off your entire purchase promo", but 30% is almost as good!  So check out some of my faves!

Has an exposed zipper at neck in the back. So cute!

This is a very substantial tunic - really more denim than chambray IMO.  I actually don't know the difference... anyway... it's a pretty thick fabric.

Not really long enough to be a dress without leggings, but I just wanted to see what it looked like.  There are a lot of cute details on this top that makes it look a lot more expensive than $59.

Long enough to wear with leggings.  A nice flannel fabric.  Love!

Probably my favorite tank ever!  Just great!  I bought this in the tan color, as well!

Long enough to cover the bum!  Wonderful!  That's hard to find!

I love knit scarfs because they are so soft and great for about three seasons out of the year!

Tomorrow I'll review the Moto jacket from Gap and Madewell. They are very similar and the Gap one is a great find at 30% off!  Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which Crazy A$$ Sweatshirt? J.Crew's Haya Hoodie vs Zip-Side Foil + Striped Scarf

Zip-Side Foil Sweatshirt - XS
This is really different.... at least for me.  I went back and forth regarding the size and ended up getting the XS... but seeing the pics now, all I see is the baby pooch, so I'm thinking of exchanging it for a small... or returning.   I don't see this online yet - maybe in-store only?

With Striped Scarf - which I'm also trying to decide about keeping.  Every time I think," Gee - I shouldn't be spending $40 on a scarf!", I try it back on and I love it.

But I'm not really sure how to wear a scarf necessarily - I need to try this on with some of my winter coats to see if it's an option for the fall through winter as an actual useful item.  The idea of  Spring/Summer scarfs is funny to me.

Cute side-zip... only on the one side.

Haya Striped Hoodie - XS
I've been in love with the look and the amazing feel of this sweatshirt since it came out.  However... do I need a $60 sweatshirt?  I paid FP for this because my B&M was already sold out and they were going fast online.  Now that it's sold out online, I need to decide for sure if I want to keep this or not, because I can't return it and then change my mind!

Do you have either of these crazy-expensive sweatshirts?  Any ideas on how to style?  I can only keep one, so I'm looking for some insight.  Do you think the first sweatshirt is supposed to be slouchy?  If so, I think I'm going to go back tomorrow and exchange for a Small.  Do you have a striped scarf?  How are you wearing it? Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, August 13, 2010

J.Crew: Merino Open Cardigan

Merino Open Cardigan - on sale for $39.99
Great belted or left open, this seasonless sweater is just the thing to throw in your purse for later—it goes with absolutely everything. Merino wool in a 14-gauge knit. V-neck. Three-quarter sleeves. Welt pockets. Hits at hip. Import. Dry clean.

So, somehow I missed this little gem coming out (whenever it did) but I discovered it in the sale section about a week ago.  There are several great colors available still in most sizes!  I went to JC to do a bunch of returns last week with my mom and discovered there are other colors (not on sale - at least in the store) in this cardigan, one of which is a light lavender color that my mom is currently lusting over (not sure of the actual name).  Not sure if it was an in-store only color, or just not online yet.

This is an XS in the Orchid Shadow- one of my favorite colors JC has come out with in recent seasons.

Here I'm wearing the Lagoon Green - this is definitely a color I do not have anything similar to in my closet.  The length is nice and the front drapes well.

To get an idea of the length.

Bottom Line:  I REALLY love this cardigan, and like I said, my mom even loved it, too! Runs TTS, but a bit tight in the arms, which happens to be pretty common with JC sweaters right now.  For instance, I had to size up on the Torque Cardigan and Rimini Cardigan because the arms were so tight!  I have pretty thin arms, too.  For the sale price, jump on it!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ann Taylor: Striped Strapless Dress Review + Open Cardigan

Here I am wearing a Petite Small.  The smaller 'regular' sizes were sold out, so I decided to size-up and try the petite.  Definitely a good move... see the length?  Any longer and I wouldn't like it.  I'm almost 5'6" and this hits right at the top of my knee .... appropriate for just about any occasion IMO.

Trying to do a 'twirl' here!

All in all, love this dress.  It was a love-affair once I saw it in the store when I was 9 months prego, so on Friends and Family promo (30% off) it was a no-brainer.  It's all stretch with no zippers.  Right now, I'm not super happy with how it looks on my hips, but I'm also still carrying an extra 10-15 pounds right now, so....  I would suggest trying the Petite if you are shorter than 5'6" because I think the regular length would have been too much fabric for me for the summer! TTS from what I can tell.


I wouldn't pair these together, but I love this cardi!  This is an XS in the Sea Salt color.  Definitely a darker 'sea salt' than J.Crew's.  Trying to give the 'belted' effect with my hands here b/c I was too lazy to go find a belt!

This cardigan is probably one of the nicest pieces I've received from any order from any store in a long time!  LOVE IT!   Thick and supple, it's a great transition piece for fall/winter!  There are so many other great colors, including Mouse Brown which I would LOVE to have!  I would definitely check this out while still 30% off today! TTS.