Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Outfit of the Day: It's Spring Time!

Necklace and Bracelet: Etsy.com
Denim: True Religion Maternity from A Pea in the Pod
Tanks: Liz Lange for Target
Cardigan: J.Crew

Rainboots: Liberty of London for Target

Jacket: Banana Republic

It was raining and gross, so I decided to embrace the "springness" of the weather!  I absolutely love the short sleeved long cardigans from JC last year ... I have the light pink color, too!  The Liz Lange ribbed tanks (which I have in pretty much every color) are a staple in my wardrobe right now!  I actually prefer the A Pea in the Pod ones, which I have 2 of, but the LL for Target ones are good enough considering I will only be wearing them a few more months!

Why do I love the Liberty for Target boots?  A couple of reasons.  One, they have a shorter shaft, which makes them easier (and lighter) to walk in than, say, Hunter boots - which are super-cute, but come up to my knee and weigh a TON!  That's not what I need when I'm already carrying around an extra 20 pounds!  I also love the print, which has a lot of colors that happen to compliment a lot of my spring stuff from last year's JC spring roll out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Zac Posen for Target: IRL Pics

So, after the whole Liberty of London craze, I didn't think I'd really get much into Zac.... and for the most part, I was right.  However, a couple of things did catch my eye.  I REALLY wanted to try on the maxi dress, but I couldn't find it at any Target around me (I went to 4!) so I gave up on that.  But, I did find the Tiger Print tank to be adorable and prego-friendly, as well as the Tie-dye Print Tank Dress.

Love love love this tank.  And for 17 bucks, it's a total keeper.  Do I even look prego here?  haha!  Maybe that's why I love it so much!  I could have done a small, but this is a medium.  I figure I'll probably be tired of the print by next year, so why not buy a size to accomodate my figure right now!?

Cute cute cute..... Here I have it on over a ribbed black cotton tank for modesty... I think this is how I would wear it, plus it at least appears I'm trying to cover my bra straps... even though I really don't care!

This is the tie-dye tank dress.  Usually, I hate anything tie-dyed.  However, I really love this one ... and there is a cute cut-out hole in the back.  The material is pretty nice, thick and stretchy, but also clingy.  If I needed this to wear right now, I would keep it.  However, clingy is NOT good for post-pregnancy, so this one is going back.  I'm wearing a small here and I think I would buy a small not pregnant.... but like I said, clingy. 
Have any other readers tried this dress on and could tell me if it's very clingy or tight?

All in all I don't think Zac Posen is really my style, but it's definitely worth checking out.  It appears, at least at the stores in my area, that there will be less inventory of this merch than of the Liberty of London items, some of which are now on sale for 30% off in stores.  I'm 90% sure I'm going to return the tie-dye dress to a different Target tomorrow and see if I can find any of those maxi-dresses!!  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How To Dress For The Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby 101

OK, it's officially Derby week people!  The Kentucky Oaks and Derby take place this Friday and Saturday, respectively.  Now, I grew up in Louisville, KY (and still live here) which is where the Derby is run ... at Churchill Downs to be exact.  And, while I've never gotten into the actual horseracing scene, Oaks and Derby are, to me, like prom.  It's not about the date... it's about the dress... and drinking (but you shouldn't be drinking at prom, and I can't drink this year, so... the outfit I guess!)  Ladies (and some gentlemen) spend weeks and big bucks searching and planning out the perfect outfit and complimenting hat for the Oaks and/or Derby.   Many celebs get in on the action, too!  It's quite the social event.

Despite the rich history and tradition of wearing the 'perfect Derby hat', I really find hats annoying and try to wear them as little as possible.  That said, I ditch the hat for Oaks, but rock it for Derby.  My own special treat is to have my hair blown out for Oaks... which is way cooler to me than wearing a hat. (I'm seriously in the minority on this hat-loathing thing, but I can't help it, that's just me.)

Being prego this year has limited my clothing options, yet opened-up my shoe options (since I'll probably be rocking some coordinating flip flops for most of the day!)   Same as last year, Oaks Day is going to be a "pink-out" in support of breast cancer research (hence the super-pink outfit you will see below!)

Some Tips for Dressing for Oaks/Derby:

* Bring flip flops to wear to and from the car, then stow them in your purse during the day.  Believe me, unless you are Beyonce, you will not be able to get your car within a half-mile of the track OR be dropped off super-close... you've been warned!
* No umbrellas allowed, so pack a 99cent emergency poncho... it's spring in KY, so bring it no matter what the weather man says.
* Pack a small towel in your bag.  Most of us will be outside all day (even if not, you have to walk outside a lot just to get in and out!) and it's nice to have a rag to wipe down your chair, shoes, mop up spills, etc... this is kind of a mom thing, but totally worth the extra thought! 
* Plan an outfit that can be worn when it's 90 degrees or 50 degrees... aka, have a jacket/ cardigan option!
* If you plan to go to the infield at all (which, IMO is where all the fun is!) DO NOT wear something you'll want to wear again and rock some wedges if you want to wear heels since it's grass and could be muddy.
* READ ALL THE CHURCHILL DOWNS RULES ONLINE before you go.  There are some crazy ones regarding what you are allowed to bring into the track and what you are not... think sunscreen, sanitizer gels, etc.... it's kind of like getting on a plane.  Just read before you leave, because you will NOT want to head back to the car once you get to the gate!
*  Wearing an expensive hat?  Bring a thin plastic garbage bag in your purse to stow it in... just in case it rains.  I've seen many-a-hat get destroyed in a pop-up shower!
* Lastly, since you'll be bringing all this crap into the track with you, I wouldn't suggest going "wristlet" for the Oaks or Derby.... find a cute tote or large purse and bring what you need .... it's a long day!

So, what have I come up with this year?


Dress: J.Crew Collection
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie in Shell
Bag: J.Crew Metallic Thompson Tote
Jewelry: Ann Taylor (yeah, I know the tag is still on the bracelet!)

Here I have a white Jackie on with a different J.Crew-Supernova-Necklace-like necklace on.  I still think I'm going to do the Jackie in Shell (since it's a pink-out) but this is another option.


Dress: A Pea in the Pod
Cardigan: J.Crew Jackie in Pink Frost
Jewelry: Ann Taylor

Here I have on an ATL cardigan in a Dark Fog color.

Again, the White cardigan is an option, but I think I'll prbably still with the Pink Frost.

Hat: Dillards

Last year I wore:

J.Crew Sateen Pencil Skirt in Seashell, J.Crew Cardigan, lots of pink pearl long necklaces
Sigh... a wasitline...

J.Crew silk dress and long grey necklace (and the same grey hat I'm wearing this year!)
{Double} Sigh... I sold this on the JCA exchange earlier this year.... not sure I would ever fit back into this in a size 0 again!

Are you heading to the Kentucky Oaks or Derby this year?  Have any great advice or want to share your cute outfit??  I'd love to hear about it!

J.Crew Vintage Canvas Bow Tank

Vintage Canvas Bow Tank - $36.50  item# 24531
Available XS-XL in Muted Grape, Dark Charcoal, Light Ginger, Ivory

As you know, I freakin' love this new purple color from J.Crew, so I had to try this top.  I wasn't actually planning on keeping it (since I would need a large size right now) but just checking it out for when it goes on sale.

I'm wearing the Muted Grape color in a Small here.  I think I would get a small even not prego to make sure it wasn't too snug in the waist area, but that's just me.  This runs pretty TTS for J.Crew cotton tops.
There's something about the neckline that I'm not loving.  I don't know, I just didn't get a great feeling in it.

Usually I'm a sucker for ANY JC top that's cute and NOT silk (aka washable and toddler friendly) so I think I will be purchasing this when/if it goes on sale.... but only in this muted grape color.  Without the color, I don't think I love it enough to purchase... but still, a very cute and practical JC top!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Outfit of the Day w/ Metallic Beach Cardi and F21

Top: Forever21 (small)
Cardigan: J.Crew Metallic Beach Cardigan in Gold (X-small)
Jeans: Momzee Stretch Skinny Ankle Denim (small)
Bracelet: Lia Sophia (similar and cheaper here)

It's kind of funny that this top is a small and it still fits.  A very flowy fit!

Just in case you were wonderin' .... 25 weeks here :)

Glad to still be rockin' the beach cardigan, especially for the price!  I've gotten lots of compliments on it!  For those of you still waiting to buy it, looks like the XS is going to be available for shipping in mid-May... which isn't that far away!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tory Burch Distressed Python-Print Reva Ballet Flats in Beige

Sak's Friends and Family Sale is going on right now, which is where I purchased the next pair of Tory Burch Reva's I'm reviewing.

 (20% off right now w/ promo code FRIEND3)

The sizes seem to be selling out like hotcakes in this style on websites like Saks, Bloomingdales, etc...  I think it's because it's such a neutral color and can be worn for 2 or 3 seasons out of the year.  It also comes in a grayish color.

IRL pics on my foot :

I bought a 7.5 and boy does it pinch the back of my left heel!  BUT, the length isn't too short... it's just tight in the elastic right now.  So, I'm still deciding on these.  I love the color and style (unlike the last ones!) but I'm wondering if this textured leather might be a little less soft than the traditional leather.  We'll see.... I still have a couple more to show you that I'm choosing from!  Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tory Burch Metallic Reva - Rose Gold

I am on a mission to find one (pooooosssssibblly 2) pairs of Reva flats, as flats seem to be the only thing feeling good for me lately!  I have 3 to choose from (that I'll be posting pics of in the next couple of days) but I decided to start with the one that is definitely going back!

Metallic Reva Ballet Flats in Rose Gold - $198

Where to start?  First, the color of these puppies is not well represented in the Sak's picture or on my feet.  It should be called "New Copper Penny".  Holy crap!   They are almost orange!  I about died when I opened the box!  The sales lady in the shoe department who processed the return for me looked shocked when she opened the box, too!  haha!

Now, I wouldn't mind having a shiny gold color, but this was NOT it!  Also, I am generally a size 7, rarely a 6.5 or 7.5, but I ordered a 7.5 in these based on the Saks.com website recommendation.  I would definitely have needed to try an 8 in these to even make them work.  My toe was super-jammed up against the front on the shoe.... so buyer beware on these, size up again from your regular TB size!!

What DID I like about these?  I do like shoes that stand out... and these certainly would!  Also, I like the idea of the leather medallion instead of the metal one.... it might be lighter and more comfortable.

Bottom Line:  Ugly color, classic style.  Not the most comfy leather either, combined with the fact that it runs very small!  Returned

FYI:  Word on the street is that Sak's Friends and Family Sale starts next week... keep an eye out for that.  As with most F&F sales, it's probably a good time to get discounts on rarely discounted brands!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Prices Reduced!! SHOE SALE!! *Updated 4/17/10*

I lowered the price on several remaining pairs ... they are all going to Plato's Closet on Monday if not sold! :)

Did a little Spring Cleaning last night and here is what I came up with in the SHOE dept!  I reduced the prices on remaining pairs and will be adding some more soon!  Thanks!

All shoes are size 7M, with the exception of the Aldo shoes which are a 37 and Nine West which are 6.5.

J.Crew Collection Jeweled Posy Capri Sandals - $12
EUC. Just worn around the house, but I never ended up really wearing them.  Purchased on eBay during the JC shoe craze!  Leather.

J.Crew Quilted Flip Flops - $10
Brand New and not opened.  I bought like 5 pairs of these on final sale last year ... think I can part with at least one!

Aldo Beige Shoes - $25
New, never worn.  I should have bought a 38.  A GREAT wear-with-everything shoe!

Nine West Suede Wedge - $15
Brand New and not worn.  Leather. Love these but never ended up wearing them.   Comfortable wedge heel in a classic moc style.

Chinese Laundry Bronze Heels - $8
Good used condition.  Honestly, I will not wear these tall heels again now that I have kids!  Just a little wear on the toe area (you can kind of see in pic).  Great shoe!!

Kenneth Cole Reaction Jeweled Sandals - $15
EUC.  Wore these out once last year, but I really should have purchased these in a narrow!  I can ship in box for extra $2.  Seriously, these sandals are classic goodies!  Rubber traction sole.


I only take PayPal.
I'll ship USPS Priority Mail only within the lower 48.
Shipping is $5 and I'll combine/discount for multiple items.
Sales are final.

If you are interested in purchasing, or want more info, email me at lindseybs(at)live(dot)com and I'll send you an invoice through PayPal ASAP!  You'll generally receive them in 3 days!

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All About Talbots: 25% Off Spring, Great Customer Service, and My New Shoes!

First off, Talbots is offering 25% off their Spring items online .... not sure if it's in the stores, too.  So check it out!  Also, you get double points on your Rewards Card through the 26th!

I've only recently begun paying attention to Talbots in general, but boy have they made me a happy little shopper here lately!  It started with the Rose-Print Cardigan, which I ordered in a PP, but returned because I liked the J.Crew Waterfloral Pastiche cardigan a little better.... and I seriously have too many pink cardigans.

Then I fell in love with the Twill Trench in Gypsy Rose, which I reviewed here

Both the cardigan and cardi above are 25% off right now!

But, my most recent discovery is that Talbots has narrow width shoes!  Yipee!  Now, we aren't talking a lot of high-fashion here, and they don't carry them in the stores from what I can see, but there are definitely some very cute styles.  Including these lovely...

Python-embossed leather wedges - $99

I have them on here in a 7 narrow, I'm waiting on my 6.5 narrow to arrive:

I think these are going to go with just about anything and the wedge is the perfect heel height!
Nailcolor: OPI Showdown at the OK Coral (Love it!)

Also, a HUGE gigantic shoutout to Talbots' customer service!  I needed to order a different size in these shoes and they were sold out online.  So, I called the catalog number and got someone on the phone in less than a minute!  They were able to find the shoes for me, offered free shipping since it was a re-order in a different size, and I got 20% for "being a good customer"!  The lady even complimented my selection and was very nice.  I was so so impressed... definitely rivals J.Crew's customer service, but with better discounts and free shipping! Way to go Talbots!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

J.Crew Double-V Dress ... Prego Style

$78.00   item# 24576
An easy, breezy dress in cotton with a hint of stretch for incredible fit and comfort. Features a front and back V-neck and romantic ruching along the empire waist and shoulders. Sleeveless. Hits at midthigh; 17" from natural waist. Import. Machine wash. Catalog/jcrew.com only. Available in: shadow, dark pewter, and shown in light berry.  XS-XL

How could I not try this dress when they show it in the catalog on a pregnant lady!?  I really wasn't loving it based on online pics, etc... but I thought I'd give it a try as a ride-a-long on my last sale order.

This is an XS in the light berry.  Still a little large in the chest area at 24 weeks prego... not good.  I feel like this would probably fit me through the end of my pregnancy .. so yeah, it runs big.

First off, if this was the muted grape color (that I lovey), I would keep it.  I wanted this to be a potential option in place of the Jessie Cotton dress (review and pics here) in muted grape, but, alas, it's not. 

Classic prego pose.

This color just reminds me of cotton outfits I wore when I was a little girl ... something just not doin' it for me with the color.  The fabric is more substantial than I had imagined from the images online ... I still don't LOVE the v-neckline...

 I think something about it just looks cheap.. maybe it's just too thin.  Also, the length is too long, but I'm used to that and it's an easy fix.  Lastly, the elastic band at the ribcage annoyed me even for just the couple minutes I had it on.  (do I sound like an irritated pregnant woman yet?  hehe)

Bottom Line:  This dress runs large... I have a feeling there are a lot of ladies out there wishing this came in an XXS.  I would keep this if I NEEDED a cotton dress, it's not bad, just nothing special.    I still like and feel cuter in the Jessie dress in muter grape (even though it's a bit see-thru) so this one is going back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ralph Lauren 25% Off Entire Purchase *LAST DAY*

So, this is a little late, as I have been out of town for a couple of weeks (and vacation hangover seriously sucks, so it's taking me a while to get back into the wswing of things) BUT, this is a really great deal.  Hidden within all our 2-weeks-of-mail was a Ralph Lauren "Give in Style" event invitation.  Here's the deal:

* 25% off entire purchase (sale or PF I assume!)
* valid April 6th-April 12th 2010
* online at RalphLauren.com or in stores (but you would need this coupon)
* 10% of your purchase is the United Way Worldwide Disaster Fund in support of the recovery efforts in Haiti and Chile.
*online code is: GIVERL

ENJOY!  As I've blogger about before, you can find some amazing deals in the sale section of RalphLauren.com... especially for kiddos!

New reviews and IRL pics to come soon... promise!  I've got some shoe reviews (Tory Burch, J.Crew, and Talbots), Vera Bradley, and J.Crew Sale pics!  Thanks for stopping by!