Saturday, September 11, 2010

J.Crew: Honore Dress

I made an appointment with my regular PS at J.Crew yesterday to take advantage of the 20% off $150 deal.  I was by myself - which is rare - so I took advantage by trying on a ton of things (new and old), some I normally wouldn't, knowing I wouldn't actually be able to purchase many items yet, since I still have about 10 baby-pounds to loose.

Anyway, I purchased 3 items, 2 of them are new in-store arrivals!

Here is item #1:
(I don't see it online and the reciept reads: "Honore Dress Sold Chalk Cttn, BK0001", as such, I'm calling it the "Honore Dress" for now.)

UPDATE:  It is online, but in the sale section... duh!  See it {here}.

This is a size 4 and the color is black.  Dress is cotton and lined.

It's a little short, and not exactly typical J.Crew, but I definitely got 'the feeling' when I tried it on.  The dress is all one piece, but kind of looks like a skirt worn high with a cami tucked in. 

The elastic belt at the waist is very stretchy, but the actual dress waist itself is not ... so it's not as forgiving in the waist area as I had hoped by just glancing at it on the rack. Therefore, I had to go up a size to fit the post-prego waistline.

Chest detail.  Cute ruffles (of course!) with some beading.  This dress is super-flattering to my bustline - especially right now! (kind-of loving nursing for that reason!)

Not too poofy from the side.  Very flattering, I think. (and if you don't think so, I don't really care!  I love this dress!)
Sizing wise, I *might* be able to do a 2 once I loose the baby weight and I'm not nursing, but I don't think this will end up being too big, just a little looser.  Also, I think going up a size wouldn't hurt in the length department, either!  So, I'm thinking this runs a touch on the small side, but again, I'm not really too good at judging right now!

I wore this out for our anniversary Thursday night with hot pink patent heels.  LOVE IT!  This is going to make SUCH a cute party dress for the holidays!

Bottom Line:  Fits TTS to a little small.  You must be willing to show a little leg in this one honey, but you can also pair with tights and booties as it gets cooler!  A unique piece for sure - and I'll buy anything that gives me "the feeling" when I still have 10 pounds to loose!

Other 2 items will be reviewed soon!  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

J. Crew Rimini Cardigan

I have a love-hate relationship with this cardigan.... I love the love and style, and I hate that I love it so much because I don't think it's very flattering - especially in this picture!

I'm wearing size Small here.  The XS worked everywhere but the arms... which were tight.  Why are the arms so tight in JC sweaters these days?

I feel like this is one of those items that looks better in person than in the picture!  I considered getting this in the black color instead, but I just fell in love with this Nutmeg color when I tried it on, I can't imagine any other color - although I love the Cobblestone color, too!

Bottom Line:  Fits TTS, but small in the arms.  Length is good for me - even as a long waisted gal.  I'd try to wait for a sale on this one, though.  I'm only keeping it all full price because I used my rewards card to purchase it!  It's right on point with the current moto-style!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

J. Crew Festival Shell Review

So, this is a little late in the game, but this item is still available online in the dreaded "Final Sale" section at and is currently an extra 30% off.

Festival Shell - Size 2 (picture taken about a month ago, so still a little tight!)

With the Madewell Moto Jacket - I really love this top paired with a black jacket/cardigan.  I'm not sure why this top was a spring/summer piece because it totally screams fall to me.

This top fits and feels a lot like the Bazaar Shell - which I did buy and return because I have the dress/tunic in the same print ad the beads were so heavy I just couldn't see wearing it comfortably.  The studs on this shell are still heavy, but not nearly as cumbersome as the Bazaar.

Bottom Line: It's cute and I think I'll wear it a lot this fall since it is pretty forgiving in the tummy area.  Runs TTS.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

CAbi - Happy: Comfy Tunic

I know I've talked about CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) on my blog before... but I can't remember when.  I'll have to look for it and put a link here.

Anyway, she comes out with 2 lines per year - Spring and Fall.  I went to the Fall Preview Party with my mom (and Logan - when he was 4 days old!) to check out the new stuff, place a small order, and schedule my own party!

This season she has given us a great collection of tunics (makes mamma happy!), skinny jeans and leggings, and layering pieces!  There is even a gorgeous pink fall coat that I sooo want (and do NOT need)!

But, for now, this was my initial purchase...

This is a size Small.  The color is a charcoal.  Material is a comfy, cozy, live-in-forever-type of cotton stretch ... almost like a sweatshirt!  I think belted this will be even cuter, but I haven't had time to put that together yet!  I plan to wear with boots and leggings through the Fall and Winter!

Bonus!  There are thumb holes!  Love it!  This tunic was built for comfort!  Yummy!

A girlfriend of mine in the neighborhood (who also just had a baby!) is co-hosting a CAbi party at my house at the end of September!  No doubt, I'll have a lot more CAbi coming your way!

I own a few CAbi pieces from over the past few years, and I'm on the fence about the quality.  I think of it as around LOFT quality.  Meaning, if there is a cute/functional item, it's totally worth it - and sometimes there are some wonderful go-to pieces.  However, I'm not completely sold on the quality of items like the t-shirts.  I also haven't been able to try any of the fab new denim styles this season (yet) due to baby-pooch.... but hopefully by my party I'll be able to!  Denim is the one thing I cannot do at J.Crew, so I'm always looking for options!

But why is CAbi different than LOFT?  CAbi tends to be more expensive and there are no sales - which is kind of good because you know if you buy something, it won't be half-off in a week (ahem - JC and LOFT!).  Also, you aren't going to see 10 other people at a restaurant or party with your same outfit on.  For the ultra-petite ladies - this line is likely not going to work too well for you as there is no petite option.  My mom has a hard time wearing many items offered by CAbi for that reason - she is 5'1".

Have you ever been to a CAbi party/show?  Do you own any CAbi?