Saturday, September 4, 2010

CAbi - Happy: Comfy Tunic

I know I've talked about CAbi (Carol Anderson by Invitation) on my blog before... but I can't remember when.  I'll have to look for it and put a link here.

Anyway, she comes out with 2 lines per year - Spring and Fall.  I went to the Fall Preview Party with my mom (and Logan - when he was 4 days old!) to check out the new stuff, place a small order, and schedule my own party!

This season she has given us a great collection of tunics (makes mamma happy!), skinny jeans and leggings, and layering pieces!  There is even a gorgeous pink fall coat that I sooo want (and do NOT need)!

But, for now, this was my initial purchase...

This is a size Small.  The color is a charcoal.  Material is a comfy, cozy, live-in-forever-type of cotton stretch ... almost like a sweatshirt!  I think belted this will be even cuter, but I haven't had time to put that together yet!  I plan to wear with boots and leggings through the Fall and Winter!

Bonus!  There are thumb holes!  Love it!  This tunic was built for comfort!  Yummy!

A girlfriend of mine in the neighborhood (who also just had a baby!) is co-hosting a CAbi party at my house at the end of September!  No doubt, I'll have a lot more CAbi coming your way!

I own a few CAbi pieces from over the past few years, and I'm on the fence about the quality.  I think of it as around LOFT quality.  Meaning, if there is a cute/functional item, it's totally worth it - and sometimes there are some wonderful go-to pieces.  However, I'm not completely sold on the quality of items like the t-shirts.  I also haven't been able to try any of the fab new denim styles this season (yet) due to baby-pooch.... but hopefully by my party I'll be able to!  Denim is the one thing I cannot do at J.Crew, so I'm always looking for options!

But why is CAbi different than LOFT?  CAbi tends to be more expensive and there are no sales - which is kind of good because you know if you buy something, it won't be half-off in a week (ahem - JC and LOFT!).  Also, you aren't going to see 10 other people at a restaurant or party with your same outfit on.  For the ultra-petite ladies - this line is likely not going to work too well for you as there is no petite option.  My mom has a hard time wearing many items offered by CAbi for that reason - she is 5'1".

Have you ever been to a CAbi party/show?  Do you own any CAbi?


  1. I LOVE CAbi and am going to a fall show next week. I've been perusing the online catalog trying to decide what to focus on but I know from experience that I always see things at the show that don't do anything form online! I bought a lot from the Spring line....I do have to have lots of things hemmed and I am 5"4" but I really like their denim and am glad it fits me as JC denim and cords don't fit me very well. Love the tunic!

  2. I haven't been to a CAbi show or seen any of the pieces except on one or two random people that told me they were wearing it. I'm sized out. Very cute tunic. I love those thumb holes.

  3. So cute! Your tunic looks very comfortable as well as stylish. I don't think you can beat that.

  4. Love the tunic. Reminds me a little of a jacket I have from Lululemon. Can I ask how much? I was invited to a party this weekend and I'm trying to determine price points...Thanks!

  5. Lizzy T: I believe it was $89 or around that. The fabric totally reminds me of something from Lulu. I think the prices are in the Ann Taylor/ J.Crew range. Jeans are under $100, tees are about $30, sweaters/blazers/jackets in the $90-150 range. Only difference is, no sales (unless you host a party) so there is no pricing game (like J.Crew has been playing lately!) Have fun at your CAbi party!

  6. can you guys tell me about the sizing?? is it true to size

  7. Mary sue: I find most CAbi stuff to run TTS to a little bit big. As in... I normally wear a 2 or 4 in most store brands, and would probably wear a 2 in most CAbi things. As far as items sized XS-XL, I'm usually an XS unless it's clingy and then I'll size-up to a Small. The tunic I have on here is a small, but I ended up exchanging for an XS! Hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by!


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