Saturday, January 30, 2010

J.Crew Extra 30% Sale In-Store Finds! Woo hoo!

While we were staying with family in New York last week, I of course had to hit up the nearest JC to check out the sale section .... here is what I found...

Evie Ruffle Top - $19 (+30% off)
How can you turn this top down in such a pretty color at that price?  I love that this top is meant to be worn untucked .... 'cause I'm an untucked kind of gal!

Gypsy Rose Solid Cami - $29 (+30% off)
I really love this top.  The gold metallic one at Christmas was a bit much for me, but I love this!  I almost got it in the bright pink/orange color, too...

Bling Button Cardigan - $39 (+30% off)
I've been wanting a cardi in this color for a while, so I bit.

Joley Pearlized Patent Peep Toes - $49 (+30% off)
The best deal I got by far. I love this ladies... plus, I personally love peep toe with a closed heel because I can wear them with pants without the bottom of my pants hem getting caught under me heel like they do with sandals/ open back shoes.  Yea!

I also got a Frances Cami  (yeah, another one) in the light violet color for 30% off $29.  I seriously LOVE that cami!  Sorry, no pics of that.... I got tired!

I always have luck at this particular NY JC that's about 15 minutes from Jamie's aunt's house and I'm glad I was able to make it over there this year.  As far as the sale selection at other JCs (including the one by my house), it's not good... very picked over!

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