Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Target Chunky Pearl Cluster Necklace - Ooh La La!

Oh Target, how I love thee.

As if Target needed anything more to draw me into it's tangled web of wonderfulness, most in our area now have a Starbucks.  Yea!  (just add another $4 to my standard Target bill)  And as I stopped by the Starbucks during my last trip to Target, I spotted these absolutely amazing,  wonderfully life-simplifying gadgets....

Cart Cup Holder!

This thing will seriously change my shopping experience!  Maybe this isn't news to a lot of you .... but to me, this is big news!

And my shopping trip got even better when I ran accross this beauty just before making it to the checkout (last minute crap is how $100 trips turn into $200 trips almost every time, right?) and I couldn't put it down.  I needed to put it down, but I couldn't.  Even at $39.99, I couldn't put it down (and I consider 40 bucks for Target glam a bit high).

I can't find this puppy online, so I'm calling it the Chunky Pearl Cluster Necklace.  Love it!

Anyway, when I got up to the register, it rang up as $9.99 - so apparently it was on sale and just not marked!  Score!


  1. Oh my! This is lovely! Congrats on the score! :)

    And yes, those cup holders are genius. ;)

  2. Yay! what a great bargain! I am totally with you on the cup holder. i was thinking before I scrolled to the picture, yes, I love getting starbucks there, too , but then shopping is painful b/c you have got to babysit the cup, NO LONGER! yay! i have not seen these yet but Iam going to look for next time!

  3. My Target doesn't have the cupholders yet, bummer!

    but love love love the necklace!!! That is gorgeous!

  4. Lucky you - my fave Targets don't have Starbucks and the cupholder is life-changing, I agree.

    The necklace is divine! LOVE IT

  5. I have (and love) that necklace, but I got it a few months ago so unfortunately I paid full price.

  6. Phyllis: I totally would have paid full price for it with no problem! It's awesome!

    Ooh, well I'm glad I'm not the very last one on earth to discover the cup holders! Keep an eye out, usually they are at the "pick-up" area of the Starbucks counter!


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