Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rachel Roy for Macys: Holiday Party Dress!

Appears it is now sold out in all sizes at

I am wearing a size 2 here and I think this dress runs TTS to a little big. The length is definitely short, but probably still OK for a cocktail party. I plan on wearing some opaque tights and booties, which I'll take a picture of when I have it all on!

Loving the exposed zipper.

Oddly, this sold out on Macy's website before I could even get this posted - but definitely have your store do a search for you if interested!  The purple is very of-the-moment and I love that it has sleeves so there isn't that cold-shock when you give up your winter coat at the door of a party!

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  1. Love! Is it comfortable? You look amazing. How did you lose the baby weight so fast. My baby is a year and a half and I'm still trying :) Love your blog.

  2. Too freaking cute! Do the sequins catch? Oh, and do you think it would look cute with flats? Recent knee surgery is keeping me from wearing heels this year and I'm having a really difficult time.

  3. you look amazing!! love the dress!

  4. mommydearest: thanks!

    rebecca: the sequins catch a little bit, mostly because they are a rectangular shape... but not nearly as bad as some dresses and skirts (uh em, J.Crew) that I've seen! You could totally do this dress with flats..... I don't see why not, and the dress would look less short with flats. Bummer about the knee surgery! Get well soon!

    lizzy t: yes, it is comfy and not itchy or anything. because it's short, there is obviously that less comfy factor, but overall comfy for a short sequin dress. thank you - I basically kept in decent shape while prego (which is the most helpful) and then hit the gym pretty hard at about 5 weeks PP. I also loosly adopted a menu plan to follow that includes a lot of fish and chicken - but I like to eat and drink, so I don't stick to that very well! :) Good luck with your weight loss goals!

  5. Hi! So, without sounding creepy...

    I have been dying to get this dress since I saw it in Macy's last month. I won't need it until an awards party in January, so when I tried it on at Macy's, I was planning to wait until after Christmas when it would be on sale. OF COURSE ITS SOLD OUT! I tried it on in a size 2 and it fit perfectly. I googled this Liza sequin dress and your blog is the only thing that comes up accurately. If you're an eBay/get rid of your clothes after one party kind-of girl, I'd LOVE to hear back from you to see if I can buy this from you!! Please email me at THANK YOU ENDLESSLY!

  6. Alana: Hmmm ... let me think about that! It is a fabulous dress, but I have VERY little times that I can were such a dress! Were you wanting it by any certain time??

  7. Hi! Thank you for responding, Lindsey! The event isn't until January 30th, so if you are wearing this over the holidays and putting it up for auction/buy it now on eBay or something, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT!! Thanks again! Hope to hear back soon. Happy holidays! :-)

  8. Hi, I'm not sure why my last post didn't work! I would need it on January 30th. Please let me know if there is a possibility you might post it on eBay or something! Thank you!


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