Friday, November 26, 2010

Talbots: Ruffle Plaid Blouse *new pic*

Sorry I've been MIA for a while.  It's not that I haven't been shopping and taking pictures of things, I've just been running around like a crazy person and not really feeling much like blogging.  But, alas, Black Friday has brought me back to life!  :)

Untucked.  I am wearing a size 2.  Runs TTS.

Tucked into black pants and black patent belt.

With the side-zip sweatshirt over.  More casual I guess ... not sure if this even works, but ...

With black J.Crew sweater over.

*I took this pic based on FFM's comment.  I actually forgot I had this nice, thick boyfriend cardi from AT last year.  Its long enough to wear with tights/leggings.  I do like this outfit as a more casual way to wear this shirt!  It takes like a freakin' hour to get the shirt all situated beneath the sweater, but in the end, looks cute.*

I really wanted this from the first time I saw it.  I love that is a nice, thinner, stretch fabric.  The ruffles are just enough to be cute, but not 'crazy' or in-the-way big.  I ordered it during the 30% off tops promo and waited almost a month for it to be off back order.

Anyway, now I'm just not sure if I have a need for this shirt as it's pretty conservative and I'm not sure if I can dress it down enough to get a lot of wear out of it.

What do you think?  I like it with the black pants, but can this shirt be pulled off with jeans?  Give me your thoughts!


  1. I think the blouse looks great on you, especially tucked in. I think you could definitely wear it with jeans (and knee boots or booties) to dress it down. I would also throw on a black blazer with the jeans as another option. Let us know what you decide! :)

  2. The best look of the 4 is the one tucked in into your jeans.

  3. FFM: I tried it with a black cardi over it and it totally worked (don't have a great black blazer right now! :( I'm posting a pic here soon!

    Rose: Thanks!


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