Tuesday, February 22, 2011

J.Crew Maritime Dress Review

There has been a lot of talk about this dress - both for and against it.  In most cases, we are loving the stripes, color, etc.... but the length (short) has been questioned, and the fabric weight (heavy) being a bit heavy for spring/summer.  Honestly, I just couldn't resist this dress. Not at all!  So with the 20% off promo, I bit.
I am wearing an XS with a white ribbed tank under.  The fit is boaty, however the shoulders would be too snug in an XXS and the length would be even shorter.  I would recommend purchasing your regular JC size, and possibly down a size if you are between.

With the multi-buckle belt.  I didn't 'love' this look - although this is similar to what's shown in the catalog and online.

With a long necklace (and unflattering pose :)

Even though it runs roomy, it doesn't create a prego look or bubble butt.  The zippers on the side I could take or leave - but they do not bother me and kind of help to weight down the bottom of the dress.

Lays nice in back and doesn't cling.  Doesn't appear to be see-thru in the white areas.

With silver military belt.  This was my fave belt with it.

With the sleeves pushed up.

 There will definitely be the right weather to wear this dress in the mid-west - both Spring and late Summer nights.  I also found wearing white jeggings with this dress makes it more do-able for early Spring and allows me more time to not worry about shaving my legs ;) - woot!  (not sure why I didn't take pics with the jeggings). 

There are so many ways to style it, including belted, or not - and with long necklaces.  I found it looks great with both heels and flip-flops.  I definitely see this being a go-to dress, especially on our beach vacations and to casual spring/summer parties. 

Bottom Line:  Runs TTS to big - with a big fit.  Soft, thick fabric weight, runs a bit short.  So cute!  Perfect throw-on dress for warmer weather - before it gets super-hot!  This is a keeper for me!


  1. I really like this - thanks for the great review!

  2. I'm so glad someone else thinks it's a keeper too! I love it; the things that bothered other reviewers were fine by me. I like the roomier fit- it was the only spring arrival that fit my preggo belly :)

  3. I really like this dress. I think it's very flattering. Hope to pick it up on discount.

  4. I really like this and I think wearing it with the jeggings would be cute. I like the length...its not too short at all.


  5. I like how you usually show an item a few ways, even with a simple variation like sleeves rolled. This reminds me of the fit on the sweatshirt dress, which I have and love. Good review. The dress is cute on you. :-)

  6. I love it! Do you remember where you got your promo code?

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting and stopping by!

    Kristen: thanks! I got it during the online promo of: 20% off women's purchase of $150+

  8. Thanks Lindsay! Love your blog!

  9. Hi! Love your blog!

    Is this your Lucca dress auction? Because i noticed the pictures are very similar


  10. And I love the Maritime too! It's very cute and weather appropriate. Wish sizes weren't backordered/sold out in stores. Hoping to also get it with a promo :) :)

  11. minzunuami: Thanks for stopping by! And, that listing is NOT my listing - but the seller is using pictures of me when I was pregnant!!! Very obvious! I've already contacted them to take it down! Thank you so so so much for pointing that out! THis is probably the 3rd or 4th time this has happened to me! :(


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