Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Target... Plus a Soma maxi

As many of you may know already, I'm a big fan of the Target/Designer collaborations. So in case you didn't know, the Calypso stuff will be in stores on Sunday, May 1st!  Go check it out at  I can't wait!

On a similar topic, I have been noticing a TON of look-alike clothing at Target in the last few months - like more than usual.  Which is great! 

Do you like CAbi?  This is just like the green tissue tee they are selling right now!  I don't know what it is about this tee, but I freakin' love it!  Size Small here.  Around $10.

Faded red sweatshirt with J.Crew's Haya-like softness.  FABULOUS!  Wish is came in a nice blue, too ... but I'll take it!  Size XS here.  About $16.

Love me a plaid shirt - especially with pinks.  Size XS. About $20 I think.

A short-sleeved, striped, open knit cardigan?  Yes please!  Love this - and it sold out quickly in the stores.  Came in some other colored stripes, as well!  Size Small.  About $24.

Hot pink, faux-leather belt. About $10.  Size S/M.

Knotted silver multi-strand necklace. About $16.

Mixed metal (silver and gold) feather necklace.  This is awesome!  My sister is so jealous I scored this! :) About $16.

This is from SOMA.  I didn't give the brand much thought until recently, but they have very comfy bras and some comfy and unique clothing and sleepwear that goes on sale often!  This is a maxi my mom got me for my birthday!  I love that the neckline isn't too plunging an I don't need to have it hemmed.  And the quality is such that it isn't see-thru! 

And a loser in the maxi-dress arena...

J.Crew's Siren Dress - I really wanted to love this, but I just really don't get it.. BAD fit!

I did, however, love the Amie maxi dress and will post pics soon!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The black and white dress is so lovely :)

    xoxo Michaela


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