Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recent J.Crew purchases...

Ahhh- I've been so far behind! I'm just gonna post what I have from the last month!

Sailor Stripe Sweater - XS
Matchstick Ankle White Denim - 27

Madras Popover - XS
Matchstick Denim - 26S (runs big)

Swiss Dot Dress - XS (runs big, especially in bust)
Pink Merona Belt - Target

Desert Fine Cotton Shirt - 2

Vintage V-neck tee - XS
3" Chino Short - Size 2

Shown with shrug sweater from Forever 21 - lovey!

Some great Target finds coming next...

Thanks for stopping by - even through my slow patch!  :)


  1. You're looking fantastic!! I love the neon shorts on you. The striped sweaters was one of my favorites. Nice acquisition.

  2. Thanks Gigi!! As are you, by the way!!! Congrats! Can't WAIT to watch you grow! :)

  3. Great shorts! Are those available online?

  4. lolita.lee.love: Thanks! I know they *were* available online at some point! Call the catalog and see if they can find them for you! :)


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