Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Designer Looks for LE$$...

I LOVE shopping for just about anything... give me something to look for and I'll scour the internet and use every "Google" and "fashionista" trick in the book to find it!

I also love designer brands ... but only for a good deal!  I'm also a sucker for a good look-a-like ... not a copy, but something that offers the same look but at a huge discount - this applies especially to accessories and super-trendy items (not so much denim, jackets, etc... due to lower quality and fit ... but never say never!)

By now, I think we're all familiar with the web-buster supersale sites like Hautelook, ideeli, Gilt, etc...  I've learned my lesson on these sales: if it's a brand you know (a lot about) and love, it can work to maneuvere with stealth-like speed right on the hour (keep refreshing until it pops up!?  don't act like you don't do it!) and snag some great deals!  I've learned to steer away from non-returnable items (for a lot of reasons) and to only go after brands I am VERY excited about ...

Ok... back to the point ...

I'm seen a lot of pieces lately that have sparked my interest ... here are a few of my most recent exciting discoveries!

WOW Couture Dresses -  I'll admit it.  There are two things that I would run out and instantly purchase if I won the lottery.... a classic Burberry Trench Coat (I'd keep my J.Crew Collection one for actual rainy days!:) AND an Herve Leger bandage dress.  Particularly this hot number ...


Ok, so we can't all throw down $1K on a coat or dress... (this has been made VERY clear to me by my husband ... several times...)

My sights have shifted to finding particularly interesting and higher-quality (and affordable) versions of WOW Couture Bandage dresses.  NOT ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL, but I've found some really great ones that I love and are actually flattering on the body!  The one I'm wearing below was only $89 and had a full hidden zip in the back... I'm telling you, this dress ROCKS!  AND, as I was parousing the Rent The Runway (which is amazing BTW!) site, I noticed this pattern in the dress is almost dead on to real Legers!

You might find these dresses in little boutiques and also look for the online supersale sites to feature them! Also keep an eye out for great bandage styles from Express and BCBG.

BaubleBar.com - Bauble Bar is catching on like wildfire in both media and the blogosphere!   Check out these fabulous finds that look just like a lot of designer pieces at 2 to 10 times the price!  The beauty of it is: this is not super-cheap crap like you'd find at a F21 and the like (though I have some awesome pieces from F21, but you know what I mean!)

How J.Crew does this look?!  Under $30!!!!!!  Layer it and look fab!

Leather wrap bracelets are very big right now - as is rose gold!

Maybe an alternative to the J.Crew Bubble Necklace?  This will look great with a navy blazer!

**Update: How did I miss this lovely the first time around?!...

Talk about a J.Crew look-alike for more than **$100** cheaper!  LOVE!  :)

All three (original) pieces are in my cart right now!  Score!  I'll review when they come in! ;)  I'll also throw another WOW Couture dress in the mix in the next couple of weeks!

**Part two of Looks for Less coming this week ... featuring Target, 6PM.com, and local stores!

Thanks for stopping by and tell your friends!

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