Friday, August 3, 2012

J.Crew Collection: Gondola Jacket (Stripes + Polka Dots!)

This is a collection piece I had been eyeing since it was released .... however the original price of about $400 wasn't quite as appealing, especially since I have a closet dedicated to winter coats (which, by the way, I barely even made a dent in last winter because it never really got that cold in our area ...)

At the sale price + an additional 30% off at the time, the price ended up coming within the acceptable 'range' I had set for myself and my VPS (very personal shopper) was able to get her hands on it for me!

Any-hoo, here are just some random shots I took using the J.Crew Polka Dot Tunic from the spring and white matchsticks from '11.  Trying to create several outfits that I can use for cooler summer nights (yeah right).  I'll be featuring this piece a few more times as we move toward fall.  This was introduced in the Spring, but is more suitable (both color and weight wise) for Fall, IMO.

Gondola Stripe Coat Size: 2 ... sizing is pretty much right-on with my other collection jackets... shoulders fit much like the Icon Trench ... snug but the right fit.  Sleeves are a bracelet length, allowing for some arm candy to be seen.  The weight of the coat is very interesting ... not a thick wool like a winter coat, but more wearable and comfortable... this will be a staple Fall jacket as the weather cools down.

Closer picture - this is with it buttoned.  That top button is for show and not to actually be buttoned.

More to come this weekend, including my Part 2 of Looks for Le$$ ... thanks for stopping by!


  1. this looks so pretty on you!

    1. Thanks! You are always so positive ..... Appreciate you stopping by! :)


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