Wednesday, October 7, 2009

*SURPRISE* from J. Crew!!

Ok, so it wasn't a COMPLETE surprise - I had read on my fave J.Crew blog here that some J. Crew lovers (and I assume credit card holders) were receiving an extra special surprise in the mail!

And, although I spend far too much money at J. Crew (and time in the store, online, reviewing items, etc...) I really did not think I would receive this gift or be considered a VIP customer - although I'm not really sure how they decided who received the gifts and who didn't, so I shouldn't just assume it has something to do with how much you spend with them....
Unfortunately, my husband DOES assume it's spending-based, so I'm probably on 'J.Crew Shopping Watch' for the next few weeks. (aka: my husband looking for signs of JC shopping such as receipts, brown boxes, new clothing in the closet, tags in the trash can, me being especially nice, looking guilty or giddy, etc...)

Just Kidding!

(kind of!)

ANYWAY - I am thrilled to have received these gorgeous earrings and have already worn them twice! I am generally too cheap to spend any real money on costume jewelry (even from my beloved JC) so I will be cherishing these for years to come!!

Heirloom flora earrings $45.00

What a great way to keep customers happy and spending!



  1. Congrats on the earrings and the VIP status! ;) I received the earrings and the VIP card as well so I too am wondering just HOW much $$$ I spent w/ them to be on that *list*...!?!? :-O

    Lucky for me, my husband never saw the box in the mail nor did I tell him about it or else he would have the same mind-set as your husband!! Hiding the packages from him is starting to feel like a second job for me! :-P

    I don't typically spend much on costume jewelry either so I am extremely excited about these and will be cherishing mine too! :D Enjoy them!!!

  2. Congrats! They're BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Haha I love that description of hiding the shopping, too funny (cause I can relate!)
    I love those earrings! I didn't get them, even though I spent a load at JCrew this year. Oh well.
    Good luck with the "Shopping Watch"! ;)

  4. Congratulations! I still haven't received anything even though I'm a silver card holder and spend quite a bit... I'm not having high hopes for it...

  5. Thanks guys ... I've never received anything from JC before - accept for a rewards card (and we all know what you have to do to get those! haha!) I'm very grateful!


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