Sunday, October 11, 2009

Minnies in a New Color and New Tee - J. Crew

Obviously, I had to hit up my JC this past Thursday to see the highly-touted new roll-out of fall/winter items. Mostly I'm just waiting for items I already love to go on sale so I can purchase them (or purchase them in an additional color) but I still had to make it up to the store to check out the new items!

I was SO excited to find out that the Minnie pants now come in an additional navy/ purple-ish color! The Minnie's are my absolute fave pants hanging in my closet right now and I'm so excited to add the new color to my wardrobe. I have a slight obsession with the color navy right now... I don't know what that's all about, but anyway....

So, this picture seriously sucks, but believe me, these are the Minnie's in the new navy/purple color!

I also came home with a new tee with a tuxedo looking front in a dusty pink color. Gigi reviewed the same shirt in navy here on her fabulous blog! I purchased this in a small.

Up close of the detail on the tee

Can't wait to wear these new items .... maybe together!


  1. I still haven't tried on the Minnies. Everyone seems to love them.

    The blush color looks good on you.

  2. The minnies were an odd fit on me. My size was weirdly baggy at the crotch. I haven't tried a size down as my size fit everywhere else but I will have to.

  3. I saw gigi's post on this top, and LOVED it. Love the color of this shirt, too. I must go get one!! do you remember how much it was?? haven't tried the famous "minnie's" either, but maybe...are they tight fitting at all? i don't like pants that don't have a stretch to them..but i do need some perfect black pants:)

  4. Cute tee- I love the color!
    I still haven't tried the "minnie's" either! I really should at leaset TRY them! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Gosh gals, get on the Minnie Wagon (or at least take 'em for a test drive)!! I LOVE them, but of course everyone is shaped differently, so they won't be a perfect match for everyone! Also, there are preferences in how clothing fits ... for example, there is no way my booty could have handled sizing down in these pants (plus I think it would have created the dreaded muffin tops) so I am happy with my regular size, but many people did mention sizing down! Let me know what you think after trying them!

    Mrs.Anketell: They are stretchy, but in a good way (not show-the-dimples-in-your-butt stretchy!)and the fabric is thick and nice (not liike leggings). They are goregous in black! The only downside is that they are dry clean only (although I'm still waiting to see if anyone on JCA talks about washing them!)

  6. I haven't tried washing my Minnies yet, but I am planning to do the hand-wash test soon and will definitely post when I do. Love the tuxedo looking top on you - great color!!


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