Thursday, October 21, 2010

J. Crew New Arrivals

I made a few online purchases about a week ago...

Not loving this at all - and I soooooo wanted to!  The seams stand up which just adds bulk to the butt.  It's also really short ... I know it's called a "mini", but still.  I'm wearing a size 2 here.... the size 4 fit and looked better when I went back to the store, but still a no-go.  On the positive side, I love the exposed zipper.  I would do a size 4 for under 50 bucks on this one.

I'm wearing a size XS here. Meh.  That's about all I have to say.  I actually liked the solid black in a size small better, but I'm going to wait for a good sale.  The solid colors were softer - FYI.

This tank is AMAZING.  The color is great and goes with just about anything!  Love love love!  I'm wearing an XS in these pics, but since exchanged it for a small so it is a little more forgiving in the tummy area.  This tank will sell out fast for the price!  Just wonderful! Favorite piece since the gold Metallic Beach Cardi earlier this year!

As a bonus, it's adorned on the back, as well - a feature generally only found on $100+ sequined tops.  AND... it's hand wash!  What a great holiday item!
This is the white ash color - meh.  It doesn't sparkle and shine like the other colors.   This one went back.... however, I exchanged it for the olive moss color!


  1. I really like the skirt on you but not the exposed zipper.
    I love the sequin top/plaid shirt mix.

  2. I love the moss tweed mini. I would probably feel umcomfy rockin' that right after having my bambino, too. I always size up in J. Crew minis so that I don't look like a hussie. I am in my 30s, afterall.

    The sequin top is totally cute.

    When did you start exercising again? I took a walk the other night and was so proud of myself for making it. I was probably the slowest girl on the block, however. Hee. I can't wait to exercise once the baby comes, but I know I need to slow my roll on that. I just feel so roly-poly, you know?

  3. Oh that sequin top is gorgeous! Great price for it too, I agree. Bummer about the moss tweed mini -- I'm sure it will come down in price. ;)

  4. Glad I saw this post because I've been thinking about getting the Alexie sweater and have had an eye on that sequin tank.

    Too bad that skirt didn't work for you because the color of that tweed is lovely! Now I'm afraid of how the wool bell skirt will fit since that's a mini too.

  5. Great picks, well done! I love the mini, even exposed zippers.

  6. Tabitha: Thanks! I realize that even though I loved the exposed zipper, that is still a big drawback to clothing items this season for a lot of people!

    Susan: I will totally size up on the skirt if I end up getting it eventually!
    I pretty much stopped working out the last month of pregnancy and then started up again about 4 weeks post partum.... slowly. I'm still not quite going at 100% steam after 13weeks!

    shopwithm: agreed and agreed! :)

    fshnonmymind: I tried the wool bell in the store and it wasn't as short and I wouldn't have sized up! I think you'll love it! Good luck!

    slastena: TNX! I loved the mini, too! We'll see later down the road if it ends up back in my closet! ;)

  7. Love that mini, all of the detail and the exposed zipper kind of dresses it down so I'm ok with it. If the skirt was a couple of inches would be mine. My BFF, who has great legs, bought it on Saturday. The sequin tank in olive is so pretty. Love how you paired it with the plaid blouse. Thanks for reviewing.


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