Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Merona Collection "Emme" Dress Review

This Merona Collection dress was seen in Lucky magazine a few months ago ...

And, I still cannot find it online or in the store. 

However, there is a sleeveless version {here} now in some stores and online.  I was super excited to find it in my size, but now I'm not so sure I'm loving it... mostly because I can't quite figure out how to style it... because it's sleeveless, it needs something underneath - and it's gotta be used for fall because of the color! 

See what you think ...

With nothing - just black leggings
Size 4 + wrinkles that need to be steamed out!

Before you peek at the looks I tried to put together below, I should say that this is a fabulous dress.  Color is spot-on, and the fabric is to die for!  Runs a bit small-ish for Target - I sized up one, but I also have 5 baby-pounds to lose and am nursing.  So... maybe order yourself 2 sizes to try?!

With short sleeved eggplant colored tissue turtleneck

With long sleeved black crewneck tee

Side (sort-of) shot ... very body skimming and flattering IRL

So, the dark colors were a miss, so I tried cream with it.  I love this color combo, but after this, decided a turtleneck neckline is pretty much the only way to go for the under layer!

This is with the "softest cowlneck" in cream from Lands End Canvas {Here}
This is my favorite... but am I still not loving it?!

With a black turtleneck and belt, the closest look I could pull off to what the Target ad was showing.

Bottom Line: What do you think?  Do you have this dress?  How are you styling it?  Should I keep it?


  1. I just ordered this dress today! Glad to hear the color is great IRL. Personally, I wear sleeveless dresses for work with cardis or blazers over them - try layering it with a cardi. I think camel looks great with teal or red, personally. I wore a camel skirt with a teal sweater this week.

    You could also try layering a button-down under.

    I am large chested so I always have to size up in Merona Collection for that.

  2. I wonder if this is just the dress and we're not going to see it with sleeves. What did you think about the seam running down the front? I think I like the final 2 looks best.

  3. I like the last look the best on you and was wondering what you thought of the Lands End Canvas Cowl Top..I am debating on buying it but there weren't too many reviews for it online and was unsure of the fit.

  4. Heather: Good point about trying the button-up shirt and the cardigan! I'm trying that tomorrow!

    gigi: I was kind of thinking that about the sleeve thing .... That's why I went ahead and got this one - I hope we see the one with sleeves, but they might have decided to produce it without! hmmmmm :/ The seam down the front didn't bother me at all... actually felt flattering, I think! Thanks for the input on the outfits!

    Rachel: Thanks! I love the LE Canvas cowlneck top. I'm wearing it in an XS here, and plan on gettin a black one, too! Not clingy and a great layering peice! THanks for reading!

  5. Do you have any post-pregnancy legging recommendations? Sorry for the OT.

    You look totally cute.

  6. Susan: That's not totally OT! I'm wearing leggings here! :)

    I recommend one of two options:

    ~ Forever21 leggings (look for ones with the thick/wide waistbands) in the Med/Lrg size. Because they are cut for teens, the large size seems to fit fine through the legs (not too big) and great in the waist... aka, they don't cut and bind.


    ~ Maternity leggings - they are hard to find, but Target has a great option... I think they are called "BE Maternity" and they are super comfy and stretchy. Buy the smaller size of the two and they'll stay up *pretty* good. Mine still fall down, but it's worth it to not have any muffin tops!

    Great question - I think I may have even done a post on this before.... I'll have to check. I don't remember any break-though comments, though! Tights get more complicated - I feel like thigh-highs are the only good option!
    Thanks for reading!

  7. OMG. I tried to find maternity hosiery a couple weeks ago, and totally struck out. I have a christening to attend this weekend. Fortunately, it warmed up so I don't have to worry about it. In Macys, a salesgirl told me I could buy queen-size plus hosiery. And I was like, hell no! I'm not THAT big. My sister did give me a pair of Mama Spanx.

    Thanks for the leggings tip. I have two maternity pairs. I NEVER thought I'd wear leggings, but they are so much better than maternity pants and jeans. Things keep falling off me. Argh! Summer dressing was so much easier.

  8. I agree with Gigi - the last two are super cute. You look great!


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