Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LOFT Finds and Deals

Sorry I've been MIA from the blogger world here lately.  Between vacay's and getting back to a semi-normal schedule - and still adjusting to having two little dudes to take care of during the day instead of just one! - there really hasn't been a lot of extra time for me to spend on the computer!  sheesh!

Anyway, I'd like to share some IRL pics of some LOFT items I've purchased in the past couple of weeks!

**Right now LOFT specials are: Buy 1 regular price sweater, get one 50% off.  Also, 50% off sale.  There are other promo prices on things such as the cords I review below!  Happy shopping!**

Knit Blazer - $128
I'm wearing a size 2 here.  ANYWAY - the fit was terrible - a huge miss!  The bust area was very large on me and in all, the jacket just didn't do anything for me. The inside lining is cute, though!

(on promo for $39 right now)
I really wanted some off-white cords and the toothpick ankle ones at J.Crew haven't gone on promo yet, so even with 20% off I was waiting.  I tried these in the meantime and I really like them.  I'm wearing a size 2 here.  It's a little tight in the waist (everything is right now!) but fit well in general.  I will be getting about 3" hemmed off so they are true ankle length.  I didn't try the Petite version to test the length.

(on sale for $49 + 50% off right now!)
I am wearing a Petite 4 here.  I wanted the length to be shorter so it wouldn't look frumpy with tights.  In the end, this went back.  Too much fabric that doesn't lay nicely.  This seems to be an issue with me and skirts lately!  I did like it with the Scalloped Zip J. Crew cardigan, though. :)

I am wearing an XS here in the brown color.  I just love this.  I love the neckline and the fact that it's fitted (not tunic-y) but without being too tight in the waist area.  The color is great!  Now I just need to get a belt small enough to wear high at the waist! (I have a million brown belts, but they're all too big to wear that high!)

Colorblock Tunic w/ Shoulder Zip - $59.00
I don't see this online at the moment.  Talk about flattering - I love the color blocking on this one!  Not sure it's long enough to pull off with just tights, but leggings or skinnies look great!  This is still in both stores by my house.  I am wearing a size small here.


  1. The cords, cowl neck and tunic look fantastic on you! Are you sure you just had a baby?? Glad to hear things are going well. It is a juggle bringing number two's a whole new world=) Enjoy!

  2. Nice finds! I made out at the Loft sale too :) The sweater promo is killing me - there was an additional 30% off with your Loft card today. I was thisclose to opening one.

    Adjusting to 2 is a lot! Take your time and enjoy - we're still here :)

  3. sweetsy: U R sweet! (haha - that's your name, right!?)

    mommydearest: I seriously cannot say no to LOFT right now - I just have to stay away!
    I've been trying to do just enough online/fun/shopping stuff to feel normal and like I still have a piece of my old life! ;)

  4. Great dress. Thanks for posting about this tunic. I have it in my online shopping bag, but couldn't quite pull the trigger...wanted it with leggings and it looks like it'll be perfect!

  5. Rebecca: Yes! It will be great with leggings! I think you'll love it!


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