Thursday, December 9, 2010

J.Crew Cypress Plaid Skirt Review

When I first saw this skirt in the store as a new arrival a few weeks ago, I totally scoffed.   In fact, I told my PS that it looked far too "lounging by the fireplace" for my liking.  HOWEVER, as is the case with many JC items I own, after seeing it several times, the hate turned to love.  Weird.  Anyway - I ended up buying it using my 30% off cardholder promo code.

With metallic beach cardi + candy shirt.  I'm wearing a size 2 here.

With candy shirt + navy Jackie. 

It's a bit "full" - and I'm not sure how I feel about that....  I MIGHT have liked to size up to a 4 to make the waist looser, but there would be way too much puffy fabric in a 4.

I love that it has pockets!

I tried to be a little less lazy here and put on some navy tights.  Here I have on a Perfect fit scoop neck tee in navy and the multi-buckle belt.

Another side-shot.

And without the belt...

And.... another side shot - I'm just not sure this is very flattering... ?!

Bottom Line:  TTS. This is not a skirt to make you look thin, IMO.... It's puffy on the bottom and pretty fitted at the waist, which is much different from the typical pencil skirt silhouette I'm used to.  However, I think this is a cute casual skirt.  And it's pretty warm for a skirt since it's wool.  This skirt really had to grow on me, but now that I have been able to put together a couple of outfits using it, I think it's a keeper.  How are you styling your Cypress Plaid skirt?


  1. I love this skirt, and it looks really cute on you. I tried out several different looks on my blog, too--Here's what I came up with.

  2. I love it w/the navy. I ended up returning mine. I couldn't deal w/the poofiness of it. Plus, I got the Sunnie, which is plaid. I added your link to my post on this skirt.

  3. I think this is one I need to give a second look to0. You look fabulous in it.... I was put off initially by it's orangy-ness. But the more I see of it, the more I covet!!!

  4. Appgal: Thanks! I'm checking out how you wore it now!

    Gigi: Thanks! I totally get why you returned yours! Like I said, I don't think it's the MOST flattering, but just cute?!

    The Chic Chauffeur: I was TOTALLY put off by the organge at first, too! Now I'm kind of obsessed... I even PAIRED it with MORE orange! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. You have several very cute looks put together using the skirt...I think the second is my favorite!


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