Thursday, September 22, 2011

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer: Caramel

 Ok, round 2 of the schoolboy.... now with the caramel color... which is GORGEOUS by the way...

 Size 2
Shown with:
Tipi Sweater in Leopard print: XS
Saturday Pants w/ ankle zip: XS

Whoa!  I'm whipping out the Candy Tee again!
Shown with:
Ivory Matchstick cords: 27 (I always size up in the matchsticks, FYI)

Shown with:
Old LOFT sweater in Orange
Teal F21 Skinny Stretch Cords: 26

This is a lot of color.... but I wanted to try it!

Really love the ivory / caramel color combo!

Super-love the ivory / caramel / leopard print combo!  This is my favorite combo!

So, after reviewing the pictures I do think I'm going to keep both the red and camel colors of the wool schoolboy.  This is the first year I've bitten on the schoolboys, so I don't have any other blazers needing to be worn in my closet.... that's how I'm going to defend my choice to keep both!  ;)

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