Monday, October 3, 2011

"Lucky" Skinnies.... I'm Lucky-In-Love

Checked out Lucky jeans lately?  I hadn't since high school and boy am I glad I did!  I KNEW you could find great jeans under $200 .... but I was having trouble finding them!  But I did at the Lucky store in our local mall!

Charlie Skinny Jeans - Lucky Brand
(some washes are under $100!)
I have these and they are amazing!  NO spare-tire effect, no baggy knees by noon!  LOVE them!

Charlie Baby Boot Jeans - Lucky Brand
(some washes are under $100!)
Don't have these yet, but I'm getting them soon!  Just have to decide on the wash!

I haven't taken any good pics yet of me actually IN mine yet, but let me highly recommend the Charlie Skinny and Charlie Baby-Boot if you are looking for some good-fitting, ultra-stretchy, and super-flattering jeans this season!

Anyone else have good luck with Lucky's lately!?

(Pics to come soon.... :)

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