Wednesday, September 21, 2011

J.Crew Schoolboy Blazer: Decisions

Love love love the schoolboy blazer this year.  Yes, the front gold button is crappy (at least it feels that way) but I don't mind the look of it and I love the color options in the blazer so much this year I'm willing to look past the crappy buttons.  (but yeah, J.Crew, we noticed the crappy buttons and thinner fabric!  Come ON!)

I purchased the Decadent Red (the 1st red color that they introduced that sold out) and the Caramel colors.... both during the cardholder 20% promo.  The red I'm definitely keeping and that's the one I'm reveiwing in this post.  It's one of those things I've found myself throwing on to run out the door already, and it's not even fall yet!

Size: 2
Merino Pleated Skirt: XS (returned)

I *might* have been able to do a 0, but it would not be comfortable or allow for layering underneath. Length is perfect on me and I'm long waisted and generally find jackets to be at annoying, unflattering hip/waist length - but this one is fine in the regular length.

Shown here with:
Matchstick cords: 27
Perfect Shirt: 2

I love the red with the leopard print.  I ended up returning this shirt because I don't think I would have worn it very often (opted for the Leopard Tipi sweater instead) but I really do love it in this outfit!

With Jeans - of course it looks good with jeans ....

And I don't normally share 'real-life' pics, but I loved the couple of outfits I came up with on our recent vacay to Cali...

Celebrating our anniversary in Laguna Beach
(yeah... it was freezing!)

In Solvang, CA. 
Shown here with:
Husband ;)
J.Crew Matchstick ankle jeans: 27
J.Crew beach sweater (can't remember the name!) XS
J.Crew Animal Print Patent Pumps: ala a few years ago!

So, clearly I'm keeping the red one, but now I have to decide on the camel colored one.... those pics tomorrow!

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  1. Cute outfits w/the blazer. I've always wanted to go to Solvang. That's cool.


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