Wednesday, February 8, 2012

J.Crew *PINK* Schoolboy Blazer

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any amount of time may have noticed that along with my affinity for J.Crew, I also tend to swing toward the 'pink' items quite hot and heavy!

This pink Schoolboy is no joke!  It went straight to the top of my wishlist when it first popped online, which came on the heels of me deciding that my caramel, decadent red and plaid wool Schoolboy purchases this year were my faves!  So, basically, a no-brainer!

I did what Gigi (check out her wonderful blog{here}) refers to as the "Forever 21 test".  The way I like to perform this test is two-fold.  First, I swing by our local {gigantic} F21 and search the store for an item look-alike.  Typically they don't show up until like 6-12 months after a designer comes out with it (same goes for Target look-alikes) so if I just discovered the item at J.Crew, usually there isn't a look-alike at F21 ... yet. 
The second part of the test, for me, comes when I actually try on/receive the item.  If it could honestly pass for something found at F21, it should go back.  

The J.Crew Schoolboy passed the F21 test on moth accounts, so moving on...

I am wearing a size 0 here - it does button, but it's a little tight across the shoulders, so I am going to order a size 2 to compare.

I have a size 2 in most of my blazers, but I figured I wouldn't wear this one buttoned very often... but it might restrict movement a little to much in the 0 to where I'm worried about ripping the back/shoulders .... then again, the 2 might be the same way, so again, I'll wait to compare the two before deciding which size to keep!

Can you tell I love to pair it with green?!

This looks like Spring just threw up all over me ... but I kind of love it! 

The thing that separates this blazer from others/ cheapers  I've seen in the back vent and the silky arm lining with tiny pinstripe print that allows for easier sliding on/off.  Definitely a keeper, even at .... full price.  BUT, I will keep my fingers crossed for an across-the-board promo here soon where I can get at least 20% off! 

I'll be reviewing all the other items seen in the pictures in my next post!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love this one too! I'm really hoping for a promo on it too. :)


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