Monday, March 26, 2012

Move Over Tory .... Macy's & Great Deals!

I almost never shop at our local Macys - it's not great... plus I am soooo annoyed that every single week they have a "One Day Sale" - I mean, seriously?  Plus they have a PREVIEW day... which makes it a TWO DAY SALE!  ANYWAY - Here is the first set of what I bought and kept.  The second set is coming soon!

I swear if this doesn't look like a Tory Burch tunic ...  anyway, it's a nice, stretchy, and the colors are amazing!  This one is Charter Club (first CC piece I've ever bought) in a Small and came in at about $21 in the store during one of the last - uh - ten One Day Sales!

This BCBG dress is still on Piperlime for full-price, but I snagged it for about $30!  This is a Small - I was considering the XS, but it didn't have the same blousy look.  I think I'll be wearing this a lot this summer.  I have it pair with a stretchy belt from F21.

This navy and white bring print shirt is Charter Club and I LOVE it!  I'm wearing a Small here.  You have to wear a cami underneath as it is sheer!    It will even carry over into fall as I found it looked good with a Schoolboy Wool Blazer.  I also love it tucked into some dressy shorts!  Again - this was under $20!!
**FYI - This is now $12.99 online!!!!  Click {here}

Sorry for the butt shot here... these are the skinny jeans I got in 3 different colors from Forever21.  I cannot believe how well they fit! (yes, they have to be washed after every wearing because they stretch out - to be expected with F21!) 

You might remember back in the fall I fell in love with the skinny cords they offered in a lot of cool colors ... these must be the same cut.  It's always hard to tell with F21 as they have a million things that are almost exactly alike.  I love that this is a true red - I also got the teal and kelly green!  Loves!  $15. No joke.

Another Charter Club tunic in XS.  This one I'm the least thrilled with, but I still really love it with skinny jeans.

I think I'm kind of bummed about our recent weather because I feel like I have a ton of new cute spring clothes to wear, but we skipped straight to summer!  Not kidding, I've worn shorts most days in the last couple of weeks - and tank tops!  It's literally been too hot to wear long sleeves!  WTH?!  I'm excited to wear my new stuff, so cut the crap, Mother Nature!


  1. Charter Club? Shut up. I'm really surprised. They seem to have tightened the designs. Usually they are florals, but not quite hip, etc... I love the pieces you chose. Very chic. I don't know what you're seeing. I like the last top! ;)

    ROFL at one day sales. Comedy, indeed.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Gigi! I agree - I couldn't believe that first tunic was Charter Club ... it really caught my eye!

    I guess I have to stop making fun of the One Day sales now ... sigh...


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