Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ted Baker Silk Molye "Playsuit" Romper Review

This is something fun I ran across while shopping in a local boutique.  One-pieces typically don't work for me because I am long-waisted (this goes for swimwear, too) but when I saw this beauty I HAD to try it on.  Part of me was hoping it would not fit ... the "you-so-do-not-need-this" and "it's too expensive" part of me .... the another part of me, the "this-is-so-freakin'-cute!" part of me was pretty pumped that it fit like it was made for me...

I'm liking it with black accessories (I'll picture that later down the road) and even without the belt and long necklaces.  The color felt more tealish once I got it home, but in the store it was more royal blue. These pics were just taken quickly so I could make a decision to keep or not.  PA-LEASE excuse the mess that is my life behind me!  lol

Issues:  bathroom .... yes, if you are not flexible enough to zip and button yourself, you will need a helped in the bathroom!  silk ... not kid, drink, life-friendly!

This is the picture for it on ...  I had a hard time finding it online very much, so I'm hoping this can be my go-outfit for looking chic for a lunch with the ladies or night out on the town and I won't see any  outfit twins!  

For reference, I'm wearing a Ted Size 2 - which is either a US size 4 or 6 depending on what website you refer to!

Have you gotten on the one-piece bandwagon?

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  1. Wow, not many people could pull that off but it looks gorgeous on you!


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