Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tory Burch Metallic Reva - Rose Gold

I am on a mission to find one (pooooosssssibblly 2) pairs of Reva flats, as flats seem to be the only thing feeling good for me lately!  I have 3 to choose from (that I'll be posting pics of in the next couple of days) but I decided to start with the one that is definitely going back!

Metallic Reva Ballet Flats in Rose Gold - $198

Where to start?  First, the color of these puppies is not well represented in the Sak's picture or on my feet.  It should be called "New Copper Penny".  Holy crap!   They are almost orange!  I about died when I opened the box!  The sales lady in the shoe department who processed the return for me looked shocked when she opened the box, too!  haha!

Now, I wouldn't mind having a shiny gold color, but this was NOT it!  Also, I am generally a size 7, rarely a 6.5 or 7.5, but I ordered a 7.5 in these based on the website recommendation.  I would definitely have needed to try an 8 in these to even make them work.  My toe was super-jammed up against the front on the shoe.... so buyer beware on these, size up again from your regular TB size!!

What DID I like about these?  I do like shoes that stand out... and these certainly would!  Also, I like the idea of the leather medallion instead of the metal one.... it might be lighter and more comfortable.

Bottom Line:  Ugly color, classic style.  Not the most comfy leather either, combined with the fact that it runs very small!  Returned

FYI:  Word on the street is that Sak's Friends and Family Sale starts next week... keep an eye out for that.  As with most F&F sales, it's probably a good time to get discounts on rarely discounted brands!

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