Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All About Talbots: 25% Off Spring, Great Customer Service, and My New Shoes!

First off, Talbots is offering 25% off their Spring items online .... not sure if it's in the stores, too.  So check it out!  Also, you get double points on your Rewards Card through the 26th!

I've only recently begun paying attention to Talbots in general, but boy have they made me a happy little shopper here lately!  It started with the Rose-Print Cardigan, which I ordered in a PP, but returned because I liked the J.Crew Waterfloral Pastiche cardigan a little better.... and I seriously have too many pink cardigans.

Then I fell in love with the Twill Trench in Gypsy Rose, which I reviewed here

Both the cardigan and cardi above are 25% off right now!

But, my most recent discovery is that Talbots has narrow width shoes!  Yipee!  Now, we aren't talking a lot of high-fashion here, and they don't carry them in the stores from what I can see, but there are definitely some very cute styles.  Including these lovely...

Python-embossed leather wedges - $99

I have them on here in a 7 narrow, I'm waiting on my 6.5 narrow to arrive:

I think these are going to go with just about anything and the wedge is the perfect heel height!
Nailcolor: OPI Showdown at the OK Coral (Love it!)

Also, a HUGE gigantic shoutout to Talbots' customer service!  I needed to order a different size in these shoes and they were sold out online.  So, I called the catalog number and got someone on the phone in less than a minute!  They were able to find the shoes for me, offered free shipping since it was a re-order in a different size, and I got 20% for "being a good customer"!  The lady even complimented my selection and was very nice.  I was so so impressed... definitely rivals J.Crew's customer service, but with better discounts and free shipping! Way to go Talbots!


  1. I am liking a piece here and there form Talbot's as well. I don't see 25% online. Did you get a code from a catalog?

  2. To All...There was a little postcards that Talbot's card holders received with the (20% off & free shipping through 4/26) coupons inside. I'm sure that if you call customer service, they'll honor the savings.

    Nice to hear that a new generation is checking out Talbots. I've been shopping there and picking up "classics" for 30 (gulp!) years. I'm enjoying the expansion and restyling of their brand.

  3. Gigi: The 25% off select spring full-price items is advertised at the bottom left of Talbot's home page. It's only on certain things, but it's stackable with the 20% off and free shipping! Whaa hoo!

    My biggest issue is having to order a PP or P2 in any item I want to try in order for it to be small enough... which, being long waisted and at almost 5'6", that sometimes doesn't work, esp in tops!

    itztru: I haven't gotten my coupon in the mail yet, only in my email! However, I guess that's why I was able to get the free shipping and 20% off on my phone order on Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Lindsey-Thanks for posting! I have wanted that pink trench since seeing it on you. Ordered it today with 25% off plus 20% off my total order. Also got it in tan for a friend and bought those darn wedges you are showing! Thanks so much...but my wallet does not thank you :)
    PS...I had to call them because my mailer for 20% off didn't include free ship. They honored it this time and said I can use their "red phone" at the store any time for free shipping (guess even on sale).

  5. Oh, Christy, how I totally understand! My wallet is screaming right now! In fact, look for a self-imposed shopping strike post very soon... I need to cut my credit cards until after this baby is born.... I'm hoping that I will be too tired to shop for a while after the baby, too.... which should help! :)

    Glad you were able to get the FS, too! yay!


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