Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jeans, Leggings, Jeggings, Whatever!

So, as much as I have (had and will) raved about my fave maternity denim picks: Paige Premium, Chip and Pepper, True Religion, and most recently my Momzee skinnies... I'll let you in on a little secret:

I don't care how much you are willing to spend on cute maternity denim, or how much you loved it the first 7 months of being pregnant, EVERYTHING CHANGES in your third trimester.  Suddenly, pants that worked before, cause un-due pain and discomfort.... no thanks!  Even going up a size doesn't work because jeans still tend to pinch right where the actual denim meets the comfy elastic waistline... plus your pants will fall down.

(I kind of forgot about this fun little pregnancy fact from my first time around the block, but in the last few weeks, my 'favorite' jeans and pants have been reminding me.  Errr....)

So, I went on a mission to find some comfy and stylish third-trimester jeans, denim leggings, jeggings... whatever you want to call it.... that were stretchy enough to be comfortable, but substantial and concealing enough that I don't have to wear a tunic or long top (like with tights or leggings.... I have TONS of those).  Since 'jeggings' are so popular right now in just about every age group and price spectrum in the fashion world, I was hopeful.

After some major online shopping, I found two pair I thought might work and ordered right away.  One pair from Zappos, one from LOFT.
(FYI - if you've never ordered from Zappos, that company has INCREDIBLY fast shipping ... FREE overnight shipping and the UPS guy came at like 9am to deliver when he normally comes at 5pm ... weird.... anyway....)

While these were cute and comfy, there are no pockets which I especially wanted in the back. The shirring at the ankle is cute. The waistband was just a regular cotton legging type band, just bigger to make it for maternity. For the price, MEH.

Ordered from Ann Taylor LOFT

Funny thing about these, I actually ordered them before (in an XS) and opted to keep the Momzee jeans instead because I liked the style more. These were definitely more comfortable, though.  Even 2 months ago.

Here they are in a size Small.... I probably could still squeeze into an XS, but that would defeat the 'comfort' purpose of buying the jeans in my 28th week!  Plus {sigh} I know I will continue to fill these out more and more over the next 2-3 months.  The length is good and can be cuffed easily, so I'm not going to hem.

With shoes .... because I'm not ALWAYS barefoot and pregnant :)

The back has pockets, which makes them more flattering and wearable than the first pair by M.A.

Honestly, if I were going to name these, I would call them "denim leggings" not jeans.  The denim and the waistband part are all the same soft and stretchy material and is MUCH more comfy than regular jeans.  I like the style of my other jeans better, but those just are not going to work for the third trimester (but will still be great for post-baby for a few months!)  and I think these look pretty darn good considering how much more comfortable they are!

I'm very happy with these!  If you are in the market for some maternity denim, you might just want to skip right to these, even if you aren't very far along.  In the end (or at least about 2/3 of the way to the end), you'll be happy you did! 

PS: There is pretty much always a coupon you can use on, so you won't have to pay full price!! 


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I'm 10 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child and I feel like I'm already *out-growing* my regular pants!! :-0 I will definitely have to try these ATL ones! :)

  2. MMM: Congrats!! YAY!! If you've made it to 10 weeks in your regular pants (esp with your third!) then you are well ahead of the curve, little lady! I swear my body just gives up at about 6 weeks into the pregnancy!! I feel like I've hit that "uncomfortable" mark much earlier with my second than with the first! Boo!
    Thanks for stopping by and let us know if you try the ATL Japanese Weekend jeans!

  3. I do like these leggings. Loft has several really nice pairs.


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