Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tory Burch Flats: Final Post and Keepers

This is my final "Reva" post with a ton of pics of the other colors I ordered.  If you look back at previous posts, you'll see wear I also reviewed the Rose Gold Mirror Metallic Revas and the Distressed Python Revas.  I went into this 'picking' process wanting the gold on gold Reva, but see below:

Bronze w/ Bronze Leather Medallion

Bronze w/ Bronze Leather Medallion - Love the color of these ... a nice alternative to the super yellow metallic gold.

Bronze w/ Bronze Leather Medallion - The leather of these actually seems more comfortable than other Reva's ... bonus!  These I am keeping!

Gold w/ Gold

Gold w/ Gold - I don't always love the color, but I keep looking at the pics of these and loving them.  I returned these, but will probably get them again in the fall to keep.

Gold w/ Gold  &  Bronze w/ Leather Medallion color comparison

Gold w/ Gold & Distressed Python w/ Gold color comparison

Gold w/ Gold & Gold w/ Resin Medallion color comparison - I actually preferred the color of the gold leather on the resin version, but I didn't really like the resin medallion as I just kept getting the " I have something on the top of my foot" feeling, which was annoying.

Bottom Line:  I ended up keeping the bronze color and the distressed python in a size 7.5.  I seem to kind of be between sizes in the gold on gold color (between 7.5 and 8), but in the other Reva's, a 7.5 is definitely the right size.  I supposed you could say that's TTS to a little small, but it's hard to say since I wear anything from a 6.5 to an 8 depending on the brand.

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