Thursday, May 27, 2010

J.Crew Crystal Cobblestone Bracelet: Don't Miss This! *Updated with IRL Pics 6/24/10*

Comes in black, brown, citrus and maybe some in-store only colors

Quick post today.... and no IRL pic because my wrist always looks boney and weird! 

Anyway, I was at JC last night and picked this bracelet up in the brown color.  Don't miss this piece!!  You know I hardly ever pay FP for anything, but this I had to have right away!!  Why?

One, this color will go with everything!  I can use it to go with gold jewelry, as a brown, or just a neutral.  Also, stretch bracelets are the bomb ... easy to put on and take off without assistance! (because, honestly, no matter how advanced he is, a 2-year-old is no help with a jewelry clasp!)  Plus, the bracelet fits relatively snug on my tiny wrist, which is hard to find!

Bottom Line:  Great for all year ... and super easy to throw on!  Pick this up ASAP... maybe in two colors?!?  Love it! 

Thanks for stopping by!

IRL Pics per reader request...

See how it barely hangs off?  Great for little wrists!


  1. Have it! Love it!! Perfect for summer and fall!

  2. I have it too and love it. Love that little rocker edge without being too over the top. I have it in the in-store only color.

  3. J. Crewlet has a similar version only with a single strand of stones, in a beautiful brown topaz color, clear, and a soft turquoise. They feel great on and look great layered.

  4. I have them in all 3 colors and love them!


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