Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ann Taylor: Striped Strapless Dress Review + Open Cardigan

Here I am wearing a Petite Small.  The smaller 'regular' sizes were sold out, so I decided to size-up and try the petite.  Definitely a good move... see the length?  Any longer and I wouldn't like it.  I'm almost 5'6" and this hits right at the top of my knee .... appropriate for just about any occasion IMO.

Trying to do a 'twirl' here!

All in all, love this dress.  It was a love-affair once I saw it in the store when I was 9 months prego, so on Friends and Family promo (30% off) it was a no-brainer.  It's all stretch with no zippers.  Right now, I'm not super happy with how it looks on my hips, but I'm also still carrying an extra 10-15 pounds right now, so....  I would suggest trying the Petite if you are shorter than 5'6" because I think the regular length would have been too much fabric for me for the summer! TTS from what I can tell.


I wouldn't pair these together, but I love this cardi!  This is an XS in the Sea Salt color.  Definitely a darker 'sea salt' than J.Crew's.  Trying to give the 'belted' effect with my hands here b/c I was too lazy to go find a belt!

This cardigan is probably one of the nicest pieces I've received from any order from any store in a long time!  LOVE IT!   Thick and supple, it's a great transition piece for fall/winter!  There are so many other great colors, including Mouse Brown which I would LOVE to have!  I would definitely check this out while still 30% off today! TTS.


  1. I am so way jealous of your postpartum bod. You look amazing! Hope you and your baby and family are doing fab. Love the dress.

  2. I bought this dress for my anniversary night out and it was wonderful!!! No wonder I started following...we have very similar taste!

  3. Ooh, thanks for the pic. I had been eyeing that one for a long time. It's such a pretty and flattering dress. Looks great on you!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Susan: You are too sweet - the dress and poses are also very flattering... FYI!! I'm feeling good, but my hips and butt have a long way to go before I can wear any of my regular bottoms!!

  5. Lindsey-You look AMAZING! Congrats on your 2nd little boy! We had a little girl 5 weeks ago tomorrow! I saw this dress online and thought it was cute. Then, I saw your post on it and so I had to have it! Went today and picked up or a friend!
    I'm wearing it out this weekend for my 7 year anniversary! the store it comes in a lovely "salmon" coral color, too and solid black.

  6. Hey! had to come out of lurking to say congrats on the baby & you look great! I'm another postpartum mom wearing this dress (today!) Our new little boy was born 5/6 and this dress has been so easy to wear. He is number 3 so I can't handle much more than pull on clothes this summer. Keep feeling good & thanks for the blog.

  7. mandaA: Thanks for commenting! Oh boy - #3! Right now I can't even wrap my head around 3 - still trying to figure out how to nurse a baby and put a toddler on the potty at the same time!! aahhh!!

    Christy: Thank you so much!! Was the salmon coral color in a solid, or striped like this black one!?! Sounds cute!

  8. Hi Lindsey,The salmon is not striped, but it is so pretty!


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