Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which Crazy A$$ Sweatshirt? J.Crew's Haya Hoodie vs Zip-Side Foil + Striped Scarf

Zip-Side Foil Sweatshirt - XS
This is really different.... at least for me.  I went back and forth regarding the size and ended up getting the XS... but seeing the pics now, all I see is the baby pooch, so I'm thinking of exchanging it for a small... or returning.   I don't see this online yet - maybe in-store only?

With Striped Scarf - which I'm also trying to decide about keeping.  Every time I think," Gee - I shouldn't be spending $40 on a scarf!", I try it back on and I love it.

But I'm not really sure how to wear a scarf necessarily - I need to try this on with some of my winter coats to see if it's an option for the fall through winter as an actual useful item.  The idea of  Spring/Summer scarfs is funny to me.

Cute side-zip... only on the one side.

Haya Striped Hoodie - XS
I've been in love with the look and the amazing feel of this sweatshirt since it came out.  However... do I need a $60 sweatshirt?  I paid FP for this because my B&M was already sold out and they were going fast online.  Now that it's sold out online, I need to decide for sure if I want to keep this or not, because I can't return it and then change my mind!

Do you have either of these crazy-expensive sweatshirts?  Any ideas on how to style?  I can only keep one, so I'm looking for some insight.  Do you think the first sweatshirt is supposed to be slouchy?  If so, I think I'm going to go back tomorrow and exchange for a Small.  Do you have a striped scarf?  How are you wearing it? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i love the stripey one.

    i am guilty of paying $$ sweatshirts. I am obsessed with my JC sherpa sweatshirt hoodie, i paid $50 for it. but, i am obsessed with it, and wear it constantly.

    i think if it's really cute on, and comfortable, you'll wear it a lot, and therefore it's worth it!!

  2. I get obsessed about the baby pouch, so I would end up not wearing the side-zip, sadly, even though it's cute. Since I love both sweatshirts, I'd go with the stripey one b/c you'll feel great in it, you know?

    I love a good striped scarf! But if you don't want to spend that much, there are some really cute striped ones at Canvas for only like $20. I already have 3 of the slub cotton ones and love them, so recommend that one. But if this is the one you lurve the most, then it's worth it.

  3. I have the Haya striped hoodie and I love it! I got it when it first came out and I've already worn it a bunch of times. It's perfect for cooler summer nights.

  4. If you want to wear it now, I will go with the Haya striped hoodie. The zide-zip sweatshirt is supposed to have a fitted fit and not a slouchy one and it gave me a baby pooch even if I don't have one ;-).

    By the way, congrats on the new baby!

  5. Mikaela: I know what you mean about the Sherpa ones! Lovey!

    shopwithm: I saw those scarves you are talking about - forgot about those! I need to check that out again. Also, F21 has some giant stripe scarves that are cute too - and under $8!

    I too obsess about the pouch! I think I wouldn't be comfortable sporting this sweatshirt for a while - and if a sweatshirt isn't comfy, what's the point???

    kate: Thanks for the input! Geez - wish we had 'cool' summer nights around here!! ;)

    Ema: Thanks! Glad to hear it gave you a pooch, too because you certainly DON'T have one!! That makes me feel better! Maybe it's the 'foil' look thats the problem! I mean, I DO have a pooch right now (it's only been three weeks!!) but I think this puppy is going to create pooches instead of hiding them - and who wants that?

  6. Love the striped hoodie, I want it! The foil just accentuates any bumps, so personally I would avoid.

  7. Love the Zip-Side Foil Sweatshirt on you and you should keep the XS :-)
    I'm new to your blog, but I want to say you look gorgeous:-)
    Congratulations on the new baby, beautiful family.

  8. I'm partial to the side-zip sweatshirt because I love the metallic finish to it. If the small isn't too baggy in the arms, perhaps that might work better? To me it is a bit more *special* looking than the Haya striped one and therefore maybe worth the little bit more extra $$. Love your blog btw, and congrats on your new baby!

  9. I really love the first one and I'm nuts about the scarf, I'm off to order a Sherpa hoodie to live in all winter.

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  11. I am not loving the silver one very much. I have the stripe haya and love it. It looks really cute on you but it is kinda full-price expensive. I grabbed it on special at B&M awhile back and the price was right. Darling & easy/comfort. Just figure cost per wear. If you will live in it, it's worth it.
    I just ordered that scarf with the promo price of $29.50 during recent SHOPNOW 30% off sale=only $20. I have last years in the grey stripe and the black stripes and lived in them Fall & Winter. This is a bit thinner in weight, the length seems a bit shorter (stripes are slightly thinner) making this one easier to tie (not as bulky). They are so cute and also very comfy/cozy! I love scarves and wear them a lot. Another great scarf is the jaspe..love it!

  12. sweetsy: The silver one is officially back in my store! Returned it! The small was too big!

    Dag nab - can't believe I missed getting the bang scarf at half price!! Now that would have made it a definite keeper! Crap!

  13. I love that stripe hoodie!!! I have been looking everywhere for one. If anyone has one they are sick of and want to sell, I am definitly interested!!!!


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