Friday, August 13, 2010

J.Crew: Merino Open Cardigan

Merino Open Cardigan - on sale for $39.99
Great belted or left open, this seasonless sweater is just the thing to throw in your purse for later—it goes with absolutely everything. Merino wool in a 14-gauge knit. V-neck. Three-quarter sleeves. Welt pockets. Hits at hip. Import. Dry clean.

So, somehow I missed this little gem coming out (whenever it did) but I discovered it in the sale section about a week ago.  There are several great colors available still in most sizes!  I went to JC to do a bunch of returns last week with my mom and discovered there are other colors (not on sale - at least in the store) in this cardigan, one of which is a light lavender color that my mom is currently lusting over (not sure of the actual name).  Not sure if it was an in-store only color, or just not online yet.

This is an XS in the Orchid Shadow- one of my favorite colors JC has come out with in recent seasons.

Here I'm wearing the Lagoon Green - this is definitely a color I do not have anything similar to in my closet.  The length is nice and the front drapes well.

To get an idea of the length.

Bottom Line:  I REALLY love this cardigan, and like I said, my mom even loved it, too! Runs TTS, but a bit tight in the arms, which happens to be pretty common with JC sweaters right now.  For instance, I had to size up on the Torque Cardigan and Rimini Cardigan because the arms were so tight!  I have pretty thin arms, too.  For the sale price, jump on it!


  1. So funny..these were mentioned on the JCA during add'l 30% off and I hadn't ever noticed them. I was hearing good things and the price was amazing at $28 for what I thought would be ideal transition to Fall so I grabbed the same 2 colors as you! I totally agree the arms are tight in all xsmall JC sweaters and my arms are small as well. I prob won't wear it with any long fact, I couldn't-lol! Looks great on you!
    BTW-Congrats on the baby!! You look fantastic!

  2. This looks great on you. I love the style but I just can't help comparing it to the Everyday Cardigan which is now sold and this obviously replaced. I liked the Everyday because it had a little more drape in the front and I think was a little longer. Love the merino wool in both, though. I guess I'll have to move on. I hope they keep the open cardi style around, it's so flattering and wearable.

  3. First off, you look FANTASTIC for just having a baby--wow! Congrats! Second, those are great staple cardigans to have! Great review!

  4. Sweetsy: Darn! I missed it at 30% off - that's even better!!!

    Sue: I agree - I really liked the Everyday Cardigan.... the drape is nice in the front of it! I'm not always a merino fan, but like you, I like the merino of this cardigan.

    Jenni: Thank you! Very sweet! I try to make sure I'm sucking in and stiking good poses!!

    Thanks all for stopping by!!

  5. Good review. I love the two colors you selected. I agree you look fantastic. Hope you're feelin good, too :-)

  6. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing? I love it!

  7. csavery: Thanks! That tank is from JC last year... I think it was called painter stripe tank?! ( I'm sure a fellow JCA could help me with the name of it! ) I actually purchased it a couple months ago off the JCA Monday Exchange!


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