Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moto Sweatshirt Jacket: Madewell vs Gap

I reviewed the Madewell Moto jacket a while ago, but I thought I would re-visit it in order to compare it to the Gap Knit Moto Jacket version (which is 30% off right now with the Gap Give and Get promo through Sunday I think).

The Madewell jacket is on the left and the Gap one is on the right.

Wearing open... the collar on the Gap one is a little bigger.

And zipped up.... see the cute zipper on the sleeve of the Gap one? So cute.... the Madewell one doesn't have it.

And some alternate views (the one on the left is my sister in Madewell)   Madewell added bronze-toned zippers and the Gap ones are silver.  I really like the bronze with the black better.  The Gap one is cumbersome when zipped to the top.

Also, check out the Old Navy version {here} - such cute colors!

You can see my initial review of the Madewell Jacket {here}.  I'm keeping it, after much brooding, and I'm happy I did.

Gap:  You can also check this style out on Gigi {here}.  This is such a cute design, especially compared to a lot of Gap's less-than-exciting offerings, and it also comes in a slate gray color. I personally think this runs a bit on the Small side, especially in the waist area (then again, that could be my baby-pooch talking).  I'm wearing an XS here but it is WAY too small and I would need a Small.  I tried a Small on in the store and that would be the correct size for me. 

The fabric is really thick and stiff compared to the Madewell jacket, making it less of a take-with-me-and-throw-on jacket option.  Because the material is thicker it for some reason looks more casual and is less fitted than the Madewell one, which has more stretch to it.

They are both pretty short, but that's the moto look - which is amplified by the fact that I'm long waisted and wearing long layering shirts in some of the pictures.

Bottom Line:   Go for the Gap one if you haven't nabbed the moto look yet, especially for the price right now.  The Madewell one is sold out from what I can see.  I would size up in the Gap one unless you have a tiny waist or want it very tight - keep in mind it doesn't really stretch, though.


  1. I tried the Gap one, too, in this post. I added your link to it. I am happy to see the collar wasn't only an issue for me. it's a design flaw, which is too bad. I don't knwo how often I'd war the collar fastened, but the extra piece of material bugs. Nice comparison :-)

  2. gigi! I'm lauging because I have gone into my post at least twice in the past 24 hours to add a link to your review and I keep getting side-tracked or kicked off our sweet internet connection and it never gets done! Maybe third time's a charm! I'm trying again now! Thanks for reading!


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