Thursday, December 16, 2010

Banana Republic Ruffle Front Plaid Flannel Shirt

I used my 40% Off Wednesday coupon to get this shirt yesterday.  I've had my eye on it for a while, but could never find it in a small. It must have been returned or taken off a mannequin or something, because it all of a sudden appeared in the store yesterday!  I loved it so much I wore it out of the store!

I'm wearing a size Small. An X-Small might have fit, but would probably have been too tight in the shoulders.  The fabric is flannel - the tag says it's stretch.

The navy in the shirt looks so great with dark denim.

The ruffles are cute - but not too much.  Just enough to peek out of a sweater.

Bottom Line: Love love love this shirt.  Runs TTS for BR.  I NEVER wear things out of the store, but I just fell in love with it!  BR is having 40% off in stores today - and 35% off online for cardholders!  Get it if you can snag it!


  1. OMG! I also love this shirt so much! And my reviews of it were almost exactly the same as what you've written - I couldn't agree with you more (it looks so good on you!). Unlike you, I wasn't able to wait that long, so I snatched it like a few days after it was introduced! By the way, I was in the store yesterday to pick up gloves and scarves with my 40% coupon and saw this same shirt in a new color (purple plaid) - Loved it! Did you see it? Oh, you may see it on me too here:

  2. I saw that in-store & it's very cute.

    Happy New Year, Lindsey! :-)

  3. I just Googled this shirt because I wore it yesterday and my photos did not turn out well, so hopefully you don't mind if I use your image.

    I LOVE this shirt I've had my eye on it too and ran into the problem where they didn't have my size as well, then on Monday I went into another Banana store and ended up getting it for like $17, what a steal.

    Any how I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog I'm now following.


  4. I love this shirt, sold out so fast in the store I work in. However, I was able to find it at another store, and I should be arriving soon in the mail.


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