Friday, December 10, 2010

Last Minute HELP! Opinions please!

So, I'm trying to find a way to use more of the clothing in my closet and I REALLY wanted to wear the drapey sequin tee .... but I don't want to wear pants, so here is what I came up with... for tonight.... so it's kind of do or die time...

Of course I'm going to wear black tights - this baby is short and it's COLD outside! 

Can this work?  What do you think?  Am I crazy?


  1. Would you consider wearing that dress as a skirt? Considering it already has the garter waist, it would provide a great accent plus that way, you will showcase the sequins more!

    But - like this loks great too!

  2. I agree with 20 York Street. Wear the sequin tee over the dress and belt it so that the dress looks like a skirt.

  3. i think i would prefer the shirt with pants or a skirt.
    enjoy your evening!

  4. i forgot to say have you tried it with the cypress plaid skirt?

  5. I like it! It's cute and sparkly, and kind of demure at the same time.

  6. i really like each piece, although I think they would be better worn as separates. The sparkly top would go great with black tights and a short black skirt. The dress would look really cute on its own, or paired with a sweater. Hope this helps :)

  7. Thank you thank you everyone who chimed in!

    I tried wearing the shirt OVER the dress, but the embellishments on the top of the dress looked funny under the shirt... otherwise, that was a really cool idea!

    And, it's true the drapey sequin shirt really does work best with pants and possibly a skirt. I really need to go seaching in my other closets for a black mini - I THOUGHT I had one!?

    I ended up wearing the dress with nothing under it and a black cardigan over. Boring - which is what I always end up doing! I still may wear the dress and tee as pictured sometime in the next few weeks.

    Tonight we have another event/party and I'm going to try to cook up something a little more fun/unique! I'll let you know how it goes!

    Thanks again!

  8. Yes, this works! It's fun and creative. I like the pop of sparkle! This looks will really switch up how that dress looks for the next time you wear it.

  9. Next time try the metallic beach cardi over the dress. That might work. It's so sparkly, it'd be great for a party.

  10. Chasing Davies: TNX! I'm totally wearing it that way next time!

    Gigi: Good idea! I find myself reaching for the metallic beach cardis more often than I ever thought I would! I'm gonna try the silver one over the dress - I think that will be great!


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