Saturday, August 22, 2009

Trench and Jacket: Martin + Osa

Holy Crap! It'a been over a week since I posted anything! Sorry! I can assure you, I am back!

Oh, M+O how you tempt me with your 30% off sale!! While in California, we stopped by a M+O and I found not 1, but 2 jackets that I absolutely could not walk away from!

First, a very lightweight trench.. like light enough to wear almost all year, but will still block the breeze and rain! Knee-length (on me at least) and fabulous, I could not pass this one up! I've been looking for a light jacket in a color other than TAN (aka: JC Safari Trench, Banana Trench, JC Cooper Chino Jacket... you get the picture) so the burnt orange color really made me happy! This jacket boasts many of the great details found in more expensive coats like a back vent and lots of cute buttons, including on the wrist. I think this style might have also come in black!

Regular Price: $150
Sale Prince: $79 - 30% = $55!
Number 2 is a lightweight (but a little heavier weight than the trench due to the mesh lining) jacket in white. This will be a great go-to jacket for the fall and spring. I love the crisp white and the shiny, but not too shiny, fabric. Once again, M+O adds a wonderful detail... a cinching waist band hidden within the jacket! Notice in the back how it doesn't look frumpy! Yea! This jacket also came in several other GREAT colors... there was a blue, black, yellow, and green that I know of for sure! I had been looking for a white rain jacket after seeing pics on my mom on vacation wearing hers .... I thought I was going to go with a North Face one, but I think this one is more fashionable!

Regular Price: $120
Sale Price: $49 - 30% = $34!!

The thing that BOTH of these jackets are missing is a hood, but I have looked around quite a bit for a fashionable, affordable jacket that I like with a hood and came up with just about nothing, so oh well. I bought a small in both styles, not an extra small. The should areas in both were a bit snug in the XS.

Bottom Line: These were sweet deals - plus I am a jacket-a-holic .... so you knew I wasn't going to pass these up! Some are still available online, but there aren't many sizes left, so I would head to your local M+O ASAP!

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