Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OOTD: Bunco Night Out, F21 Jewelry and What's to Come

OK - so obviously I'm still in Cali and haven't been able to do my regular posting. BUT, I'm heading home tomorrow and CANNOT WAIT to blog about some of the finds from this trip!!!

Until then, this is the outfit I put together for Bunco night in the neighborhood just before we left for vacation! I am loving navy right now!

Top: J. Crew Ringspun Rosette Tee in Shell
Bottoms: J. Crew Navy Summerweight Bermuda
Necklace: F21

Also, I hit up the local F21 before we left and found these awesome jewelry steals!!
I love this necklace .... it looks very cool and expensive in person! I don't do a lot of silver anymore, so I think I really needed this ;)
I've already worn this several times. It's light pink and stretch. The only issue is a couple of stones already fell out ... but you can't really tell and it was only $5 ... so there!
Just love this! And it's not too grossly oversized like some JC pieces!

Coming up next week: Review of the brand spanking new Forever 21 at Huntington Beach and all the awesome finds from there, baby gift registry 101 - what I learned, Martin + Osa trench and rain jacket!


  1. Loving your blog! Love the outfit, rosette tee, which I also own, with the navy shorts. Too cute! And what lovely F21 finds! Love that bracelet....must check it out in my local store.

  2. Love you blog too, love your outfit (yes, I have the tee of course!) and I'm especially glad to hear that you play bunco too! as we do in Virginia, and everyone I know in other states always says "What is Bunco????" haha. Great F21 finds too!


  3. Thanks for reminding me that I have this tee and I need to wear it more often! My friend in Florida plays Bunco regularly and I am so jealous of these get-togethers. No one that I know plays!

  4. I have seen your F21 finds in-person and I agree w/your assessment. I esp love the silver necklace. Nice!


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