Wednesday, November 4, 2009

J. Crew Coat *Bust* + Banana Republic *Find*

I went to great lengths to purchase the Ruffle Front Coat in Camel. I worked 2 Saturday night weddings in a row for a local catering company just to get the money to make myself feel less guilty about purchasing a coat that I so obviously do not need!

The dang thing was even wait-listed for over a month, so I've had plenty on time to drool over and anticipate the arrival of this coat.

HOWEVER, I must confess a huge disappointment!! My boyfriend-in-brown (UPS) brought it today and from the first peer into the half-opened box, I wasn't totally thrilled.

For one, the camel color was much darker than what I had anticipated. Not a bad camel, just darker than what I had pictured in my mind. Second, the ruffles seemed cheap and flimsy, not like they did in the black color (the one I had been trying on in the store). Third, I'm just not diggin' on the buttons ... not sure why, just not loving them. Fourth, the coat seriously looks like it was made of felt .... like from a craft store. Finally, the fit wasn't perfect... maybe a bit too roomy? I ordered this in my regular size 2, but the sleeves seemed a bit long and the coat wasn't super comfy (although, none of my "cute" coats really are, so....). A size 0 would definitely be too snug through the shoulder and back to wear a thin sweater/ layers.

J. Crew Ruffle Front Coat - $268 Regular Price

See how the ruffles look flimsy? Kind-of like they were an accident! (pretty pink lining, though!)

What DID I like? Still love the length and the little belt detail on the back. The fabric is soft and not too heavy, but still good enough to get me through winter.

I like the detail on the back, but the rest of the coat looks a little big

Bottom Line: Not thrilled. I did get it for 20% off during the private sale thingy, but that's not cheap enough to make me keep this. It's going back. In black (which I still love) I would probably pay about $150 for this, so I'll keep my eyes out online and in my local B&M.

** On a happier note, I found a great coat at Banana while they were having 25% off any purchase when using your Banana card! I hesitated a lot (and for good reason) to even try this coat on because I am a coat addict and did not need it! Plus, I was with my mom and was supposed to be helping HER pick out a black coat and suit, so....

Anyway, this coat ended up being only $150 and it's a great color! I personally consider this a fall and early winter coat since it's a lighter weight wool, but I believe it's being sold as a winter coat. I purchased an XS, as it comes in XS-S-M-L-XL. This style also comes in additional colors and in Petite. My mom purchased the coat in black in a Petite Small.

Banana Coat - $198 Regular Price

Waist-flattering details on back (BR does this a lot - lovey)

With my new brown and cream zebra scarf from The Limited

Have you found any great coats this year that you want to share with a fellow coat-addict? Please let us know!


  1. I actually like that BR coat WAY better than the jcrew one!! Better color, looks better quality, and the price! Way to go!!

  2. I love the BR coat & The Ltd scarf. Cute! Thanks *so* much for posting this. I've tried on the black and it's smashing. I wasn't completely convinced about the camel for the reasons you stated. I figured it could be a miss, although, I saw it on Kim/Anthroholic and she looked fantastic. I still held off & I'm glad I did.

  3. I like the BR coat much better too~ good score! ;)

  4. Wow, the BR coat looks MUCH better than the j.crew one! Great find!

  5. The BR coat looks so much better! It looks like it was tailored for you. The J. Crew was not flattering at all. I did see the black in the store and did not like how the ruffle was unfinished.

  6. I still love the wool ruffle coat style more, but the BR looks better on your frame! Good find & price! I have the wool ruffle and my ruffles look better than that one. I read on another blog where she received one with bad ruffles and exchanged & the next one was a total improvement. Even the SA's in J Crew commented on how hers must be defective.

  7. Loved te BR coat and the scarf. Gorgeous!

  8. Amy, I was the girl who ordered the camel coat that the manager said was defective. I didn't reorder as I hated the boxy fit. After seeing the black in my B&M I am sure I made the right decision as it really does look like it is made of felt. I do love it on you, though...

    The BR coat looks fabulous. LOVE it!

  9. kitsmommy Oops sorry! I atleast got 1/2 of it right :-P I noticed several bloggers and ebay pictures of the coat with horrible ruffles, but both of mine look great!

  10. I have the BR Coat in black and I love it! I had the 40% off coupons that were good on Wednesdays in Oct and ended up getting the coat for $120. I was going to get the brown as well but went with a different BR coat. I wish BR would branch out and make this coat in some other colors, red, royal blue, maybe even a pruple would be pretty. It is a great style. So gald you found a coat that you like!


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