Monday, November 9, 2009

New J.Crew Cotton Tank and Sale Cardi + Outfit of the Day

Please excuse the lack of details, but I wanted to go ahead and get this posted. I picked up a couple of items last weekend that just so happened to get great together! I've already worn the combo twice, plus it looks great with my Minnie's! I cannot even tell you how much I fall head-over-heels for any cute tank or shirt that is hand washable and mommy-friendly!

Love these new pieces (well, the cardi is new to me, but not a new item) - Plus, I was also rocking my new ATL jewelry and JC Minnie pants in the gray color.

Closer look

One of my favorite pieces of the last couple of roll-outs is the Silk Frances Cami in Deep Rose. I've found it very easy to pair with cardis of many colors! Love Love Love it! I really really want it in the Autumn Sun color.... but I've got to wait until it goes on sale!! I've got it in my shopping cart .... come ON J. Crew!!

Girl's Night Out (Black Leggings: INC; Jewelry: ATL and JC; Cardi: J.Crew)

Outfit for my sister's White Coat ceremony: She's in Pharm. School!! So proud ;)

Pants: Ann Taylor
Belt: J.Crew
Jewelry: The Limited
Cadri and Cami: J.Crew


  1. what tank is that? is it new?? look super cute:)

  2. Ok, so I dug through my receipts to find the names of these items...
    The cotton tank is called: "Ruffles and Roses Tank" and the cardigan is called: "Pointelle Twilight-Stripe V-Neck Cardigan"

    Hope that helps!

  3. oh! thanks, i think i saw that in store. it's made of cotton, right?? that's what i need, more "mommy friendly" tops!! ha!

  4. I also own the ruffles and roses tank, and I agree, it is a winner. I have it in black...and I have already worn it, and I don't usually wear black, so that should tell you all how awesome this top is.

    I love all the looks on you! Did you go ahead and get the cami in autumn sun now that it is on sale online???

  5. dina: haha! absolutely! i bought the yellow one on sale as soon as I saw the quanitity go below 9 online ... it should be delivered by my UPS boyfriend tomorrow!

  6. Hi! I am recent follower of your blog! I have the Frances in deep rose as well and am DYING to know... how are your ruffles so "ruffly"?!?!? I must know your secret!!!

    thank you :)


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